NFL week 2 predictions

I tried this several years ago, and I sucked so hard that I gave up after 4 weeks, but here we go again!!!!!  I’m going to give my predictions for each game and then give detailed well thought out analysis.

Miami +1 @ Buffalo
Buffalo is just barely favored in this match up of teams I don’t care about.  I’m picking Miami to cover since I think they beat a harder team last week, more convincingly, and just seem to have better weapons.

Jax +6 @ Redskins
Jacksonville played not to loose in the second half of their game last week.  If they play to win all game, they should cover the spread, which is what I predict.

Dal +3.5 @ Tenn
I hate dallas so i’m going to pick Tennessee even though i think that is probably a mistake.

Arizona -2 @ NYG
I have no idea why the giants blow so hard the past two season, but they do, and Arizona is on the rise over the same period. I pick Arizona.

Pats -5.5 @ Minn
AP is out because he is lazy and doesn’t know how to use his words, so a tough matchup just got harder. Should be easy for the Pats to cover.

Big Easy -6 @ Cle
Logically this matchup should favor the Saints and they shouldn’t have any problem handling the spread in this game…. sooooo that’s what i’m predicting.

Hotlanta +6 @ Cinci
I don’t know why but I am not sold on the Bengals being a top tier team. I guess it is because i’ve heard it so many times before, and every time that end up under performing. Lets go with Atlanta.

Rams + 5.5 @ Bucs
Doug martin is hurt and bucs didn’t look that good last week, although neither did the rams. I’m picking the Rams.

Fuck Pete Carrol -5.5 @ Whales Vagina
Even though Phillip Rivers looks like an asshole, he doesn’t look like as much of an asshole as Pete Carrol looks like an asshole. Not really the basis for picking a gave, but i’m still going with SD.

Houston -3 @ Oak Town
Oakland is a mess and Houston didn’t look to bad last week. I choose you Houston.

Jets +7.5 @ G.B
The packers are giving up more than a touchdown so Vegas must be very confident in them. I don’t know if I’m that confident but How can you possible pick for the Jets…ever… for any reason.  I’m hopping the Pack are going to take their week 1 frustrations out on the Jets and cover.

K.C +11.5 @ Denver
Thats a big spread, but KC sucks and Denver is good and Payton isn’t adverse to running the score up on teams. Still, it’s just too big a spread and i’m picking the chiefs.

Bears +7 @ 49ers
I”m a niners fan so i’m picking them to cover even though i would feel much more confident if the line was closer to 4 or 5.

Philly +3 @ Indy
Before seeing the line I thought this game was kind of a push, so now i’m just going with the dog and picking the Eagles.



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