Great actresses with great nudity

This will probably go down as one of the more shallow posts I ever make, but you can blame Eva Green’s hotness in Sin City for that. I wasn’t really that excited to see the second Sin City movie since I wasn’t really over the moon for the first one. Yeah I thought artistically it did a lot of really cool stuff, but the story wasn’t really that amazing, and there was nothing at the end that made me want to see what happens next. So if I am being honest, the only reason I didn’t wait for “Sin City a Dame to Kill For” to come out on DVD is because I heard about hot crazy hot and naked Eva Green gets in the movie.

There was only one other person in the movie theater when I went and saw the movie which made the whole thing feel much more creepy especially once Eva started getting crazy naked. The awesomeness of her nakedness was so much better than the rest of the movie that it made it kind of a pain to watch the rest of the movie once her part of the story was completed.

Thinking about her nakedness not just in Sin City but in a lot of her roles (and yeah I have thought about this many times) led me to write this post where I plan on listing on the actresses who get way more naked than their acting talent requires. Jesus this is going to be shallow.

I’m not saying that actresses who aren’t great at their craft have to get naked, but it’s just that after an actress is established, it becomes more and more rare for them to bare all for what I’m sure is a whole host of reasons. But there are a few who still bare all after they’ve made it and… you know what, I’m over explaining it. Here is some of the best actresses who love to get nekkid.

  1. Eva Green

Maybe I’m over estimating her acting ability now that I think about it. I’ve never actually seen her anything where I know people stood up and said, wow what amazing acting. But she was good in Casino Royale… and that might be the only thing I’ve ever seen her do where she wasn’t crazy naked half the time. This year has been pretty great in terms of Eva Green boobeg… boobige…. boobijsh… I don’t know how you would spell that non word but it’s the word boob with the end of the word verbiage so I guess boobiage. Ok back on track, she had a topless sex scene in 300 rise of an empire… that really didn’t need to be in that movie at all. Then she was in the Show time original series Penny Dreadful where she was possessed/sexed up by a demon and was completely naked in that scene. Now in Sin city she is naked in about half her scenes. Maybe more depending on what you consider one scene versus another. I really hope someone releases the original video of her sin city stuff so we can see her not in black and white. If you want to see maybe the best Eva Green nakedness, you’ll probably want to check out the dreamers which is a small movie about… I have no idea. All I know is that she gets with in inches of Boardwalk Empire’s jimmy darmody’s flacid cock in the movie and is naked throughout half the movie… or at least the only parts of the movie I watched.

  1. Rosario Dawson

god i want to be the color green so bad

A cast-mate of Eva’s from Sin City, Rosario started out with her first topless scene in “He Got Game” and then I assumed would have reached peak nakedness in Alexander, where they probably paid her a bunch of money so they could be the first to have her be crazy naked. At this point she was pretty much a star and was doing a combination of big budget movies as well as some smaller stuff that would satisfy her creative ambitions. I assumed from there on out she wouldn’t do any other nude stuff, aside from maybe just a very quick darkly light scene here or there, but then she did Trance. what is crazy about the nude scene she did in this movie is that she did shaved, full frontal. There’s almost no imaginable way for her to be more naked on camera unless she was doing straight up porn.

  1. Kate Winslet

Maybe not as hot as some of the rest on this list (god this is shallow), Kate got her big break in Titanic and Got big time naked in that, and never really slowed down. She mostly does more artistic films like that one where she was a Nazi that taught a kid to read or something which probably lends itself to more credibility to the nude scenes vs. some of the nude work Green does in movies like 300 and TV shows like Penny Dreadfull where it’s not really that important to the story. She’s done so many nude scnes that supposedly the constant application and removal of merkins has caused her to not be able to grow any hair down by her no no place any more.

  1. Monica Bellucci

I think Monic Bellucci is the patron Saint of great actresses who get naked. She’s done lots of really great nude scenes and one awful awful nude scene no one should ever watch. If you watch the movie irreversible there’s a nice nude scene with her and the guy who is her husband in the movie I think. It’s nothing special. Don’t watch any more of the movie. Yes there’s another sex scene with her but it is very very long and very very non-consensual. Supposedly a lot of people left the theatres during that scene when it was shown and I can understand why. Lets get back to her being naked in movies that won’t make you cry your self to sleep. Just google her name and you’ll see that some guys who I swear to god aren’t me have cobbled together best of sex scene compilations that you can waste a good 15 minutes watching. Ok maybe using the word waste isn’t appropriate since, it’s never a waste to see something that lovely

5.Diane Kruger

I almost forgot to include her which would have been a shame if you have ever seen the directors cut of Troy in which she plays the most famous hot chick in history.

Honorable Mentions:

Some of these women could probably have made the list above but… didn’t for some reason. Look I don’t do a lot of planning or editing when I make these blog posts. I just kind of wing it.

Angelina Jolie

Heather Graham

Halle Berry

Kirsten Dunst

Olivia Wilde


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