More Paintings

I am working on setting up but for some reason, the individual product pages with this shopping cart software are not working. It’s weird.  Anyways, here are some of the new paintings I did in my surprisingly limited spare time this past week.

Very Long Week and thoughts on upcomming podcast

This week is going to suck.  This is the first week I start working at the west shore office of the company I work at.  That means it is an extra 15 to 20 minute drive in the mornings. Also, for the first two weeks at this new site I have to change my shift from the normal 12:00 to 8:00pm and instead work 8 to 5.  Not that big of a deal, except that my part time job is going to be worked in full time hours this week since the main guy is on vacation.

Thankfully Monday is a holiday, so the hellish days are only Tuesday, Wednesday where I will work from 11pm the night before till 7am, and then drive from Hershey to Mechanicsburg and work from 8 till 5 then go home to sleep and then do it all over again.  It was stupid on my part to take the extra hours at the other jobs, but I need moneyin order to buy goods and services.

Now that I got the insane work schedule out of the way, lets move onto the podcast.  There was supposed to be a podcast last week split into two seperate recording days. One on Wednesday and then the following on Thursday.  Wednesday went off without a hitch, but Thursday was a no go since I had a writting sample that needed to be finished as part of an interview I did this past friday, plus Tmace was sleeping over at Ray’s thursday night so I wanted to grab dinner over there after I got done with work.  Firiday morning we went golfing so now that I think about it last week was pretty damn busy too, especially the period from friday through Saturday where I went 26 hours without sleep. Luckily I wasn’t sleepy while driving during the 26th hour.

So, the thursday recording got canceled.  I was going to try and do a solo follow up to wednesday, but I honestly didn’t have the time, what with my active social life.  I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to do a podcast this week  Maybe thursday if Mike H and Emace are available.  Luckily this week I can pod at a normall hour and won’t need to wait till 9:45pm to get started.

Below are some of the topics I would like to discuss:

  • Ray and Gamble dust up in fantasy football
  • Predictions for NFL season
  • Recap of Sons of Anarchy season 4 premier
  • Columbiana: why is it called that? why is there parkor in every movie? Think I saw zoe Saldana’s boob!
  • Johnson’s terrible performance at golf and the real reason he left after 16 holes.
  • Johnson’s terrible performance at his job interview.
  • Emace and Mike H help Johnson come up with prices on his artwork on his new website.
  • Thoughts on Smoviemakers – and Johnson’s delayed reaction to Johnson wanting to be Kev Smith.
  • More positive feedback on the slow progression of Johnson’s short story. New Ending, possible spoilers.  (also, if anyone has negative feedback, it will be edited out)

If we have time maybe, MAYBE we may even talk about some of the things that Mike H, Emace, or any of our other fans want us to talk about. Maybe.


50 Movies I want to see by the end of the year

I’m totally ripping off an idea I saw on another blog listed on the wordpress homepage.  I’m not sure if he has never seen all of the movies on his list since… I didn’t read anything he wrote despite it just being a few short paragraphs.  I’m not a good human being.

Anyways, here is a list of movies, I have been putting off watching.  You won’t see as many old films on my list when compared to his list you can see here :

These are all movies that I know I haven’t seen yet, and want to see, and that I can think of off the top of my head as I bang out this blog post at 4:47 in the morning while I have nothing to do at my night audit job. This list will be in no particular order. Oh and by the way, the list totally isn’t 50 entries long.

  1. Apocalypse Now
  2. 127 hours
  3. Conan the Barbarian 2011
  4. Limitless
  5. Cassablanca
  6. Citizen Kane
  7. Red State
  8. Change Up
  9. Horrible Bosses
  10. Wild Things 4
  11. Cars 2
  12. That bee movie with seinfeld
  13. Howl
  14. Love and other Drugs
  15. Hereafter
  16. Paul
  17. Captains
  18. The Sniper: Reloaded
  19. Beastley
  20. Due Date
  21. Lost in Translation
  22. Source Code
  23. The American
  24. the Rite
  25. The lincoln lawyer
  26. Rango
That is a fairly eclectic mix if I do say so myself.





Predictions for upcoming NFL season

This isn’t going to be a list of how many games I think will be won by each team, but instead will be a list of the predictions centering around all the random stuff that can happen.

Who will be the top rated seriously injured player by position:

QB: Philip Rivers

RB: Michael Turner

WR: Dwayne Bo

TE: Brent Celek

Who will play football first this year, T.O or Carson Palmer?

T.O, but i think Carson will be traded to some team during the season.

What coach gets fired before the end of the season?

Marvin Lewis… wait is he still coaching?

Over under on Austin Collie concussions:

2, but I take the under with him only getting zero concussions.

Will Tebow start at any point?

No, and he is never a starter anywhere else ever.

Does Mike Vick have a shitty year?

Yes, and when he is struggling he says something kind of dumb and people go bat shit crazy.

What record is broken this year?

Longest field goal.

Comeback player of the year?

