Odds and ends


It was kind of a busy weekend. Nothing amazing was going on but did a bunch of random little stuff. Let’s start off with the Galaxie. I was looking online for front and rear bumpers for the galaxie, and I was bemoaning the fact that they are crazy expensive to my brother.  My brother, who has never physically scene the car, says “I think it has the bumpers but their just painted.”  I took another look at the car and realized that he was right and I am very stupid.

Yep the galaxie already has bumpers and yes they were painted the same color as the rest of the car. I don’t know why someone would do the except if the bumper is very badly scratched and they don’t want to spend the money to have them rechromed. So now I have a decision  do I try to buy new bumpers in good condition, have the current bumpers rechromed, or repaint the bumpers, which until now I didn’t even know was an option. I guess painting all the chrome on some of those older muscle cars isn’t unheard of and since I’m trying to d this project as cheaply as possible, I’m guessing this is going to be the way to go.  So instead of an all black car with chrome trim, it’s now going to be a dark red/crimson car with black trim. This could still look pretty bad ass.

I also started to think about some other things I could do to save myself some money on this project.  While buying rustolium primer at ollies, I found a bottle of this “Hammered Finish” spray paint that is designed to have a metallic look and can go directly over rust. So I cleaned off the spare tire, and tried it out. I only used a very small amount of the can that only cost $2.50 so If I want to do this on the rest of the tires, it might save me from having to buy 3 more hubcaps, or 4 if I don’t go with the original design.


so that is what the wheel looked like before hand.Image04272013132823

I used tape to keep the paint from getting on the rubber since i’m not going to all the trouble of removing the rim from the tire just to do a cheap spray paint job. I think it doesn’t look that bad, but it’s hard to know what a random person seeing it will think without them knowing before hand that it was just spray painted. Image04272013134747

Granted I need to actually clean the tires them selves, but that will be for another day. Also you can see i took out the tail light assemblies so that I could prime the back bumper, the chrome around the lights, and basically the whole back end of the car. I know with the $50.00 paint job i’ve read about online, you don’t need to prime, but once again, I got all of this stuff from ollies crazy cheap.Image04272013134851

Granted, right now it just looks like the car caught.fire and the back half got burnt to a crisp, but just lay off, it’s a process. Although here is the question. Should I maybe have the car’s main color be silver or grey, and then go with the black trim so that it matches the cheap work around i did on the tires?Image04272013140240

Btw, that’s what the hubcaps would look like if I went with the originals, of which I only have one.Image04272013153611

Got the back windshield ready so that i could do some more priming. 


That article about the 2011 NFL draft should give you an idea of how badly my other car needs cleaned if I was able to just randomly find those newspapers in it’s trunk.

AImage04272013153628 Image04272013161318Bridge made me paint my fav number on the side of the car. She thinks it’s ready to drive now, but i think i should finish repainting the whole thing first and then maybe get magnetic decals if I really want the numbers on the side of my car… which i totally do.



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