Dragon naturally speaking sucks at transcribing pops podcasts

So I attempted to turn to wav files containing embarrassing johnson stories into text files through he magic of a voice to text program called Dragon natural speaking. It didn’t turn out so well.  The first wav file I used was from one of the first popscasts where I told the story of an angry coworker’s husband who called my phone cause he saw another guys number listed on her phone and thought she was cheating. Then he found out it was me on the other end of the line and just assumed there was no way I could possibly the person she was cheating with and he apologized and hung up.  It’s a good story and I’m under selling it but check out what Dragon Naturally Speaking turned it into:

What it is the best friend with a delivery girl know only you know what you hasn’t had that happened to him and to you as you go trying to relate to God as is like you just like that happening, but not really why will you… You have our bodies don’t annihilate you think that I like you walked on like right like actually turned the corner as if I was about to get assassinated like it I was headed with the moment and Johan looked at him and he’s like right where he looked at his like you walked on and like if I actually find water on the corner that and that it happened like were you looking at the plate will why are you and we all just as him and him and him but so you and him and during on-site yet a lot of that happened with me to but it was more like a country club white version of it in a ability I definitely rightly in my would be funnier if it is during his best friend painkiller whatever I would end but as it went on like more stories he told like me was gone legit like it’s possible I mean that I don’t know I yeah can think people so that is him and Sylvia easily does other story you’d like you like this one best friend of his was no Metro girl who was in a relationship that he phrased differently than I did with him and you can imagine that all ears were shortly to get out of my female companion and him and him get that going with idea of going to the movies late him and his girl and than this guy just chit that he was messed around with and he and the guy had just been worn a poor that the girls boyfriend with the talking kill and their likeness the movies you know will resident with me I will collect plate IV: Rocco was like I need it very hard and I need a him and him showing rockets out of the office and let what you him and him and so you know I eat yet easily direct movies and like a band will avoid screeches up doors open to guys jump out one guy actually has like doozies you know and in the other guy had a shotgun and we shot with a shotgun dueling over the point blank range the guy who crosses the room while he might be embellishing will you happen to know Buddy and then the other guy just like the kylix radome with bullets with one it’s pretty nascent like to motorcycle came up only one fire you, just like Rivera does drove all and legislate crazy people dying and Alice likes of this is all because just because of the woman any site you have now playing out and any kind of ugly and when that happened your money where I go to the one of my other favorite stories is when I was living at home and Jerry Rollins went with me and I think Mesa % and I got a phone call and I did recognize phone number with a local number from like below and immediately on the other end this I guess you I’ll try to that and like you I’ve never get out really dumb people younger like I is whether they have what you like oh I I said you zombies be wheeling me like that is my call and unlike the great long-distance offer to you by… And still I can’t like this is my account you like uses and in him you think is likable and not mine is like you we can leverage the situation that make America yelling INI I know Israel is only the boys be almost guy in a violent way and is in the public and self-defense mechanism so you know this guy focuses on like of this is my I help you in the guy) yellow background is Mike I hear this all is in the know this woman is like oh my Johnson room work a guy goes all in all engagement on the phone invite out of my company started in one him is like this is him him you know… Husband in of the major idea real name for the lanes with the actual people a light in the Melissa’s husband I ask all a yeah I thought she was messed around on me and I thought some guys number on her cell phone I is sorry that you have unite him really start and end up adjusting their life he is not threatened by him and take over a agreement; never bought into it which is implied like I only remember him but he remembers me like he saw me it was like yet write you a note rented to you like no one would fault him right then and in light and the guy was like on and it’s a messed up Johan, buddy minute likeness Angel and you do for you if I might worry restaurant and to drench it now you get that out so that the BLB below a limit to you and him to write an iPhone language door and him every day and you would like you that’s that’s that’s that’s the public ESO rights are the next Alice like never upon you again after that you know because a likely make directly messed around with early yet and you him