Donovan McNabb

Worst performance of the year?

Rex Grossman in the one game they let him start


Tom Brady

Most Under performing team?


Lightning Round

Pat Summeral passes away

Reggie Bush and his chick reportedly have a sex tape stolen

Joseph Addai tests positive for something

Adrian Peterson knocks someone up

Payton Manning gets in a screaming match with someone on his team during a game on the sidelines

I’ll think of some more later on.

more short story blah blah blah

Standing on the rooftop of his penthouse apartment, Alex gazed at the auburn colored haze that engulfed most of the northern skyline and wondered if it had all been worth it. Alex knew that he himself had only played a minor role in the development of the world around him, but he couldn’t shake the small tinge of regret and guilt over the way things had turned out.  As he breathed in the cool rush of August air that circled the skyscrapers surrounding his building, Alex thought back to an exchange between himself and his mentor Dr. Jacobs less than 24 hours ago. The conversation had centered around the role science plays in the development of society and the necessary costs that invariably arise from each act of progress and enlightenment.

There was one particular phrase that his mentor had said in that empty hospital room that made Alex wince.  At the time he hadn’t given much thought to the real meaning of the words when Jacobs said “We are but two in a long line of those who helped move mankind out of the ever changing darkness of its past and into the promising light of the infinite horizon.”  Over the past hour and a half the complicit nature of his friend’s statement followed Alex like a ghostly specter as he walked along the roof’s stone ledges.

The faint melodic sounds whispering in Alex’s ear let him know that his sojourn needed to come to an unwanted conclusion.  The unique series of tones continued until Alex finally started to move to the ancient steel door that provided access to the gravel covered perch he had spent most of his free time over the last several years. The feel of the cold rough metal of the door’s handle as Alex pulled the door open, helped to ground him back into reality for a brief moment of clarity.  The simple act of opening the door reminded Alex that not everything in life needs to be theoretical conjecture, and that there is room for the concrete somewhere in this universe.

The clarity of that moment was shattered by the door’s hinges as they made an alarming loud metallic squeal that, after all these years, still managed to awaken a primal fear deep inside him. He knew it wasn’t the suddenness or volume or pitch of the noise that caused him distress. Instead it was the echo the sound made as it bounced around the soulless night air.

As Alex stood in the door way listening to the last dying echoes in the distant darkness, he realized that the primal fear had been replaced by something else.  The fear hadn’t been replaced by a feeling, but instead had been sanitized by a harsh realization. In a sprawling metropolis that was once the residence of nearly 3 million people; tonight it was the home of just one man.

Entering the stairwell that lead to apartment, Alex felt himself being consumed by an oppressive air of dread.  It was the same experience he had felt everyday for the past two years when leaving the serenity of his rooftop retreat.  The stairwell was by no means a cramped area, and Alex was not the type to feel overwhelmed by uncomfortable environments. The claustrophobia that wrapped itself around Alex was instead caused by the sudden shift in focus his mind endured as it started to prepare for the tasks that lay ahead. 


No longer given the freedom of cognition the rooftop afforded, Alex tried to distract his consciousness with thoughts of the immediate as he continued down the flight of oak stairs. Alex considered laughing at the preposterousness amount of effort that must have once been put forth in order to make steps of such an organic material. When he reached the landing, Alex paused so that he could soak in the artistry of the massive oil painting that stretched almost the entire length of the hallway before him.  The soft melody he last heard on the roof top began anew, but Alex was determined to savor this moment despite the audible intrusion.


A moment of awe slowly drifted over Alex as he considered the skill and imagination that must have been required to assemble paint and brush strokes into such a beautiful symphony of color. As Alex leaned closer to the work of art, the shadows in the dim hallway seemed to respond to an unspoken command as they relented to the increased glow of the over head lights.  Just as the lights in the hallway increased in gentle luminance so did the soft music. Alex knew it would only be a few minutes before the tone of the music transitioned into a more frantic dirge.  Finally accepting his fate for the night, Alex turned away from the painting, relaxed as the music dissipated, and continued down the now silent hallway.


As Alex approached his apartment he heard the mechanical clicks of the door’s locks instinctively releasing.  Unlike the ancient door on the roof, Alex didn’t need to open this door by hand. The door glided open by an unseen force as Alex entered his apartment. The Intuitive Assistance System that was incorporated into nearly all aspects of daily life was one of the only things that still showed life in this crypt disguised as a metropolis.  This thought provided Alex with an uneasy level of comfort.


Alex’s apartment was an eclectic mix of furniture, artwork, appliances, family heirlooms, and personal effects that in some instances reached a millennia into the past.  Each item in the apartment had a special meaning to Alex. As he navigated his expansive, yet cluttered residence, Alex slowed his steps just enough so that he could soak up the memories hidden within each item littered along the path to his work space.


The first artifact of Alex’s past to grab his full attention was a dilapidated set of note books stacked on one end of his citrus colored sofa. The spines and covers of all the notebooks had been savagely broken and torn over the years since they were first in use.