Five batman villians that should not appear on gotham

I did this oncw before where i saw an article listing the top 10 comicbook something and i decided to do my own list before reading theirs.

On uproxx i saw there was an article where they were going to list the top 5 batman villians that shoulsnt be on gotham. It reminds me of something that should have happened on smallville. They had him fight doomsday and defeat darkseid before he actually became superman… thats silly.

When i saw the title of the article my first thought was “the joker has to be number one” .  One of the best things about the joker is that his back story is a mystery, although some people have tried to fill in the blanks with unimpressive results. So if they tried to give him an origin story it would take away from his chaotic mystique.

So that’s my guess for number one. Number 2 should be Bane. First of all, gotham is really supposed to be about james gordon, so bane really only works when going up against batman. Also his origin has almost nothing to do with gotham i think.

The next three are harder to come up with, but i feel confident in guessing the red hood since you need batman to create him. So he is number 3.

Harley quinn, maybe she could show up as a regular kid who wants to be a doctor or something, but she isn’t really much of anything without the joker. So She is number 4.

Kgbeast? I have no idea about number 5. Im guessing that onomonpeia will make the list if the person writing the article hates kevin smith. They could pull something stupid and say clark kent hoping to refer to the sups v batman stuff in the upcomming movie or the batman returns storyline.

That would be lame though. Amanda waller? Maybe, it would probably be dumb if she was in it since i think of her as a dc univers type characater and not just gotham.

Speaking of which, my final vote for number five is ras al ghul. I dont know how to spell that. I know they have tried to tie him to gotham in the past, but its hard to picture jim gordon going up against the league of assasins.

Lets see what uproxx listed:

Well if u followed the link u will see i completly missed the spirit of the article. Their article was about the lamest villians like kite man.


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