Could Marvel make their own suicide squad?

I know there are probably some comic book book equivalents in the marvel universe of DC’s suicide squad, but for the purposes of this post I am referring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mostly how it stands now. What characters currently exists and which characters would need to be introduced or created in order to make a suicide squad knock off?

I wish I cared enough to photoshop in the faces of random Marvel characters.

Ok a couple things we should probably review first, what movies comprise the current Marvel cinematic universe, what bad guys from those movies could be in this movie, and what would the name of the group be?

Ok lets answer that last question first, although there isn’t an exact equivalent already in the marvel comics universe, the Dark Avengers or Thunderbolts come closest, with the latter being the most likely incarnation we would ever see.  Athough you could make a case that guardians of the galaxy are really the closest equivalent as long as you ignore the whole planet earth based vs. space adventure based missions.

How about the movies? Well it all started with Iron Man 1, and of course all the other Iron man and Avenger movies are part of the MCU as well.  Then there is the two Thor movies as well as the two Captain America Movies.  Only the later Hulk movie with Edward Norton is part of the MCU since that Ang Lee crap happened pre Iron Man and isn’t considered cannon.

Aside from the movies, you also have to remember that all of the Marvel oneshots as well as the TV shows all count as part of the shared MCU.  This means Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Daredevil, and all the other Netflix Marvel movies that are coming down the pipe.

There is also the Spiderman issue that we would need to sort out when discussing this team of villians and Anti Heroes. Spiderman will be joining the MCU with a new movie and will probably make a cameo in the next Captain America movie. So do we possibly consider any of the Spiderman villains for this team?  While Venom is an obvious choice for a team like this, I don’t think we can count on any of his rouges gallery since we don’t know when or if they are going to be used in a spidey movie.  So for the purposes of this blog post, lets just ignore all the spiderman stuff.

no thanks guys, you and your goofy ass costumes can sit this one out. Especially you vulture. you are like 90 years old.

Let’s get the lone Hulk movie out of the way since it would have two of what I think are the most logical choices for this squad.  General Thunderbolt Ross and the Abomination. In the comic books, Ross like in the movie is the father of Betty Ross and a general tasked with bringing down the hulk. Unlike the movies Ross at some point turns himself into the Red Hulk.  I don’t know how, cause Incredible Hulk comics were never that interesting for me to read and the red hulk never showed up on the TV show with Bill Bixbie.

The Abomination is also in the comic books from what I understand and in the movie he is that ass hat of a military guy that takes some Captain America Juice and becomes a super soldier but then later goes all out and asks for Hulk Stuff.  Maybe in this Thunderbolt Movie the Red hulk could show up as part of the third act, but for most of the movie the Abomination would play the role of the big bruiser. The question is, does he hulk up when angry or is he just always a giant monster. I vote always a giant monster.

So General Ross is the leader, with blonsky as the heavy. Who else can we add from the movies?  We have all the Iron Man movies, but the main bad guys actually die in that franchise normally. Still Justin Hammer could be used as a consultant on the team to supply them with weapons and tech to help in whatever mission they got going on.  I guess you could have him create some kind of bad guy robot, but I don’t think we really need that. From the Thor movies you can use pretty much no one. Same goes for Guardians of the Galaxie since using cosmic bad guys would probably make it too hard to root for them.

The first Captain America movie doesn’t really offer much in the way of a character we can use since it all took place 70 years ago. The second movie does feature cross bones and that french leaper guy that fought cap on the boat.  It is hard to think of a situation where the Leaper and his accent fit in under a US military operation, but cross bones has promise although… he really didn’t have a lot of redeeming qualities at the end of the Winter Soldier.  Speaking of Which. Could the Winter Soldier be part of this team?  Maybe if it was a comic, but as a movie it is hard to accept a continuity where Bucky is all messed up in the head and is a viable option for this team. On the other hand, you would have a character most people would root for.

Are… are they just having a yelling match?

So there weren’t any real ancillary heroes or villians in the avenger movies that would work as part of this MCU Suicide Squad that I can think of. That leaves the TV series as the last place to get more bad guy heroes. The problem with that is that TV series are not usually planed out long in advance like movies are. Many shows start filming with only half the season written.  This means it would be hard to use a character from a TV show since it would really hamstring the TV show and force them to write a character out of the show for a whole season more than likely.

So that is the analysis of current and past characters but what about future characters. We have Ant-Man and Daredevil season 2 in the future.  From Ant-Man we could possible use yellow jacket and depending on how they end thing in season 2, maybe the Punisher could be brought in to lead this team since he is a pretty good anti-hero.

I wonder if this version of the punisher on netflix is going to do the Shane from the Walking Dead head rub thing constantly.

So I see a few problems so far. The biggest is there’s no women.  Yeah you could bring in Black Widow but I think Scar Jo is all about the Avengers for the near and far future. Elektra is probably going to be even more integral to Daredevil than the punisher is. So who are the other notable anti-hero / quasi villainous women in the marvel universe? I have no idea.  I’m sure there are lots but I can’t think of any at the moment that aren’t Mutants, or part of the TV series. I mean you could go with Lodestone, but I guess that means you would also have to brink Darkhawk along, which, if I’m being honest I am kind of ok with.

Moving on – The next problem is that this anti hero team has to exist in the MCU which begs the question, what kind of mission are they on. Why would we root for them. My guess is that if the Military is involved, they are looking for some kind of safety in place in case shield or the avengers get out of control again. Balancing the scales.  That is maybe the public reasoning for having the team but the shady side of things is that they are used for some covert missions.

So who could the bad guy be?  Maybe them selves, or at least one of them.  Maybe one of them has a sinister plan that not even the other bad guys can live with.  I don’t know. I am about to take a nap and don’t feel like thinking about this anymore right now.


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