So Many blog post drafts

I’ve started and then not completed a lot of blog post recently, and rather than actually finish any of them by putting in the necessary amount of time and effort they deserve, I’m going to remind myself that this is a blog that is only read by at most 5 people in a given week and just consolidate all the scraps into this post. I’m just going to past over what I had started, regardless of how incoherent it is, and then just finish whatever thought was probably going through my mind when I was writing them.

Best Trailers and Teasers of all time

Not of all time. Just of my life time that I actually remember and made me want to see a movie based solely or primarily based on the trailer.




Guardians of the Galaxy

Starwars – The force Awakens

Dark Knight opening sequence





I’m guessing I was going to mention that most of those are fairly recent and give some BS explanation for that when really it’s just that I have a terrible memory.  Some of those played on my nostalgia as a kid like transformers, while others played on a sense of mystery like Watchmen (since I had never heard of it before) and Cloverfield. The whole thing was prompted by the recent teaser for Star Wars VII which I wasn’t that into at first but now I can’t stop watching it. I think i’m just hungry for a Star Wars product that is done really really well outside of a video game or comic book or book…. The prequels were shitty is what i’m trying to say.

Funny Stuff

This next one was going to be a well thought out expose on my thoughts on humor and what makes something funny and the multiple types of humor that I key in on.  The only problem is that half the stuff I wanted to show was no longer on youtube, and some of my initial ideas for the structure of the post fell apart when I started to actually write it.  I gave up as you can see below.

I’m a funny guy. Maybe not stand up comedian funny, or write a funny book funny, but I’m usually the funniest person when hanging out with a group of people.  I’ve often had people tell me “You should do stand up” after I tell a series of self deprecating stories about myself, usually while drunk.  The problem with kind sentiments like that one is that I would be terrified a stand up comedy. I can’t even imagine how terrified I would be to try and walk on stage in front of a bunch of strangers and face the likelihood that I might bomb.

I’ve bombed in real life many times, whether it be a joke or two that fell flat or sometimes I meet a new group of people who just don’t get my sense of humor.  I can usually shake that off by switching gears to something serious and topical when jokes aren’t landing or just reassure myself with the knowledge that I can win those people over later on when they don’t initially get my sense of humor. If I ever was on stage in a room full of people and I just heard either silence or some asshole yell out “You Corny!”, i think i would never recover.

Even though I don’t think I could ever do comedy professionally, I still love the craft of it and am interested in all the minutia that goes into creating something funny.  That’s why I love listening to podcasts like Mohr Stories since you get to peek behind the curtain and gain a lot of information that you would never know even existed.  While most of humor is more artistic than scientific, I think there are certain aspects that can be viewed through a more analytical lense.  When I find something to be truly hilarious I often find myself not only enjoying it on the surface but also contemplating what unique or superior qualities it has to other jokes and skits.

All of that above is really just pretense for me wanting to list a bunch of clips of things I find really really funny and then prattle on about why they are soooooo funny and not just so funny.

I’m listing this one first since earlier today I mentioned the Loveline Holocaust call to someone at work and how Rocco and I almost died in a traffic accident from laughing at it so hard. There are a few things at play here that make this so incredibly funny to me.  The first thing is that it is unscripted.  A joke that is unscripted is inherently more funny than something that is scripted. I’m not sure why that is, but i’m guessing it has something to do with the audience (whether that be a room full of people or a single person) giving more credit since it may seem like it takes more talent. I think unscripted also gets a bonus because it feeds off the heart of most comedy which is surprise or the unexpected. Not only were you not expecting the punch line that you get at the end of this call, but you weren’t even expecting there to be a joke.

The second thing that should be noted about this clip (although it probably should have been listed first to ensure people actually listen to the whole thing) is that build up and context are really important.  For this clip to be found funny, you have to listen to the whole thing, and probably not in a large group. It’s good that there are a few mildly funny moments as you go to keep the listener interested, but if you are only passively paying attention then the punchline won’t have nearly the impact it should.  And if you are in a larger group then you might become too aware and conscious of how others are or aren’t enjoying the clip as it progresses.

This clip stands in stark contrast to the previous clip for many reasons. 1st it is carefully scripted and planned. 2nd. it is specifically designed to be funny throughout the entire clip and doesn’t rely on one big punchline at the end. 3rd. This could be viewed in a couple different settings regardless of whether by yourself or as part of a group. None of those things above make it better or worse than the loveline clip, just different.

Another thing that really stands out to me about this clip is the way each character is positioned. You have Warrick who is basically the stunned spectator. You have Steven Merchant who is the voice of reason. You have Ricky who is the kind of the straight man or victim if you will. And then Liam Neeson plays the comedic foil (dimwit) to Ricky’s protagonist (expert).  I’m sure there are specific industry terms for each person in the skit but I just love how they play off each other but never cross over into another person’s lane.


This next clip might be a perfect blend of the top two.  It has aspects of improv while still being somewhat planned out.  It is really funny throughout but does build to bigger laughs as it goes. It requires focus and is best when you watch the whole thing, but individual parts are probably ok on their own for someone who is viewing while distracted or watching as part of a group.


Right about now I should probably point out that there isn’t a specific reason I’m only tossing up clips that are fairly new. These are just things that come to mind off the top of my head as things I would recommend to someone at random.  If I was going to recommend some Bob Newhart stand up, or the ax throw on the tonight show with Johnny Carson,I feel like I would need to provide more of a set up and run a greater risk of the person being disappointed for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that people unfairly down grade the humor of previous generations.


