Scenes that made me fall in love with TV shows

I was driving to work at the hotel tonight when I started laughing for what an outside observer must have thought was no reason.  I am pretty sure my brain works differently than most others, so I won’t even try to explain the weird string of thoughts that led me from thinking about the 50 bucks I won playing poker and into the Skytanic episode of Archer.  All I know is that I was driving down the quite back roads between Harrisburg and Hershey and I just started laughing while thinking of “M as in Mancy”.

Skytanic was the first episode I saw of Archer and I think it might be the best episode. The final scene where Archer and Lana try to defuse a bomb pretty much epitomizes everything that is great about that show, and I think it was that scene that made me officially fall in love with Archer.. the show not the character.

So what other scenes from my favorite TV shows made me fall in love with them? This is going to be tough because as time goes on it is easier to remember your favorite moments than it is to remember what first got you hooked. Still I’m going to make my best effort to remember.  I might end up leaving out some of my all time favorite shows if I can’t remember anything swoon worthy, but lets start possibly my most swooniest show of all time; The Wire.

I read an article where someone had asked a lot of the greatest authors of the 20th century if they try to write symoblism into their novels.  Most said that it was more of a byproduct than an a purposefully act. If you watch this scene, it is clear that David Simon was in the later category.  This scene showed me that not only was the show more complex and nuanced than any other cops vs bad guys tv show i’d seen before, but that the “bad guys” were some of the most tragic and compelling characters.

Californication may not have always been a great show but it was always a good show that was often fun, funny, and never dull. This scene in the season finale of the second season showed that the show was capable of showing real heart much in the same way this sentence showcases my limited vocabulary. The scene on its own, means very little, but if you watched it in the context of the entire season, it kind of hits you. Also, how perfect was the song selection for that scene. If you know the backstory of that song … ughhh it gets your right in the feels big time.

ER – Love’s Labours Lost

This might be a cheat, but I have to list the entire episode of ER. I know that from the beginning ER was different than other medical shows since it wasn’t afraid to show the doctors and nurses loose and make mistakes. This episode showed (there’s that word again) that even the best doctors can do everything in their power, to the best of their ability, and make the best judgments at the time with the information they have, and it can all turn out in heartbreak. Per Wikipedia:  In 1997, TV Guide ranked it as the third in its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes of All-Time.[2] In 2009, it ranked the episode sixth”

I can’t really find a clip that does that episode justice, so that is another great scene that I can’t watch with out crying like a child. (btw I’m totally doing a list of the best handled deaths of major characters in TV history at some point and this has to be near the top.)

I’ve tried to explain to people why I loved this scene in breaking bad. It’s hard to explain but the story mike tells just draws me in.  I remember when I first saw it, my initial reaction was that the actor must have once been a cop who actually did that. It felt so real. I was really into the show before this scene, but this scene is the first one I really wanted other people to see so that I could talk with them about it. That feeling went through the roof during the final scene of season 4, but this came first.

This one probably shouldn’t count since I never really loved this show, but this scene totally got me hooked, and yes it is the very first scene of the series. Let me give you some back story. My buddy Brandon and I were talking and he asked me about “BSG” and I was like “What the fuck is that?” and he was surprised that I had never watched Battlestar Galactica. This is a major issue with me where my friends are completely floored when they find out that there is some “nerd thing” that i’m not into. Most of my friends aren’t really nerds so they just assume that since I am that I and all nerds are all into the same stuff.  I’ve had the same type of discussion when revealing that I never played World of War Craft, Never went to a Comicon (although I guess that changed a month ago), never played Magic the Gathering or any other turn based card game, never heard of “Watchmen” before that awesome trailer came out, and have no idea what the hell star or mine craft are.

Brandon starts to tell me how great BSG is and i’m like, I remember the show from when I was a kid, it was just a horse shit rip off of buck rogers which was a rip off of star wars. He tells me they re did it for SciFi channel and I roll my eyes so hard i’m surprised I didn’t loose sight in both eyes. He tells me to trust him and to try it out, so a month later I was bored and decided to download the first episode so that I could at least clown Brandon for having terrible taste. So I fire up the first episode. After probably 90 seconds I hit pause and yell out “fuck”.  I knew then, after just 10 seconds, that I would end up watching ever single episode of that show no matter how bad it got as it went on.  The introduction text was all I needed.  What a great way to reboot and also sequel off the original.

Ok let’s get some quick hits here where I just list some more of my favorite shows and what I think are the scenes that got me hooked without too much explanation (since for some of them it’s been too long since I last watched them) and no youtube clips (cause i’m tired of looking videos up on the internet that isn’t porn). Also like Battlestar Galactica some of my love for these shows has waned quite severely at points.

The Shield: When Vic shot Terry (spoilers I guess)

Boardwalk Empire: Al Capone showing up and saying something like “First I need a shower, and then some chow, and then you and me are going to sit down, and talk about how’s gonna die”

Sons of Anarchy: The season 3 (?) final scene where they are all in the paddy wagon and you hear Jax’s dad’s voice over reveal that it was Gemma who was going to kill him.

Mad Men: Don’s finger bang business deal closer.

Dexter: …. I don’t know, maybe Rita’s death, but really show was downhill from there.

Game of thrones: I guess when Ned Stark got the Ax.

It’s always sunny: cut to Mac and Dennis doing push ups in the court room

The office: “I hit myself in the head with the telephone”



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