God Damn this is an awkward video


So Gene Simmons life partner shannon Tweed walked out on him during a segment on CNN.  It has to be the most awkward thing I’ve watched since Boom Goes The Dynamite.

You know what, Gene Simmons has always seemed like kind of a tool, but this video does him no favors.  If you take away being a member of KISS and just look at him and the way he looks acts and thinks, she is sooooo god damn far out of his league.  If you throw in the fact that he was in KISS she is still sooooo god damn far out of his league.

Seriously, KISS only had like three songs that aren’t terrible, and they only got super famous because of all the stuff not related to music like dressing up like assholes on stage.

To put this in better perspective, here are a bunch of photos of the hotness that was shannon tweed… she’s still kind of hot but.. you know.

more recent but still totally doable

that is asstastic

this is barely safe for work, and by barely i mean would you even try to explain to your boss that it is work place appropriate just because you technically can't see nips or vag?


ok this is illegitimately safe for work


If you want to see more pics of Shannon with the quasi safe for work bunny logo nip and vag coverings go here: http://coedmagazine.com/2010/04/13/shannon-tweed-playboy-photos-gallery/shannon-tweed-playboy-4/


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