If i were to write a poker book

I had some free time on my hand last friday… just like most fridays.. or really just like most days in general, so i decided to hit up hollywood casino in grantville and let fate decide how much money my one friend was going to get in his wedding congratulations card the following day.  As i was sitting quietly at the 1 / 2 no limit hold’em table, i started to think about how i had recently tried to humble brag to someone about my short lived career as a poker writer.

The site i wrote for is long forgotten and the articles have disappeared into the either. Maybe if i look jard enough i could find a copy of some articles on an old PC of mine. It probably is not worth the effort. I did thoroughly enjoy the writing which mostly focused on player bios and a few strategy articles thrown in here and there.

At the time i was doing all this poker writing i thought about doing a book, but there wasnt really much point. The market was saturated and i dont think i would have had anything unique or refreshing to share for any potentail readers.

All of these memories of past articles, forum discussions, and poker books, got me into a reflective mood of my own personal strategy for texas holdem cash games. In particular low stakes no limit holdem.

Would it be worth it to invest the time right now and write something like that? Not really. I would enjoy it but i already have five other things i promised myself i would write that are piling up.

Still as i sat there, slowly building my stack to a $56.00 profit ( ka ching!!!) I started to organize my playing strategy into chapters for the make believe book i will never write.  Obviously it would be hella lame to just be a straight up strategy book, but it also couldnt be a personal story like the fantastic “positevly fifth street”. Instead it would be a combination of different genres. Some stories, some humor, some opinions, all intercut throught a progressive series of strategy chapters.

Here is how i think i would organize things:

Chpt. 1 introduction to why you should or shouldnt read the book and the format of the book. Big emphasis on realistic expectations. Admit that most of the strategy in the book isnt that original.

Chpt. 2 quick recap of
how to play holdem with a note to skip it if u already know how.

Chpt 3. Some hard fast rules that are almost always applicable. Such as “always have a reason for every action make at the table. If you call a bet, there better be a reason why calling is better than raising or folding. Dont just do something out of reflex.” Also discuss H.A.L.T and why it is good in theory although the h and l are almost constants with me. Oh and a big one is that theres no point in being the 10th best poker player in the world if the top 9 are at the same table as you. This is similar to if you can’t spot the sucker, you are the sucker. So where you play and who you play against is actually under your control.

Ok im not going to number these since i have no desire to go back and change the order to make things flow better in this imaginary book. Instead ill just write down some random chapter topics that are and arent strategy related.

Opinion: in Cincinnati kid, lady fingers was base dealing for “the man”

Opinion: kgb was bluffing on the final hand in rounders.

Strategy: general tells that are easiest to spot. (Vein in neck, looking at hole cards after flop)

Humor: the lesser known poker hand nick names.

Random: quick and simple strategy guides for other casino games.

Random: ways card sharps and cheaters cheat.

Strategy: starting hands (with an emphasis on why some arent that good.)

Strategy: simple way to calculate pot odds (2.5% method)

Opinion: lies most poker players tell themselves.

Opinion: times pop culture got poker wrong.

History: biggest online poker scandals.

History: biggest/famous cash games.

Opinion: ranking the best poker or gambling movies.

Opinion: the best poker books.

History: the evolution of poker

Random: traditional popular poker variants (stud, omaha, triple draw lo ball)

Random: other random poker variants (midnight baseball)

Humor: best poker player insults.

There would be more dtrategy chapters then what i listed,  but thats not as much fun to come up with.

Obviously most chapters would have a quote about poker at the top of the chapter’s first page cause you just have to do that. It might be the law.

Now that i think about it if you read through all the history of this blog you probably have most of these chapters already writen.


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