Starting to podcast again… maybe

So i stopped podcasting with Emace, MikeH, and Flex for a while partially because my work schedule became too hectic, partially because it was starting to feel more like an obligation or chore than a casual routine, but mostly because I got lazy and inconsistent as I do with most things in my life.

A few weeks back I started to get so amped up watching videos about Travon Martin that I texted e-mace to see if he wanted to do an impromptu pocast to discuss.  I had a lot of really well thought out opinions regarding the issue and I wanted to have a long drawn out, reasoned, yet impassioned discussion with someone like emace. When we recorded that night we ended up not discussing travon martin at any point and just talked about random bull shit which was honestly more fun and probably more enjoyable for anyone who listened.  Plus I got to talk about the worse sex I’ve ever had in my life.

since then emace and I have recorded one additional podcast which was kind of a followup from the previous one, and I think we will try to do them semi regularly.  Not as regimated as before where every week same time, but more, when one of us has something we want to talk about we will try to make time.

After watching my regular spring sunday night line up of the killing, Bobs Burgers, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Eastbound and Down I have something else I very much want to discuss.  That is the series finale of Eastbound and down.

I actually didn’t know going into last nights episode that it was the series finale, and i’m still not sure exactly why they won’t be doing a 4th season of the show.  It’s probably a combination of the actors outgrowing the show (or always having been too big for it), jokes and the premise getting old, and the story line unavoidably coming to its natural conclusion.  About half way through the episode is when I started to realize that this episode would make a great series finale, and then after pausing the show and hitting up google, I found out thats exactly what was happening.

So now I want to to have a spirited debate on TV show finales. The good, the great, the awful, and the meh.