Where should I go on vacation?

I’ve planned a few vacations for myself this year, but kept cancelling them for one reason or another.  Originally I was going to go out to vegas for the World Series of Poker.  Then I was going to fly down to Florida and swing by New Orleans and Hotlanta. Now I have a tentative plan involving a bunch of NFL games in October in California.  The only problem is that I was out in Cali two years ago so do I really want to go back there so soon?

I was thinking of comming up with yet another plan for my 2015 self mancation when I saw uproxx.com had an article on the best ways to get cheap flights. I am a fan of things that are cheap (*wink* ladies.. grrroooowwwllll) so I took a look to see if I could get some ideas.  The one thing that stood out to me was a website called http://www.secretflying.com/ which judging by the name is like the fight club of online airline discount aggregate websites.

I thought I would go through some of the deals that they have to get an idea of some alternatives to my current west coast travel plans.  First, lets go over where I have already gone, and where I haven’t but would like to go.  In the US I have been to Most of the east coast and some Midwest cities, going as far out as Kansas City.  I’ve been to some of the west coast including San Fran, LA, Vegas, Reno, and not Phoenix part of Arizona.  I haven’t been to Boston, New Orleans, Florida, Texas.  It should also be noted that I haven’t been to Vegas or A.C in several years.

Internationally I have been to Toronto, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and France. All of that was almost 20 years ago so visiting any of those places again would still be a viable option. Specifically the places I would like to go that I haven’t been to before over seas would be Italy, England, Scandanavian Countries, and maybe some more far flung places like Australia, New Zeland, Japan, or anywhere else where they only kind of dislike Americans and don’t full time hate us.

There are a lot of deals on the website so I thought I would list some of them to walk through my pros and cons of each destination.

Fly from New York to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, returning from Bangkok, Thailand back to New York for only $553 with United and ANA.

Pros: Much more exotic than any trip I’ve ever taken before

Cons: Not sure how I feel about traveling alone in a place that far removed from America and English, especially since to make the deal work, I would have to travel between Vietnam and Bangkok.


Pros: Great Price and I get to maybe see some of my ancestors from the side of my family that I never met and don’t actually care about.

Cons: The deal is dependent on me being in L.A, so flying from the 7171 to LAX is going to jack up the price.


Pros: Great price and a tropical paradise maybe.

Cons: Had no idea that Guadeloupe was anything other than a persons name. Don’t really anticipate taking advantage of a place with a beach since I am not in swim suit shape.

Whore Island

Pros: Name says it all.

Cons: Might not be a real place, isn’t listed on the secretflying website, and this joke is basically stolen from the TV show Archer.


Pros: More Exotic than just driving around the US. Flight conveniently leaves from NYC.

Cons: Do they hate Americans?  I don’t want to get involved in some weird shit like in that movie Hostel.


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