NBA Finals Semi live blog II

NBA Finals Live Blog

I’m kind of sleepy so this live blog is going to be sparse at the begining i’m guessing.

Lebron just had one of the most over exagerated fouls, where a fould should have been called but because he over sold it the ref was like “fuck you.”

Both teams are playing almost franticlly right now. They both really seem to want to win the game.

Barea is killing the heat already just with his ability to create shots for himself and others.

Lebron just hit his fourth shot of this first quarter. He’s four for four and looks kind of unstoppable when he’s knocking down these pull up jumpers.

Chevy truck commercial had a voice over that didn’t quite make sense. It was something like “Because sometimes what you carry is heavier than what your hauling.” and it showed this chevy truck guy getting out of his truck holding a baby in his arms. Shouldn’t hey have said that what your carrying is more “presecious” rather than “heavy”. Its one of those lines of dialouge where it sounds like it makes sense unless you actually listen to it.

Heat are really clicking right now. Anthony had great D on Dirk just now but dirk just hit a crazy tough shot.

Dirk just picked up his second fould and there’s only 5:11 left in the first. That is an excellent strategy for the heat in my opinion. Dirk isn’t that good on D and chris is one of your stars so why not have him try and attack dirk. Lebron just missed his first shot.

Jason Terry hits back to back shots off the bench cause he’s money as shit in the two games I’ve watched of his so far. He won’t win MVP but really he should.

I would bang the shit out of Danica Patrick.

Is lebron doing LSD? Oh, it’s an energy strip.

Right now they are going over the Wade/Lebron coughing controversy. I could care less.

Shawn Marion sucks ass on offense. Didn’t he use to be good when he was with the suns?

Holy shit they are still taling about the coughing incident.

The guy who is subbing for Dirk, looks like that guy from that movie “It’s a funny story” who was drawing a beaver in the previews.

Not the guy with the beard.

Lebron is streaky. Made first four missed last three. Lebron did pickup a charge on chandler so he’s doing it on D.

Wow nice steal by Terry taking a pass away from Lebron and then taking it to the other end for a score.. yet another reason he should be MVP.

Terrible pass by Lebron when Miller wasn’t looking led to turnover and now the mave sup 32 to 24. Miami should have been able to go on a run when Dirk sat down but it actually seemed to hurt them.

I love Ryan Oreilly doing his mehem commercials.

Ughhhhhhhhh T mobile girl. I bet if the acting carrer goes no where and she turns to high end escorting, at least half of her clients would make her wear that dress from the commercials.

Their marketing strategy should be that if you buy a phone you get to bang her. Over night Tmobile is largest cell phone retailer in the world.

Ok start of the second quarter with Dallas up 32 to 27. and now 34 to 27. The heat seems to get into trouble when they have to start settling for threes and long jumpers.

God Dallas is doing a great job of passing out of doubles. they are making the heat do a ton of running to cover the open man. Dallas on the other hand are expending a hell of a lot less energy on D right now.

I hate commercials with animals or lizards, or insects or whatever cause it usually makes Star go insane as she attacks the screen trying to play with whatever she is seeing.

ABC’s PanAm looks somewhat terrible. Like it isn’t even it’s own TV series, it’s just something that was thrown together in an effort to copy the sucess of Mad Men.

pictured: pimptasticness

Eddie House hits a three cutting the Mavs lead to 9. They need to make more of a Dent before the end of the first half.

Now a 5 point lead. Still lots of time left in first half for Dallas to make a run which is what I predict will happen. It honestly to me seems like Dallas plays their offense the same way the entire game and the only reason they surrender any leads is because when the Heat are playing their offense the way they want to their just better, but the Heat don’t play it that way for a whole 4 quarters.

Lebron still on the bench, and the heat have been on a run while he’s sitting there. Now the lead is only 3 and with the way they are playing it’s hard for me to put him back in. And now a one point game.

Wow. Awesome block by Wade on the 7 footer and then House nails an open three. Oh Shit i fight just broke out.. AND THEY WENT TO COMMERCIAL????

Chaulmers wasn’t that out of line comming into that where you had four guys surrounded his guy who was getting shoved around.

i love how announcers will immediatly say something while watching a play and then when the see a replay they will analyse it so that it reinfordes what they alread said and will fight to hold onto that opinion until one of the announcer final gives in and changes his mind then they all follow suit.

So the Mavs instigate the shoving match and then they are the ones who get to shoot the technical.

Wow, how do they not call a foul on Nowitzki there. That’s bull. Lebron final comes back in, and my guess is he’s not goign to be in rythm. wow an Dirk follows it up by basically going over the back on James.

Marion does suck on offnse right now.

Holy shit Jason Terry is money. Nowitzki is sucking ass this game. one for nine. BAM Terry just nails a three giving him 17 first half points. Ok Two and a half left in first half.

i’m loving the still shots of past NBA Finals they keep showing during intermissions.

BANG Terry does it again.

Half time, a.k.a pizza time for johnson.

Awesome this pizza is.

Dallas didn’t really make that run like I thought they would at the end of the half since both teams kind of sucked ass down the stretch. Still Mavs are up 53 to 51 and I’m not sure who I’m rooting for anymore. At first it was the Heat, but after the last game and a half, I might be rooting for the Mavs. My problem is that the veterans on the Mavs who might be having their last shot at getting a ring are veterans I really don’t care about. If they retire with no ring I could care less. This isn’t Stockton and Malone or Carles Barkley being denied by Michael Jordan.

