1968 ford Galaxie 500

I sent out the following text message to a bunch of my friends Friday night: “I just bought a 1968 ford galaxie for $400.00 from a pagan biker gang member who was possibly high as fuck tonight.”

I think gamble had my favorite response when he texted back: “That’s awesome, don’t know what car that is but it’s a typical awesome Johnson story!!!!”  I would have been perfectly happy with just two exclamation points, but gamble went all out and tossed in four of those bad boys.

It should be noted that the guy who sold it to me really wasn’t that high, i don’t think, and even though he totally was a Pagan, he and his friends seemed like real nice people. I’ll talk more about that below but before anyone gets too excited about me getting an almost muscle car for only $400, check out the pics of what it currently looks like.

Image04202013153202 Image04202013153215

The stuff on the side there isn’t rust, it’s tree sap. Granted there is some surface rust, but nothing that can’t be easily scraped away.Image04202013153229 Image04202013153237

So i’ll need a new dash since this one is vinyl and cracked. Or… duct tape?? i’m sure i could match that color. It’s worked on most of the leather couches in my house.Image04202013153254

This is the back of the car. The key hole is missing, and no keys came with the thing, but it shouldn’t be too expensive to buy new locks… i’m guessing. I honestly have no idea.Image04202013153307

No bumper on the front or the back, but it does have all of the original emblems, inlcuding the “390” badge that came with the 6.1 L 390 hp engine. And yes the engine is the original engine so that’s kind of cool.Image04202013153316 Image04202013153326

Some how the hub caps disappeared between me going to see the car and it getting dropped off. Not happy but i’ll live with it since I probably was going to get nicer ones anyway.


One of the downsides to looking at a car at night, even when illuminated by a bank of flood lights, you tend to miss minor things like cracked windshields.  I don’t think Cindy Rowe is going to be able to take care of that. Image04202013153434

The engine will go in here at some point hopefully.Image04202013180235

Thats me taking the emblems off the hood per forum instructions… it seemed to work although, i’m not positive they were right about the proper method.Image04202013181813 Image04202013193358

So i got bored and primed the hood already. My goal is to do a $50 paint job (google it) in pearl black, because i like my cars like I like my women, cheap, heavy, black, and about 45 years old. Image04212013190023

I really really hope the engine works, cause buying a refurbished one would be at least $1500.00Image04212013192541 Image04212013192553

This is a tire.Image04212013192602 Image04212013192621

You can see a piece of the grill they cut with a jigsaw in order to get the engine out when they thought they were going to part it out. Also, i guess cars back in the day use to have two spare tires???? Also, i don’t know what that blue thing is.Image04212013192652Not sure if that misshapen goal post looking part is important. It wasn’t connected to anything so i’m guessing its like IKEA furniture where they always add in an extra part or two.

How did I get such a sweet deal? Well like most other things it all started when I was searching craigslist. I was in the casual encounters cars and truck section looking for jeep wagoneers like I do every Thursday (and saturday, sunday wednesday, friday, and tuesday) and decided to do some other searches i’m found of. See I’ve always wanted a muscle car, and although I would love a 69 blue dodge charger that I could call the General  Grant, I always though I’d rather go with something less main stream that was still a classic, and could turn heads, but wouldn’t be so over priced like a camaro or mustang would be.

Weirdly, I’ve never wanted an elcamino or ranchero …. which holy shit I never thought about it, but are those cars racists? anyways, I never look for those but I do usually do searches for the following, Lemans, Torino, Wild Cat (not the DC super hero), and Galaxie. Btw, I hate Novas and Chevelles, I dont know why. I guess a case could be made for some of the late 60’s impalas, but after watching too many episodes of MTV cribs, I kind of got turned off to those cars.

So I found a listing for this ford galaxie that had been a thousand but then was relisted at $500 since there was no titile. Titles aren’t that hard to get, it just takes some effort and patience. In addition the add listed that the engine ran recently and is numbers matching. plus it is an automatic (very important for me), and has AC, power steering, and disc breaks.

When i talked to the guy he revealed that he engine had already been removed cause someone offered to buy the engine and tranny for $350 but he was still waiting for that deal to go through.


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