Got primer done and watched Gatsby

I’ll say this quickly about the latest movie version of the Great Gatsby before reviewing it more indepth further below; The movie was compelling only when the director could get out of his own way. Lets get the car updates out of the way:Image05122013171431

so most of the priming is done. If I was doing a really detailed job, I’d take off all the chrome, including the handles and bumpers and rechrome them, or paint them separately from the main body.  I might still end up having to do this, but for now I’m going to try ad paint this by taping off certain things like the handles and then using a razor to cut the tape.  I keep going back and forth between having the body grey and the bumpers and chrome black, and having the body be black and the chrome and bumpers be grey.


As of right now i’m leaning towards a black body (black hides imperfections really well, plus looks bad ass), and then have a grey hood with two raised sections of the hood painted black.  I might also try and re sodder the grill back together and then paint it black.  If that works it would save me about 50 bucks, not a ton of money, but if i buy a grill I wouldn’t want to paint it.


Next step will be to bondo, two small holes I prepped today, and then prime those two sections, and then wet sand the whole thing, and start to paint with the rustolium and mineral spirits mix.  BTW I thought that wet sanding used water and really fine sand paper like you would find at home depot. Yeah not quite. The highest count sand paper i could find at Home Depot is 800, but for wet sanding you want at least a 1500, but really something like a 2000 or 3000 is preferable. So i’ll have to stop at pepboys to see if they have any there.

As far as primer, the bondo, and the paint I will be using I got lucky to find a hardware store by my work that was going out of business and had everything 50% off.  So while the normal hardware store prices in downtown harrisburg were probably 15 or 20 percent more than a place like Lowes, with the discount I’m saving a little money.

. I’ve mentioned it before (maybe not here) but The reason I loved the Great Gatsby has very little to do with the actual story, and is all about the writing.  Calling F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing amazing isn’t exactly going out on a ledge, but I really believe that one of the reasons I film adaptation of the book has never done that well is because there is a level of art in the words that helps over shadow an otherwise some what boring story.  In fact I read once that the deaths at the end of the book were kind of added in to later drafts of the book after Fitzgerald’s publishers gave a lack luster reception to the first several drafts. I don’t know how true that is, but before I read that nugget of possibly incorrect information, I actually thought that the inclusion of deaths were just random while I was reading the book for the first time.  I’m not big on foreshadowing, although i have nothing against it, but there needs to at least needs to be something that keeps them from feeling random.

Oh, btw, there is no reason for the movie to be in 3D. I thought that maybe like avatar the 3D would enhance the fantastic nature of what you are watching so that you could really immerse your self in that world. In this movie however it seems just cheap, which may actually have been on purpose since a big party of the story is how empty many of the characters felt despite being surrounded by opulence and thrilling parties. As an example there is a scene early on where this amazing 3D technology is used to show a character lighting a cigar in slow motion. WHOOOOOOO!!!!!! amazing.

The more I think about the movie the more I’m struck with how well it was made in the 2nd half when the story started to revolve around the characters and stopped being about the parties and settings. I’m not saying the 2nd half was amazing and made up for the first half, I’m just saying that the first half was just off. For instance, the movie is set in the roaring 20’s and the direct utilized a lot of modern music, which he justified that rap is the modern equivalent of what jazz music was during that time period. That’s ok I guess, and the music seemed to work when it felt like a modern interpretation of Jazz, or maybe modern music that felt heavily influenced by jazz. It did not work when at one point the director inserted one of Jay-Z’s most famous songs. Everyone in the audience started looking at each other and audibly laughing when they heard “H to the Izz Oh” and this wasn’t a 1925 version of the song, this was the original. Later on they also had Beyonce’s “all the single ladies” but re-recorded as something that… almost sounded like it was period accurate.

I have also heard other people complain about how some anachronism like when the cars used in the movie weren’t accurate with when the story is supposed to take place. That I didn’t care too much about.  Honestly, when you compare having a Jay-z song played during a party scene to having the wrong car in a scene, it is much more easy to over look a car not being manufactured till 2 years after the movie is suppose to take place.

I also read where a reviewer asks if the Director forgot what the Great Gatsby was about or did the reviewer not remember it.  To me, just about any book you read is going to be heavily influenced by you and your experiences.  Look at the works of Ayn Rand. Some people think its a great example of the pros of capitalism and the cons socialism. Other people like me think it is a very well written book with characters that are just straight up characictures of what ted nuggent thinks the most spineless sniveling liberals are really like.  For some, Gatsby is a tragic story where the true love couldn’t over come the past and missed opportunities. For others like me, it was more about the contrast between what people try to show when trying to impress the outside world, and what insecurities and flaws reside deep inside their true self at their most honest moments.

I think the director saw this book as the love story that was destined to have a tragic unhappy ending. If he was making the movie as I saw the book, then maybe the first half of the movie would have been different, and I would have been much more satisfied with it as a movie.