Ok, i’m bored with half time, lets start the game again. Also, that Kevin James zoo keeper movie looks God Damn Awful.

The 2nd half starts with a good make by Dirk and then Chalumers with a three on the other end. Now a miss by Dirk with straight up one on one D. I like that strategy with Dirk shooting poorly.

Barea is making the heat look silly. He’s like a Giant headed John Stockton… just with less assists.

Holy shit what a terrible posession by the heat, they passed out like 20 open jumpers and now the next time down the floor wade doesn’t pass and takes a three pointer with a man in his face. Makes no sense.

Mavs up 7.

Chandler should have had his fourth foul… and now they realize it could only have been causing the foul and gave it to him.

Heat have no answer for Bearea and Terry. Ok maybe they do with that block of bearea. btw I have no idea if i’m spelling his name right. Wow. Now Barea just picked up a charge on James who just tried to bowl him over while backing him down after a defensive switch.

The heat are going to lose this championship because of their Defense not because Lebron isn’t scorring enough.

i will say that I think Lebron is getting fouled on a ton of plays without anything being called.

Marion still sucks on offense.

So in this jim Carrey penfuin movie preview it looks like one of the penguins attempts to give Jim Carrey Head and Jim responds by saying “That’s not fair” as if his only weakness is penguin blow jobs.

don't really know the history of this meme.

72 to 67 Mavs lead.

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA Marion has the shittiest free throw shot. It looks like he’s playing one of those arcade basketball games.

Jesus Juan Howard, shoot fould shots much. Wow big three by Jason Kidd. Nice pass by Terry for an assist as the end of the third quarter as the buzzer sounds. That was all after the heat played good D but didn’t get the rebound after a rushed shot by Marion. Yep Marion missed a shot. AMAZING.

9 point lead for Mavs. Poor free throw shooting is killing the Heat.

Dirk just picked up his third foul although it should be his fourth. Christ another missed free throw. Chandler gets his fifth foul. Miami is attacking the basket and drawing fouls which might be huge if they get int the bonus early in this 4th quarter.

Mavs only up 4. Now the foul was changed to Nowitzki. Barea hits a huge three and on the other end Eddie house misses his attempt. Terry makes a steal, and draws a foul while shooting… because he’s an MVP.

Mavs up 8 now with 9:30 to play.

Tmobile girl wants it bad. She uses that tmobile phone to set up BBG three ways every night. one cock isn’t enough for her. She also uses the internet feature on her Tmobile to post on craigslist to try and set up an interracial gangbang. She said she wants the guys to be tested but aside fromt hat she wants it feel dangerous.

i heart her forever.

Wow, Jason Terry is averaging a point a minute off the bench. Mavs up 10. nine minutes left. aaannnnddd awful shot by lebron followed by barrera just dribbling around everyone and then hitting an iceman gervin type shot.

Game. I’m calling it now.

The fouls are mounting for dallas but it might not matter with their lead and under 6 minutes left.

i’m really impressed with Bosh. He’s been money and fills his role perfectly. If the Heat loose, which they probably will, you can’t put any of the blame on him.

ewwwwwwww avocado on subway subs sounds terrible.

seven point lead for Mavs and Heat have the ball. If they don’t score here then they loose in my opinino… you know unless they play really well after that and the Mavs don’t. Oh never mind, dallas has the ball. Mario Chaulmers is such a liability on D this game, at least it seems like he is.

Once again it looks like Lebron was fouled going to the rim but no fould was called. annnnddd poor rebound by the Heat which leads to an offensive rebound by Mavs. Ten point game again.

8 point game and wade doesn’t get a foul call. The heat suck at the line but they should still at least get a chance to shoot the foul shots after getting fouled.

Another O Rebound for the Mavs. Ok, the Shot Dirk just made is impossible to defend unless you put Jesus Mcguyver on him.

game over. Well 2 min left, but yeah, game over.

Jesus, Jason Terry just owns the Heat. Lebron with a three but it doesn’t matter. Do the Heat know they are down nine with 1:07 to play cause they aren’t trying to force a turnover. Back to Back three point misses by lebron and James. holy shit like 50 seconds left and the Heat just gave up. Only bosh was trying to foul or force a turn over. Fucking terrible on Miami’s part.

18 seconds left and miami only needs to make up 13 points. sooooo four quick… very quick threes and then one more FG and you win, just as long as Dallas doesn’t score. Yeah let Shawn Marion hold the ball during the final seconds, he deserves it. Dirk just ran off the court so he could cry by himself. No shame in that.

i think the Heat really need to find a 7 footer that can rebound and play defense. Rebounding killed them this game, plus barea had three or four points in the paint which shouldn’t happen if they had a big man to block or alter those shots.

Jason Kidd has been in the leage 17 years. dang.

Jason Terry player of the game, but probably not MVP. just to fuck with Lebron they should give him the MVP.

giving the trophy to the first owner of the Mavs was a nice touch by Cuban. Ok, just tell me who the MVP was so I can poop out some of this pizza.

Ok Dirk won MVP, was that any surprise. i love bill Russel not saying a word, just giving the trophy to Dirk and then walking off stage. He wasn’t above the situation but he knew it wasn’t about him and didn’t need to hang around. Russell looks like he still can get pussy at his age.


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