Batman V Superman trailer from SDCC had me at…

… running.

I try not to watch trailers for movies that I am going to see since I don’t like the best moments to be ruined for me, but I couldn’t resist watching this trailer.

I liked the first trailer that came out several months back, but there was a moment in this trailer that totally got me hooked, and it is so random.  Btw, you get that I am referencing Jerry McGuire above right? “You had me at hello” but this movie had me at running? Like someone running… had me.., ok let me get right into it.

First of all, if you are like me and don’t like to get things spoiled, maybe don’t watch the trailer, but I don’t think it gives away anything major that most people don’t already know by this point.

If you do want to watch the trailer then, go and watch the trailer. It’s good.

If you did watch the trailer, let me talk a little bit about the part that got me hyped.

At about the 30 second mark we see Bruce Wayne apparently in Metropolis the day Superman is fighting General Zod.  A building is cut in half by I think heat ray vision and starts to topple over. Everyone is fleeing the fighting, but you see Bruce Wayne sprinting directly at the falling building and into the cloud of concrete dust.

It’s hard to explain why this part got me hooked but I think it has something to do with that image getting rid of any reservations I might have had about Ben Afleck playing Batman. Granted I thought he was always a good choice, I think I was more worried about them making the character of batman/ Bruce Wayne too mopey and not … uhhh.. Batman enough.  Seeing Bruce Wayne sprinting directly into the fray, presumably to save lives, with no notion of the situation being bigger than him.  That is a big part of what makes batman, batman to me.

Look at the justice league. People always shit on Aquaman for being a lame ass pussy, even though the dude is wonder woman level strong.  But it is actually batman that has always been the weakest member of the league physically. In a street fight with none of his gadgets, batman doesn’t stand a chance against any of the other members.

Still it is always batman that comes across as the team bad ass.  Part of the reason for this is that he is able to fight along side and against, basically, gods and never look out of place.  This scene gave me this same feeling. While every other mere mortal would either run in terror or look on in horror as they succumb to the realization that this moment is beyond their control.  They have as little influence over events as does a butterfly over a tornado.

This actually has a pretty cool back story if you care to read about it or any of batman’s other most badas moments:

Not batman though. When he runs straight at a falling building, you know he isn’t going to be able to lift it up like super man, and will probably get injured, but he is still going to do what ever needs to be done to win the day, and whatever he does is far above what any other mortal can do.

The rest of the trailer was ok too I guess.  There was a really cool moment when Batman is in the batcave and takes a look over at the suit that Jason Todd was presumably wearing when the Joker killed him.  There was a couple of cameos from a pretty famous Amazonian as well as a formerly alive former member of the krypton military.

I’m not sure how I feel about Lex Luthor based on the trailer.  It really seems like there is enough plot going on that you might not even need him.  My guess is that they use him to set up the next movie.

Of course the real question is how does this compare to the other big movie trailer that just came out?

Idk, that one got me pretty hyped too.


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