Marvels First Alliance: League of Losers


I want to do this, but I’m not going to. I have way to many other projects, and I really don’t need another one.  That being said, I was day dreaming today about how much fun it would be to make an expansion story / set of levels for Marvels First Alliance.

For those unfamiliar, MFA is a fan made video game for PC that is based on the Capcom side scroller games you remember from the late 80’s and early 90s video arcades.  The game has something like 50 playable characters, including some that are more obscure except to the more hardcore comic fans.  Characters like US Agent and Dark Hawk would be examples.


The game is fun for the same reasons the X-men arcade game and Captain America and the Avengers were fun.  Having all those characters makes it even better since you get to play with heroes like moon night or black widow who you never would have thought would be in a game when you were a kid.

My Mod - 0789

I downloaded the program that you use to create and edit these games, and started to think about which characters I would lie to add in.  Then I unpacked MFA so I could see all the sprites.  I tried to alter the magneto Sprites to resemble another character and it was just way beyond my abilities. The programing side of things might be way easier, but without the ability to make the characters look good there is not really a point to doing it.

Still, I wanted to come up with a list of characters that if I was talented enough, I would put into the game and how the levels and story would be structured.  Since this is me we are talking about, it has to feature Dark Hawk pretty heavily.  I thought about adapting the League of Losers storyline from Marvel Team ups, but a lot of those characters are more recent and I don’t know much about them.  Instead I thought I would come up with a new story that is really simplistic and probably not that well thought out…. so basically it will be like a lot of comic book video games.


The cut scenes start with Chris Powel having a night mare where he is being tested on by scientists with flashing lights and loud music going off all around him. As the nightmare fades out he sees a partially formed Sleepwalker reciting a series of numbers over and over.  When Chris wakes up he tries to find Rick Sheridan (the host of sleepwalker) and sees that his apartment has been ransacked.


I guess to build in some action he could go over to one of the smarter characters like beast or spiderman or mr. fantastic to ask for help deciphering the numbers, and when he goes to them he helps them with a fight but, whatever.  Either way he finds out the numbers sleepwalker was reading off were coordinates to an island in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida  Darkhawk goes there and finds a massive underground complex.  So the first level could actually be a jungle level that he fights though to get to the entrance, which maybe is just an air intake thing.

Once inside Darkhawk is captured immediately.  So far I’m thinking there haven’t been any real villains, but lets have savage steel be the one to capture him probably without much of a boss fight. Like a mini boss fight where save steel is torn up and looses and is shown to be completely a robot with no one inside and Dark hawk causes some kind of damage to a control panel or something just as he is over whelmed by several more Savage Steels who lead him off screen.


A cut scene shows that the control panel caused damage to whatever was keeping US 1 / US Archer in his cell.  If you don’t know….  which you probably don’t, US Archer was a truck driving themed super hero that came out a little after Smoky and the Bandit.  The times were different. So archer only has one quasi super power and that is a metal helmet or skull or something that allows him to control certain machines via CB radio…. holy shit were the 70s stupid as hell.


Next level would be archer doing more of a metal gear sneak mode to unlock some other rooms so he can figure out what is going on.  He can only control certain machines since there are dampers every where to prevent someone like him from taking control.  Maybe he can fight some normal dudes and then use his “powers” to control some automated robots to aid in his fighting. Like that would be his special moves.

So US 1, gets us to a room where we find a football uniform that is being studied by a big as robot with a bunch of arms and what not. So this will be the mini boss.  After it is defeated we find out that it is the uniform/armor of SuperPro who is also being held at this facility.  Now that he is freed US 1 says he will hang back and use the computer system to find out what is going on, while SuperPro goes to free Rick Sheridan/Sleepwalker.


I don’t have anything specific going on here for SuperPro, but I’m thinking at some point he has to go through a manufacturing center that is trying to replicate his near indestructible armor, and the robots being made are slightly different versions of him and his uniform.  He finds the cell holding rick which is basically a tourture chamber. He now has to get Rick back to US 1, without Rick getting hurt/killed. Right before he gets Rick back to US 1 there is a mini boss battle with a dark hawk clone that was made with some of the Superpro uniform designs.

US 1, and Superpro look over Rick who has passed out which bring sleepwalker to our realm.  US 1, sees that the only other hero still trapped is Darkhawk, who Sleepwalk has to go to free.  Not sure who Sleepy has to fight but I’m guessing that there might be some robotic versions of other super heroes that already exist in the game.  his mini boss will be 8 ball, who escapes at the last moment because all he was trying to do was stall while his one machine finished creating whatever it was creating.


Here we find out that 8 ball had captured US 1, Super Pro, and Sleepwalker/Rick, because he was reverse engineering a new set of weapons and suit for himself from the technology of US 1 and SuperPro.  In fact the reason he had Sleepy was because he knew he could keep him awake and use him to draw out Dark Hawk to figure out his tech/amulet.  He hadn’t planned on the others getting loose though.


The final mission is a choose which hero you want to use as you battle your way through 8 balls gang and their stupid stupid billards based weapons. Then the final boss will be the upgraded 8 ball.

I’m assuming that would be the end although there are a couple other silly/terrible characters I would have liked to include such as Night Thrasher, Squirrel Girl, D-Man “Demolition Man” , Wonder Man, Gravity, and Garrison Kane / weapon X.  Maybe the ending could be a cliffhanger where the heroes get back to NYC and find out all the other heroes have disappeared and then you can do the league of losers stuff.

But that is a story for another day.

p.s. There also needs to be a cosmic version with people like Silver Surfer, adam Warlock, Star Fox, Drax, etc…


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