Guardians of the galaxy review

I went to the the thursday opening of guardians of the galaxy last night and aside from kind of a uneven first few scenes and an incorrectly set up 3d that forced me to wear my glasses upside down, i really liked the movie.  Ive read where some people think it is the best marvel studios movie yet but im not sure im there yet. I still would rank the winter soldier, avengers, and maybe the first iron man ahead of it.

I think that this movie will probably be even better on subsequent viewings since some of the uneveness of the first several scenes might smooth out since im now familiar with the characters and all of the comic book preconceptions about them are gone. I dont want to do a long winded recap so lets just do some quick hits.

Chris pratt is perfect in the star lord role, i know thats not going out on a limb or anything.

I. Was kind of underwhelmed by thanos and maybe a little for ronnan. 

Loved all the 80s references and just the culture clashes and the resulting humor.

So who is more han soloesq, mal reynolds or peter quill. I think mal is purposefully like him will peter is more organically similar.

Do we know which infinity stone was featured in this movie? So the teseract is space and the one on lokis staff is the soul gem maybe and then the ether is maybe reality, im guessing this one is the life gem since it affects living things or something.

Starlords diversion near the end was amazing.

The cameo after the credits was equally amazing but i kind of wish they had done a mid credit  tease for the next avengers or something with thanos like they did with the avengers.

I was on the fence about groot and rocket before the movie but man did i like them. Vin diesel needs to do more of this iron giant shit.

The thing with the robotic leg slays me.

Marvel should just contract gun for all the weird marvel movies like doc strange and antman….. and darkhawk of course.

Why is marvel studios able to knock it out of the park with something as difficult as this movie and yet sony is faltering with spidey so hard. Same might be said for xmen recovering so well and the new fantastic four being a mess from what people are saying. But maybe fox actually does well with the reboot.

Wonder if we will have a thanos movie. Not a movies with thanos as the bad guy but a movie where he says “fuck this” and starts collecting the stones. A movie where kicks the shit out of the collector and nova corps and loki and gathers up the other stones. Basically a movie that shows how truly dangerous he is.

When do we get to see adam warlock?

Ok so aside from a thanos movie and a darkhawk movie, my other movie idea for marvel is Impossible Man. Make it an animated movie or all cgi and it could be incredible.