Incoming search combinations

I rarely analyse the statistics that wordpress provides as part of their free service for this blog.  Occasionally I do however like to take a look at how people are finding my site, and yeah it’s only about 10 people a day, but the search terms that they use are… odd at times.  Below I have listed the top search results for the past 7 days. (all of these have the spelling as they were searched) and included my thoughts. 

“Super Hero Legend” – I have been really focused on comic books lately, mostly because this has been kind of a huge movie for comic book fans.

“Leela Futurama” – This is the first of what will be several Futurama hot cartoon women searches. 

“Guardians of the Galaxy Boobs” – ok so two out of the first three searches kind of point towards what might be my target audience.

“Big Boobs- Futurama” – Yep, target market = anime perverts

“April 25 2024 the flash” – I am tempted to actually do this search myself to see what the Flash Pilot is teasing. My fear of ruining a show by reading a bunch of spoilers is the only thing that has kept me from utilizing google to sate my nerd needs.

“Transformers no texas accent” – So I’m not the only one who noticed this.

“sexy latina spice girls” – I’ll be honest I have no idea what this search linked to on my site.

“you have no soul no creator galvatron” – I’m assuming this was a line from either the transformers cartoon movie from the 80s (which I fucking loved) or from the transformers comic book.  It’s kind of a cool line I guess, but context would be nice.

“The soa eppisode wher jax shows up to the funeral” – So someone with terrible spelling must have found Jax’s bro walk to a funeral hilarious.  I am excited for the final season, not so much for any one specific story line to play out, but just to see how the series end. I’ve put in enough time that I can’t just not watch the last season.  Thank God they aren’t doing an AMC and splitting it into two halves.

“rodimus prime transformer the movie” – I think I found it on IMDB but Rodimus was voiced by two separate people, once as hot rod and another person when he became Rodimus Prime. I don’t know how that relates to anything.

“futurama amy hot” – Ok let’s just get into this. Here is my ranking of hotness for the Futurama ladies.  1. Amy, 2. Leelaa 3. Hermes Wife 4. Linda the News Anchor (i bet she’s a slut off camera) 5.Ndnd, Lrrr’s wife ruler of Omicron Persei 8. She got dat ass.

“Campbell Erica Fuck” – Speaking of women with great asses… and boobs, and legs, and face and tits.. did I mention her breasts yet?  Anyways.I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.. fuck Jesus.

“Julianne Moore hard sex” – just go watch Chloe. Citzen Kane > Chloe > Godfather

“infinite crisis characters” – NNNNNeeeeeerrrrrrrddddddssssss!!!!!!!


So clearly if I want to increase the traffic to my site I need to finally get around to posting my fan fiction where former nude glamour model Eric Campbell joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and in order to prevent the death of an important Sons of Anarchy character must win a naked oil wrestling match against Amy Wong and Turanga Leela, referred by Julianne Moore, with 2024 Flash and all the major characters involved in the infinitie crisis cheering on from the stands, thankfull that the match is way more exciting than the Rodimus Prime Vs. Galvatron undercard that featured some Sexy Latina Spice ring Girls.


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