Getting excited for guardians of the galaxy

So this is my first mobile post on here so dont be surprised if it is riddled with spelling and gramatical errors. You know, more than usual. And yeah i see the read line under grammatical. Fuck you.

Tomorrow is the release of the latest marvel studios movie, guardians of the galaxy, and im crazy excited. There are a couple reasons for this.

1. It should have major infinity gauntlet implications.

2. The cast and feel of the movie seems like a perfect blend. I wouldnt have guessed that a year or so ago before the trailer was leaked.

3. This movie could be a watershed moment for comic book movies the same way the first iron man movie was. Before that movie the only super hero movies with real success were the a listers, and b and c level super heroes didnt have movies. Ok there were some d level exceptions like blade but they were not marketed as comic book movies.

So if this movie tanks then any plans for stuff like dr strange and antman have to be reconsidered and maybe scaled back. If it is a hit then who knows what other random marvel or dc comics could get full length movies.

Since i love random speculation lets guess at what other obscure comics could get movies if things go well tomorrow.

I know almost no one knows who this is but aside from the silver surfer it is my favorite comic and i have no real reason to support this aside from the fact that i had a subscription for the first 12 issues back in the early 90s when it came out.

the blue beetle
I know almost nothing about this guy aside from him having a latino teenage version where the armour is a magical alien scarab thing. Still would be cool to see a movie fully embrace the source material while reaching out to minorities without pandering.

ultimate spiderman
Most of what I said about bb above could apply here plus it would open the door for comic movies to embrace the idea that the reboots are just separate universes. Have a cross over with all three peter parkers in a couple years.

batman beyond
Now this would be even more bold since i dont know of any recent … or ever min stream comic book movies that take place in the future primarily. Have clooney come back as an old bruce wayne!!!!!

dr fate
With dr strange basically guaranteed to come out in a few years, this movie becomes unlikely but maybe it will be a tv show or part of a supernatural series on tv.

green lantern (jon stewart)
I am a big Ryan Reynolds fan but still think having him be hal jordan in a movie was a mistake. Maybe have him be kyle rynard or hell guy gaurdner…. ok he is dead pool. All i wanted to say is they should of hat denzel be green lantern but lets get to the most important entry on this list.

the sleepwalker

Haahhaha im joking

Hell u could even make it something like deadpool vs cable and i would ride the shit out of it. Just dont go over board on the humor. Let it be natural, dont cram in the yuks like bugs bunny playing a super hero. Dont make it serious either, just make it fun as hell. Joel mchael could make a good deadpool as well.

Btw. I kind of like the wordpress app for chrome. Works pretty effortlessly. Adding pictures might be a pain but i can do that later.


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