My rankings of everything Marvel ever

The latest Marvel movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, came out Thursday night and I’ve seen it twice so far.  It isn’t my favorite Marvel movie, but I think it is pretty far up there.  I thought about doing a ranking of all the marvel movies that are part of the MCU. Then I thought about including everything that is part of the MCU like the TV shows, but I decided I would rather not put a lot of thought into a difinitive ranking, and instead give a quick, probably inaccurate, ranking of every Marvel thing I have ever seen in one form or another.

This won’t just be limited to Movies and TV, and will only include stuff that I have personally experienced.  I wont go into much if any detail for most of the rankings, and these rankings are based solely on how much I enjoyed, and or hated them personally. Unless otherwise noted, these entries are referring to movies or TV primarily.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

2. Captain America, the Winter Soldier

3. Daredevil (netflix)

4. Avengers

4 b. Infinity Gauntlet Comic book series

5. Spiderman II

6. X-Men

7. X-men:: Days of future’s past

8. Avengers II

9. Xmen First Class

9 b. Silver Surfer Comic books

I have this somewhere in my house, just without the signature

10. Xmen II

11. Spiderman

12. Marvel 1st Alliance II (fan made video Game)

13. Thor

14. Xmen the Animated Series

15. X-men the Arcade game

16. Captain America the 1st Avenger

17. Spiderman the animated Series

18. The punisher (Thomas Jane)

19. Iron Man II

19 b. HISHE featuring Marvel Characters

20. Spiderman Shattered Dimensions (video game)

20 b. Darkhawk comic books

21. Punisher fan movie (thomas jane and hellboy)

22. Hulk TV Show (Bill Bixbie)

23. Agent Carter

23 b. Honest Trailers of Marvel Movies

24. Thor the Dark World

25. Actual Marvel Comic Books on average

26. Incredible Hulk

27. Ghost Rider

27 b. Fantastic Four

28. Captain America and the Avengers Arcade Game

29. Screw Attack’s Death Battles that feature Marvel Characters

30. Marvel 1 shots

31. The Wolverine

32. Hulk Vs. (animated movies)

33 Marvel’s Agents of Shield

33 b. Blade

34. Marvel Trading Cards

35. Spiderman and his amazing friends

35. Amazing Spiderman

36. Dr. Strange animated movie

37. Blade 2

38. xmen origins: Wolverine

39. Punisher war zone

40. Blade Trinity

41. Hulk TV movie featuring Thor

42. Spiderman III

43. Howard the Duck

Yes, the very first Marvel movie (basically), featured some kind of implied act of inter dimensional bestiality.

44. FF rise of the Silver Surfer.

45. Daredevil

46. Hulk

47. Xmen – The final Stand

48. Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengance

49. Punisher blackwidow animated movie

50. Wolverine (anime)

51. Ironman vs. the technobots or whatever the hell that terrible anime movie was.

I kind of forgot the official name for some of this stuff, and also remembered some stuff after completing most of the list which is why you will see two things ranked with the same number but one of them with a “b” afterwards.  It is pretty obvious I hate the animated movies they did when they outsourced the animation to a Japan based Anime company.  Those were just fucking terrible.

There are also a lot of movie and cartoons i’m kind of surprised I never saw, especially Elektra. Maybe if the Daredevil movie hadn’t been such dog shit, I might have gone to see it. oh well.

With all the movies coming up for marvel I’m thinking the top 5 or 10 might stay the same until either the next GOTG comes out or Civil War hits theaters.  I’m not trying to say I don’t think I will like Ant man, Dr. Strange, Jessica Jones, or Xmen apocolypse. I just think that the bar has been set way to high with some of the top 10 choices I have here.

Also, If you haven’t played Marvel 1st Alliance 2, I advise you to go do it now. It’s hella fun playing with so many characters, including Darkhawk!!!!


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