It looks like the bizarre text you see when you visit a message board that has been taken over by spam bots.  Ok here is another Johnson Story that has been transcribed by Dragon Naturally speaking. Try and figure out what it is about:

and him and him but it was week and we went out there with them and a couple other friends with whom gambling obviously and lately I think they would approve actually Vegas in the movie experience like with Ashley like a mighty go to club and are likely and, that in LA and it was later will significantly $40 again the club everything was overpriced and they were the least attractive people thereby while an attractive people especially American-made solidly thought that I no interest in going there like like what why would we be like unless there is like some kind of hot chicks doing a scavenger hunt where they’re like we need to fundamentally guide the light on 80 yeah this I waiting this for moment I’m coming the to over three years straight waiting for that scavenger but it happened annually I’m your man and him and you and you made me by sadly they don’t have this burial and the so woman is one tonight there you go to Fremont Street to see the Fremont Street experience a laser show right and right on Fremont Street they have a strip club and family somebody outside newly a horrible barker like the 80s in the area now Trinity were going in your dislike is really awkward lizardlike cards for his family signatures the nightlight you know in the sky the laser show and they’re just like you do in the couple checked thoroughly naked chicks in your yelling you can just walk in and all the stupid like if they had when you try to walk in selling adult world or the video store and got an irate highway) on you know you like walk-in, having people I’ve seen have ages on their face walking into the latest or the other Colorado man this is really big scratch was on my face and their ages I get into the plates unit into the door on sale and I know it, your part is described by all you might deliver right like a block over a really and destroyed by rambling on you is that Lincoln beard longer available Adobe is or what yet so anyways we say we’re there in being gamble all, but Evans Wooster: a point and semi-family and whispering for like

And you know when it is really a and we get like walking legitimate shaking out a walking like another 10 feet away and we just get talking done and we just didn’t do it and went back to the hotel on the strip and the next day like we’re just late letter for it we do that where adults it was free to get in and we probably would seem to be there is no downside to it you thought you walk in there and also like your third-rate future something like like the fog in out if there’s no downside so we both regretted it I like his regret I have my life as there’s lot like you know him what they’re listening; it is not sent so the next morning we fly out and then I think when I went back other from World Series you other by myself in the sum of content I didn’t break. Last so I had one label money I needed when and I just the last day I had to check out my hotel at noon but my flight wasn’t select nine in night sidles time to go by digitally doing a board game yet is available only loose in I want to be up like $2500 worth of as a nice round number so I go over Fremont Street and the only waiting for the show to want and I watch the show and him like that was disappointing and you know and then the people or their like one of season cities and him like a libido and so I go in and the and is not that bad I is doubling like 1000° better than what you see in Harrisburg really know well you have no noticeable holder anyway that you know if they have implanted a tool of United fruit is a which is about solid yet so a waste on their and then like to yeah and the him to the fetishes so you know the women are dancing around as their app to do a strip of and you just Just staring at you just no words start the legal: and no one was like a new one that will you come over here with Mason on the couch of like I had no idea what that bet I would like her. Miguel Atkins is like a you thought that school is your you Tarentum first I will website you and their kids did I yeah I really like a college yes yeah I know it’s ended them the thing is that is like I treat them like real human beings and everybody know is like when he talks briefly at him like I’m sorry if I treat them like people you know play with the legality you know she is like a entry also pencils and I realize that everything went later and 30 like your thing and you respond to whatever and yet she other movies all over my face and nose awesome you know describing intimate and you know pretty early on I got interaction focus she was grinding on me and she was naked I thought they really usually a happy woman to the other three put together that baffled on how to and so you know it was like three dances and she is like our HLB Gonder dollars like you know she liked well in this much in this month and this month within the drink; right so I’m sure I probably could falter down the price or something but it was a slow day and I could see how big the bouncer was on Lakers dollars and I get out of there right and I still have like three hours to kill until flight and no matter how many times I watch the light show in the sky all I can see is just 80s rubbing against my face you know and him like trying to walk around the more I walked like fabricant rubbing against things and every campaign evil erections little because I fight you might also like was like a full-blown erection euros is like Jesus Christ worry I don’t have that hotel rooms I can’t delay go back there might be all know what you know some just like walk around just like no idea what to do and I had rented a car yes I can move around Vegas and get over there so like I was parked in the horseshoes begins horseshoes parking lot which is completely empty cycle back around the drive unit is wherever to save my mind off of movies like in the car and UI walk up and there’s like three floors of like no cars in the just my nobody around adjusting the car design where to go and him justly so that a boring and I get I get on the plane and I you know when Debbie will fly a plane that worry you as Pennsylvania Mike is not happening is not happy and Emily Drive in Harrisburg light from Billy like all die you know my penis will split my pants and all die from lack of blood sounds like I got a decent about this and him around and there’s just no cars and under delivered by Mr. like no traffic is no my uses entourage and just like I’m just a rogue one outgrow what you lighting the Olympic are applicable box of tissues in the you know I only for that purpose at you as you as a gift when it solid like I I have to solemnly once again I look around like five times and my little bits of data hearing by breaking like unlike. And I knew this is only to take me a matter of minutes you know so like I quickly and that I do my thing like in record time it had been under 2 min. you know as well I’m not having sex that makes us say that you yeah I was always done so vast and also I would and IE will towards my right and reincarcerated down is like family by getting out of a family with you, like me you wanted a partner you may regard like they must’ve only under the regard with the sacred yours like that annually you get sticky roadway only in then to the knowledge is like walking terrified that I would be points of a sexual predator listed on like that and only give their law for working next to me you know I didn’t seem to notice you know but I was I was mortified validly one of the worst experiences of my life I was one the best weekly Volvo rise. This and him as well as when I will back I was still working entire flight


