Planning this years snack food stadium

One of the only downsides to making the snack food stadium every year, is that a large portion of it is just not eaten.  One year i made the entire structure of the stadium out of baked goods like corn bread, coffee cake, brownies, and fudge, and then the fans made out of the doritos, pretzels, chips, etc were filled.  Nearly 80% of the stadium went uneaten… i’m guessing. I have no idea how accurate that number is.

Anyways, In the past I tried to build the stadium out of candy bars since whatever is not eaten is still in perfectly fine shape to take home, or sneak into the movies since they are in a nice little wrapper or box.  The only problem is stacking and shaping the staidum with these can be a pain in the ass. Plus it can get expensive to buy all those individual candy bars even when you use the Dollar Tree near work to get you building materials.

This year I think i’ve come up with a nice solution to my problem, that also allows me to try something new, that I always wanted to do.  This year the snack food stadium will feature hot food!!!! WHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!


So the far end zone features a sandwich/pannin maker Rocco gave me a long ass time ago that I just never used. On the left and right I have two portable griddles (18 dollars at walmart) that I have adorned with little aluminum trays that you get a Giant for baking. They are like 48 for a buck thirteen and if you get two sets of them the third is free. I’ve tested it and the little containers will heat up very hot when on the griddle, so I’ll need to make sure not to set the griddle too hot. I plan on filling each little tray with a hot food item so that they are basically single serving size for those who want some Mac and Cheese, or Meat Loaf, or BBQ, or Baked Potatoes.

Image01232013011745The other endzone has 5 aluminum trays that i’m going to put ice under. The two larger trays will have deli meat and cheese for the Pannins and the smaller trays will have the condiments. In the crock pot will be a whole mess of chilli, and then in the warm soup serving bowl thing will be baked beans.

The perimeter of the Stadium will be filled in with soda and water bottle to give it that overall stadium feel, and then the field in the middle will actually be a cake that i’m having a very talented friend decorate to look very similar to a football field, complete with team names in each endzone.  Making an endzone for the niners like have in previous years wouldn’t have been difficult, but the one for Baltimore would have been tough. Black and purple don’t lend itself to snack food art that well.

I think the area around the sandwhich maker is where I could stack the bread, and then just put a sealed loaf on another table with other utensils for those who are picky. In the area in front of the crock pot and soup thingy, i’ll stack some corn bread to fill in the empty space and… hey corn bread is always awesome, especially when served with chilli. And before anyone asks, of course there will be slim jim field goal posts…. i’m just not sure how i’ll fit them in.



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