Very Long Week and thoughts on upcomming podcast

This week is going to suck.  This is the first week I start working at the west shore office of the company I work at.  That means it is an extra 15 to 20 minute drive in the mornings. Also, for the first two weeks at this new site I have to change my shift from the normal 12:00 to 8:00pm and instead work 8 to 5.  Not that big of a deal, except that my part time job is going to be worked in full time hours this week since the main guy is on vacation.

Thankfully Monday is a holiday, so the hellish days are only Tuesday, Wednesday where I will work from 11pm the night before till 7am, and then drive from Hershey to Mechanicsburg and work from 8 till 5 then go home to sleep and then do it all over again.  It was stupid on my part to take the extra hours at the other jobs, but I need moneyin order to buy goods and services.

Now that I got the insane work schedule out of the way, lets move onto the podcast.  There was supposed to be a podcast last week split into two seperate recording days. One on Wednesday and then the following on Thursday.  Wednesday went off without a hitch, but Thursday was a no go since I had a writting sample that needed to be finished as part of an interview I did this past friday, plus Tmace was sleeping over at Ray’s thursday night so I wanted to grab dinner over there after I got done with work.  Firiday morning we went golfing so now that I think about it last week was pretty damn busy too, especially the period from friday through Saturday where I went 26 hours without sleep. Luckily I wasn’t sleepy while driving during the 26th hour.

So, the thursday recording got canceled.  I was going to try and do a solo follow up to wednesday, but I honestly didn’t have the time, what with my active social life.  I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to do a podcast this week  Maybe thursday if Mike H and Emace are available.  Luckily this week I can pod at a normall hour and won’t need to wait till 9:45pm to get started.

Below are some of the topics I would like to discuss:

  • Ray and Gamble dust up in fantasy football
  • Predictions for NFL season
  • Recap of Sons of Anarchy season 4 premier
  • Columbiana: why is it called that? why is there parkor in every movie? Think I saw zoe Saldana’s boob!
  • Johnson’s terrible performance at golf and the real reason he left after 16 holes.
  • Johnson’s terrible performance at his job interview.
  • Emace and Mike H help Johnson come up with prices on his artwork on his new website.
  • Thoughts on Smoviemakers – and Johnson’s delayed reaction to Johnson wanting to be Kev Smith.
  • More positive feedback on the slow progression of Johnson’s short story. New Ending, possible spoilers.  (also, if anyone has negative feedback, it will be edited out)

If we have time maybe, MAYBE we may even talk about some of the things that Mike H, Emace, or any of our other fans want us to talk about. Maybe.


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