Best movie cars

I spent way too much time on youtube last night and much of that wasted time was spent watching car chase movie scenes. I have no idea what the criteria will be but lets have a tournament to see what is the best famous movie car.

Bandit transam
General lee
Blues mobile
Black beauty
Supernatural imperial
Magnum ferari
Sex drive judge
Batmobile multiple

Those are the cars i thought of off the top of my head.Ok now lets come up with the regions for seeding.

1. Sci fi cars
2. Tv cars
3. Batmobiles
4. I wanna go fast division

This might be tough to fill out all of the divisions but lets start

Sci fi/fantasy:
Supernatural imperial
Ecto one.

Nolan batmobile
Batmobile 66
Batman burton
Black beauty

Go fast:
Bandits trans am

General lee
Magnum pi ferrari
Blues mobile

Hmmmm…. i think i need to research some cars. I know im missing some classics.

The only one i found in my extensive research that should probably be added in is starsk and hutchs torino. There were some other notable cars but i couldnt really use them since they had too many variations (bonds aston martin) wasnt a key part of the show/movie (miami vice lambo) or werent an actual car (a team van). 

There is also the case to be made for camerons dads porsche but i think it is still stuck in those trees and i like my list where it is once i replace the munsters dragonare with the judge from sex drive and slip the torino into the go fast category. …. man maybe the judge should be replaced by the dragonare but i just love that movie and the car is basically its own character well beyond what the  munsters did with their sweet ride.

Ok first round matchups:

In the sci fi division the delorian easily takes down the supernatural guys ride while kitt has a surprisingly tough victory over ecto 1.

The black beauty is able to take out the 1966 bat mobile in as shocking upset in the comics division while burtons batmobile has a much easier than expected win against nolans bat tank.

In the go fast division elanor wins the battle of mustangs while the bandit smokes the torino.

In a surprise to no one the general lee takes out the judge while the blues mobile makes quick work of dominating magnus ride.

In the regional finals we have the delorian edging out kitt, mostly because haselhoff was holding kitt back from his chance to shine.  Black beauty might be a sweeter ride but the burton batmobile was so iconic that it gets an assist in its win from btas batmobile as well.

Elanor may be the best looking car in the competition but the bandit never broke down in front of the cops or lost a mirror.

The toughest matchup so far is the regional finals between the general lee and the blues mobile. It is so close that it goes into extra innings but the blues mobile takes the victory since its on a mission from god and the general lee is sporting the much maligned stars and bars.

In the semi finals we have burtons bat mobile lose out to the delorian since the back to the future car can go where they dont have roads. The bandit is iconic and seemed nearly indestructible but did it ever do a back flips over a car full of Nazis?

Final matchup pits two iconic 80s movie cars against each other, both with a wide selection of incredible feats that all end with their destruction at the end of their run.  Its hard to argue against the power of god, but the delorian had both the flux capacitor and mr fusion.

The winner: the delorian.


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