Who is in the mask Flash?

So tonight is the season finale of the flash for season 2, and while there are a lot of story lines and cliff hangers that need to be resolved, the thing I find the most interesting and mysterious is who the man in the iron mask is.

I thought it was probably just some random good guy or bad guy’s earth two counter part, but last week Jay Garek / Zoom, said that if he told barry who was in the mask, he wouldn’t believe him.  So that makes me think it is someone awesome.  He can’t say “You wouldn’t believe me” and then an episode later reveal, it is Earth 2 diggle.  Jesus that would be lame.

So below are all of my predictions on who is under that metal mask in the glass cage of emotion.


barrys dad

This would be cool, but I don’t think would really work with the whole “You wouldn’t believe me.”  After all, capturing Barry’s dad would totally be a believable bad guy move.


barrys dad the original TV flash

This would be amazing if some how the man in the iron mask is played buy the guy playing Barry’s dad who happens to be the guy who played the flash when it was first on TV back in the 90s.  It was a decent show and wasn’t given a fair chance.  I don’t know where they could go with that story line though, so I think it is highly unlikely.



This is another guess that makes a lot of sense as long as you ignore the “You wouldn’t believe me” line.  That guy being ronnie is so crazy believeable that it can’t be him.



There are a lot of these that will fall under the “That would be cool and make sense, but is totally believeable and therefore doesn’t make sense given what Zoom said.”  Maybe Im putting too much weight into the whole “You wouldn’t believe it”, and need to think of it not as the viewing audience not believing it but instead something Zoom finds unbelievable.



This would be bat shit bannans crazy.  HAving Clark Kent from Smallville played by Tom Willig under the mask would fucking blow my god damn mind. I wouldn’t want to see any kind of spinoffs or additional episodes involving him, but god that would be a mind blowing moment.


earth 3 barry

Obviously there are more Barry’s out there.  There could be one from the Supergirl universe we don’t know about but I’m guessing this would be a barry from a another undocumented earth we haven’t seen yet. I give this one a half decent chance espesically if they set him up as the bad guy for season 3.


hal jordan

No chance. This would be great, but no chance.  Odds would be better for Kyle Rainer or Guy Gardner, but Hal Jordan and John Stewart are too big to just show up trapped in a glass booth.


eobart thawn

Meh.  This does nothing for me, especially since he already came back once in this season.


eddie thawn

This is my number one vote on who I think it will be. Once again it is believable, but slightly less believeable than the other options that I said were believable since the dude actually died right in front of everyone.


Jay Garick

I like this idea.  Like this is the Jay Garick that is another remenant that is actually a good guy, or maybe he is the real Jay Garick whose identity zoom stole when he got his powers.  Maybe it could be another earth’s Jay Garick who is actually a hero like the original old school flash was.


barry and iris son from future

Ok, this is my number 1 vote now that I think about it. It would fit the story well, and would be a great twist and something you wouldn’t believe, plus it could be used as a great plot device in the 2nd act when Barry has to now save his son.


Booster Gold

I want to rank this high on likelyhood just because I had heard they are doing a booster gold show at some point, but I really think that whoever is in the mask has to be known to the majority of the audience either by being crazy famous like batman or being mentioned int he show previously. Still I rank this as third most likely.


Batman or some other big time DC hero.

Just not likely because of a lot of reasons.


Blue Beetle or some other not big time DC Hero

Once again, not likely but more because like I mentioned for booster, I don’t think the man in the mask can be an unkown figure.


Anyone from the Marvel Universe

There is no chance of this happening, but if it did, Holy shit, I would have the biggest nerd boner in the history of ner boners.  If it was Darkhawk my nerd boner would probably jump off my body and fly circles around the moon.


stan lee

This might legit make me cry if they were able to do this.  There is no way DC would be able to do this while he is alive, but I’m sure when Stan Lee does pass away, hopefully not for another 20 years or more, there will be touching tributes from DC and every other comic book related entity regardless of any direct influence he might have had with them.