Goodbye dear sweet… car

I just realized I never named my gold 2006 grand prix. Well it’s totaled.  I got rear ended by a lady (grrrrooowwlllll) who did not see my 4 ways were on and brake lights were on while I waited for a broke down car in front of me to move off the road.

I’m a very very tough man so despite the carnage of my car pictured below, I walked away just with a scratch on my one leg and some general stiffness (grrrooowwwlll).  I have no idea what that meant.


How awesome would it be if the people working on my galaxie had just finished getting my muscle car up and running. Well Guess what ?!?!?!?!?!?  … it’s not.  Maybe by april it will be driveable, but for now I need to find another ride.

I think i might go back to my roots and get a 1993 blue cavalier station wagon which is the car I learned to drive on.