8 thoughts on “Dragon naturally speaking sucks at transcribing pops podcasts

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m a writer and I’ve developed hand problems (long story) so I am stuck with this so-called “speech-recognition” program. I am so tired of reading their claims of ninety-nine percent accuracy and faster writing. Ha. I’ve never gotten anywhere near ninety-nine percent, and it takes forever to correct errors if you have to do it by voice.

    • I agree. Iget about 80 percent after training it for two months. But my issue is not with accuracy. Its with tech support or the ability to reach the tech support database that wont recognize my registration. Plus dragon locked up and deleted the word file of the first chapter of the book I was writing. Think ill stick to typing till a competiter (such as Google) steps up the game. Nuance and Dragon sucks.

  2. I agree with all of the above. I had purchased two copies, I only ordered one, of the Dragon 3 months ago and have not been able to run it error free. I have contacted the Dragon Tech Support via email three times and have yet to get anything other then their computer initiated response. I posted a question in their Forum and got nothing. No wonder they have been advertizing like crazy lately. They must be trying to get people to buy the product before they find out how bad it really is.

    The biggest problem I have is with the incompatibility with MS PDM.dll ver. When you install Dragon, it comes back with an error stating Dragon has trouble with this file. This file is used to get and send voice training information (I think). They say to go to their knowagebase and get technote #4096. Thing is, you can’t find this technote, ANYWHERE. I even Googled for it and got information about other people having this problem, but there is no solution. Nobody can say what happens if you ignore this problem. To top it off, Dragon daily or more, tries to get update information which generate the error even though you are not using it. Dragon has also embeded itself inot other application like MS Outlook. Every time you launch the app, the PDM.dll error is triggered. I finally had to disable the update to keep from being bothered with the error message. This problem seems to a big secret. Forum threads start, but never conclude. The last statement in most of the threads I have looked at was, “Screw this. I am just going to uninstall this piece of crap software!”

    I had used an earlier version as an experiment and found, like others, that the success rate was about 60% to 70%. It took longer to make the corrections then it would have been to type manually! That was 15 years ago. I thought maybe Dragon’s accuracy had improved in the latest version 12. Other voice to text apps have. Thing is, I don’t know if it had because of the PDM.dll problem. They even had one of their partners contact me about using Dragon for VOIP applications. I can’t even generate text, let alone place and handle calls this this thing.

    the only thing I can say is the only improvement to application was the GUI. All they did was make it worse when trying to make it better.

    Gene Pester

    • see the following Nuance technote for the PDM.dll error…


      To turn off Dragon checking for updates:

      1. Click “Tools > Administrative Settings”.
      Note: Windows administrator rights are required to access the Administrative Settings dialog box.
      1. Navigate to the “Miscellaneous” tab.
      2. Disable the “Check for product updates at startup” option.
      3. Click “OK” to apply the changes

      I work for a company that trains people to use Dragon-I can’t use one of my arms so I use Dragon all day for everything. You do have to spend some time correcting the mistakes Dragon makes, so you’ll probably be slower during this initial period then you would be typing but, it pays off in the long run with good recognition.

  3. Dragon Naturally Speaking is the most worthless software product (next to Microsoft anything) that I have ever encountered! I have to agree with the “BS Calls” on Dragons supposed 99% accuracy rate for understanding speech as it can hardly make it to 50%. Additionally if you try to use it to transcribe any recorded field notes you had best be in a dead quiet area because no matter how good your noise cancelling microphone is it will never cancel all the noise! Then when you attempt to transcribe the recording Dragon pukes all over itself!

  4. You dopes, you know how incredibly difficult speech recognition is? I mean, even we humans have trouble with it. And so there is no chance in hell that someone is going to come up with a computer-based version that is good. And therefore use your heads.

    • You are right speech recognition is hard but Google Seems to be good at it at least with English and even with ethnic names.

      At least on Android Naunce forces you to use Dragon with Swype, Dragon is extremely inaccurate and cant even recognize names I have added or repeated numerous times while Google Voice typing is very good in comparison.

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