Super bowl party details.

More detail is below but poker and food starts at 3 and i dont need anyone to bring anything except what u want to drink.

I am almost positive that this is the 10th anniversary of the superbowl party. Fairly sure. At least number 9. if anyone remembers the first one i hosted and who was playing in that game let me know.

Poker will start at 3:00. If you are going to participate send me a message and let me know so we dont start without you.  Im thinking this should be a big stack tournament where we eliminate the 25 chips and start with the 100s and then use the FNF 10th anniversary chips i hope to have ready for the larger denominations…. i really need a life.

If you arrive early and dont feel like playing poker i hope to have an assortment of video game and movie options available to keep you entertained until the start of the game.

I also plan on having the snack food stafium ready to go right at 3:00 and this year i plan to use a large number of crock pots to build the outside of the stadium.  I figure crockpots will work well to keep food warm and still edible for the majority of the night.

The crock pots will feature the following food:

Hot dogs
Baked beans
Nacho dip
Pulled pork.

The field and inside of the stadium will be standard candy and chips and snacks.

As always anyone is welcome to come and by wednesday i hope to have a spreadsheet online for all the pickem selections.  If you have any suggestions for categories let me know. Here are some im thinking of:

Will we she marshawn lynch grab his crotch?

Will there be a penalty for under inflated balls?

If brady wins will he yell “suck it montana” after they hand him the lombardi trophy?

Will mace puke in my driveway?

I dont need anyone to bring any food since there will be so god damn much of it but soda and beer would be nice for everyone since i usually only stock my fridge with water (my body is a temple after all).

Please forward this to anyone im forgetting or whose number i dont have.


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