I’m all for quick funny jokes, and think people like Dimitri Martin and the late great Mitch Hedgberg are/were incredibly talented and funny.  I could never be the type of person to come up with a series of jokes that requires almost no set up and can be pluced out and re inserted

The Wire Season 1 Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 also 5 thru 10

I finally convinced my one friend to watch the wire.  It was a major achievement for me spurned on by my love of possibly the greatest TV show off all time. I have probably watched the entire series from beginning to end a total of 5 times, and each time I pick up on something new.

This is now my 6th viewing, i think, so i thought i would try to document all the little things i am picking up for the first time.  Maybe some of these things aren’t really the first time, since i decided constantly watching the wire was unhealthy and took a year long sabbatical before returning to it 4 weeks ago. So let’s go episode by episode.

1. The Target: …. shit.  I started this entry 3 weeks ago, but got distracted after the first three sentences. Now i’m going to struggle to think up anything I really remember from the episode… oh by the way SPOILERS!!!.  The majority of characters are introduced in this first episode and man did I feel bad for my friend who was trying to keep up with them all.

2. The Detail – God damn it, this isn’t going to work. There are so may subtle things that pop up in future episodes and seasons that unless you have just watched it, it’s hard to remember wen exactly it happened.


Fuck it. I’m just going to list a bunch of random small moments through the first 10 episodes that i think do an amazing job of showing just how well they detailed the characters and their motivations.

My god does my ADD really come through in this.  As a follow up to this, my friend and I watched the first season and she liked it, but not enough that I wanted to put her through the second season which I know a lot of people aren’t fond of.  Instead we started watching True Detective. Woot Woot!!!

Shows I’ve given up on

This is a super old post that I would have spent more time on but I couldn’t remember a lot of the shows I had given up on that should probably be included.  Since looking it over you could probably add Orphan Black and Downton Abbey to this list. Both are shows I want to watch, but when ever I have a free moment I usually end up watching something else I’m more into… speaking of which I need to catch up on the League and Southpark tonight.

I have way too much free time on my hands, which in turn leads to a lot of TV binge watching. Last week I watched the first two seasons of House of Cards over the course of four or five days, and I loved it. Each episode held my attention, never dragged, entertained, and by the end I wanted to immediately watch the next episode. Of course most shows I like are not available in an all at once fashion like Netflix allows, so I tend to base my schedule each day around the one or maybe two TV shows I like to follow. Right now my current obsession is “True Detective” which is god damn amazing. By the end of each hour it has felt two hours has passed and that they were an amazing two hours.

Not all shows are as amazing as “House of Cards” and “True Detective”, and on Monday I finally gave up on one of them.


Kevin Bacon’s face is giving that look cause the writers just gave him another script with yet another convenient twist that is dumb as hell

I just couldn’t do it any more. I watched the entire first season, mostly cause I didn’t have anything better to do Monday nights when I got home from work. This year I still have nothing to do Monday nights but after watching the first five episodes I decided I was done.

The show has some parallels to 24, but not in a good way.  You have a protagonist that always sees to know the right thing to do, but no one listens to him until it’s too late.  Every time you think you’ve got a or THE bad guy, he or she either escapes because of some random incompetence, or as a result of unrealistically advanced planning and fore thought, or worst of all, some random person suddenly turning out to be a bad guy.

The sudden “Hey I’m a bad guy now” twist is really bad in “The Following” since the idea that there are this many evil cult members secretly integrated into the story is beyond ridiculous.  Judging by the first two seasons, it’s a safe bet that at least 12 percent of the adult population in the north east is ether a direct member of the Edgar Allen Poe Fan Club/Cult, or are just hired mercenaries and psychopaths.


The following isn’t the only show I tried to watch and then just gave up on.


Royal Pains


Arrested Development





Orange is the new black

St. Louis

There is no text under this draft and I have no idea what it was suppose to be about. I’m guessing I wrote it when I was in St. Louis and was going to upload pictures and a recap of the day to it, but I didn’t.

Who is the hottest Erica

I use  to do a lot more of these type of posts, not sure why I moved away from it.

So yesterday I did a post about the hottest chic named Carmen, so now lets keep the page views rolling in by having a post with the hottest women named Erica.


Erica Campbell – She was one of the biggest softcore nude models on the internet but then she found god. Stupid fucking God.



Erica Durance – Smallville’s Lois Lane is hot as shit and a big cosplay enthusiast … on the show at least.



erica ocampo –


Erica Blasberg – golf hottie


Kind of surprised I didn’t come up with more hot women named erica.

Comic books I’d like to see made into a movie next

This is from May 23 2011.  I really wish I would have written ANYTHING in this post to see how my predictions would have fared 3 and a half years later.

what next season of some recently cancelled shows would have include

Another interesting title with no actual text associated with it.

Predictions for next season of my favorite shows

Same thing here.

Random barely famous chicks I’ve been obsessed with

Jesus, was I just randomly coming up with blog post titles and then giving up immediately after?

Ok there are six more drafts that only had a title as well, so I guess when I first started using wordpress, that was a thing I did a lot. Maybe I could spend the rest of tonight filling in some of the guts of those partial posts above, especially the one on hot erica(s). Or I could just watch the Arrow and Flash two night cross over event that I didn’t get to watch live.  I think we all know which option i’m going to choose.