Page Views Mother Fucker

I was taking a look at the stats for my wordpress site and I came up with a genius idea.   The top searches that lead to my site are “Erica Campbell” , “Vida Guerra” , and “Carmen Electra” . So, why not just go all in and add some new posts that are dedicated to these lovely ladies and then let the surge of page views wash over my site.

But I can’t just post a bunch of pics of the three ladies without any justification so the post (well, actually I could but this will be more fun).  What I’m going to do instead, is take each lady and give her a post where I decide who is the hottest ___Insert Name____.  Let’s start with Carmen Electra.

Who is the Hottest Carmen?

Carmen Electra – Playboy playmate turned baywatch babe turned movie “star”.

carmen electra hair and hand bra

carmen electra hair and hand bra

Good start, but lets add a few more pics to attract more visitors.

carmen electra bikini and sunglasses

I wonder why she's shrugging her shoulders, maybe someone asked if Rodman's penis was twice as big as Prince's

And one final entry for Carmen Electra

Carmen with a pink bikini

If it was a Michael Bay movie she'd be more sweaty and there would be an explosion in the background

Carmen Luvana – retired pornstar who just walked away from the game while still in her prime.

Carmen Luvana getting ready to touch her naught parts

The game just wasn't in her any more... and by "game", i mean massive penises.

I’m not going to lie, it’s tough to find pics of her with clothes on

Carmen luvana looking good at AVN

Doesn't she look adorable there and...almost.. kind of maybe innocent.. sort of?

Ok and here is the only other picture of her on the internet where she has clothes on.

Carmen luvana has a delicious booty


Cam With Carmen – webcam babe who may or may not have a real last name.

Cam With Carmen sucks at boxing

In truth, she's a terrible boxer.

This chick made her name by almost getting naked on the internet and now she makes her money by totally getting naked on the internet.

Cam With Carmen in a Camo bikini

Where is she in this picture? I can't find her. She must be camouflaged some how.

Supposedly her boobies are all natural, which is a point in favor for her over the previous two ladies on this list.

Cam with Carmen latex bra

Her audition for SI's latex swimsuit bullshit

Carmen Ortega – Some chick that reggie bush is probably hitting off.

Carmen Ortega Glam pic

hot I guess, but nothing special honestly

Granted I couldn’t land a chick that hot but I think she’s not even in the competition with the other three ladies.

Carmen Ortega Cowboy Hat

Ok the cowgirl look totally does it for me, but i'm still not ready to put her in the same class as the other three

Well let’s give her one more chance to make some kind of impression

carmen ortega side boob hand bra butt floss

uggghghhhhhhhh!!!! carmen ortega side boob hand bra butt floss!!!!!

Feel free to vote for the winner by posting comments in the comments section.  Also, here are some more random pics of the hotties:


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