Predictions for upcoming NFL season

This isn’t going to be a list of how many games I think will be won by each team, but instead will be a list of the predictions centering around all the random stuff that can happen.

Who will be the top rated seriously injured player by position:

QB: Philip Rivers

RB: Michael Turner

WR: Dwayne Bo

TE: Brent Celek

Who will play football first this year, T.O or Carson Palmer?

T.O, but i think Carson will be traded to some team during the season.

What coach gets fired before the end of the season?

Marvin Lewis… wait is he still coaching?

Over under on Austin Collie concussions:

2, but I take the under with him only getting zero concussions.

Will Tebow start at any point?

No, and he is never a starter anywhere else ever.

Does Mike Vick have a shitty year?

Yes, and when he is struggling he says something kind of dumb and people go bat shit crazy.

What record is broken this year?

Longest field goal.

Comeback player of the year?

Donovan McNabb

Worst performance of the year?

Rex Grossman in the one game they let him start


Tom Brady

Most Under performing team?


Lightning Round

Pat Summeral passes away

Reggie Bush and his chick reportedly have a sex tape stolen

Joseph Addai tests positive for something

Adrian Peterson knocks someone up

Payton Manning gets in a screaming match with someone on his team during a game on the sidelines

I’ll think of some more later on.

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