More car updates

So it turns out that black isn’t the best color to use when doing this foam roller paint job since black will show every little defect in the paint.  In fact if you let the paint drip down the sides and don’t take care of it right away, you basically will get these streaks in the paint that won’t go away with additional layers. You basically have to sand down to the metal to get rid of them.

After I realized black wasn’t going to work, and after i sanded certain spots back down to the metal, and then went over a few rough spots with bondo and sand paper, i tried a new color. Grey.

In truth i originally wanted the car to be grey with black bumpers and molding, but when with black sine the primer i used was also black. So here is the progression over the last couple of days. The pictures are kind of misleading since yo have to see the paint up close with the naked eye to really see the places that are uneven or clumpy.

Image05252013185522 Image05252013185533 Image05252013185542 Image05252013185600 Image05262013103104 Image05262013103113 Image05262013103132 Image05262013151608 Image05272013145740 Image05272013182357 Image05272013182409 Image05272013202129 Image05272013202135 Image05272013202146 Image06012013192204 Image06012013192212 Image06012013192219 Image06012013192227 Image06012013192235 Image06012013192243 Image06012013192250 Image06012013192304


The grey seems to be hiding the imperfections a little better than the black.  I also think i’m almost done repairing the grill using JB Weld and black spray paint. That reminds me, I think i’m going to paint the rims black as well instead of having them be that cheap grey metallic look, well lets be honest, the whole thing is going to look cheap either way, but that what happens when you decide not to spend over $1500 on re-chroming the car.

Oh… yeah the engine is still sitting on the outside of the car, and i’m still working on getting the title put under my name. The title is actually going to require a court order it seems, and that is going to be a pain in the ass.


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