My Favorite Comics

I’m sure most people when reading the title will assume this post is going to be dedicated to The Silver Surfer, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Batman, deadpool, and the incredible Hulk, but they would be wrong.  This post is about my favorite newspaper comics.  The funnies.  I’ve become obsessed with the gloomy despair that has settled on Funky Wilkerbean as of late and it is from that obsession that I decided to list my favorites in some semblance of order by favorite to well liked but less awesome.

#1 Calvin and Hobbs – Bill Waterson’s daily comic strip may have been the closest thing anyone has come to making their comic strip into an artform.  He was one of the first two buck the trend of always presenting his sunday edition in the standard sqaure box format, and often would switch the artistic style of the comic within the individual strip itself.  Aside from the purely artistic nature of the comic, the content was also fantastic.  I might not have found it as funny at times as I might find a dilbert or Far Side, but the combination or humor, friendship, parental love, and balls out wild creativity really spoke to the child in me… which make sense since I wasn’t an adult when the strip ran…. and I totally use to do the snowmen house of horrors during the winter.

#2 The Far Side – One of the only ever single panel comics that lasted for any significant period of time. Despite only working with one panel, Larson was able to showcase an amazing depth of creativity as he had no real recurring characters and each strip stood alone. I had a bunch of the Far Side T-Shirts back in the day, and am going to be filled with a red hot rage the first time I see some asshole teenager wearing one ironically.

#3 Dilbert – I did not like this cartoon at all when it first came out.  Then I started working in an office environment and started to realize why it was so great.  I am amazed that any comic strip is able to go on for as long as they do since I would think it would be exhausting trying to come up with new material on a near constant basis.  Not only does Scott Adams still do that, but he has pretty much limited himself to only doing jokes on one subject which is either brilliant or stupid.

#4 Peanuts – The humor in Peanuts is pretty tame and subdued which makes sense when you consider who the creator was and the time period that it represents.  I recently heard they will be making new Peanuts comic strips, which will obviously feature someone other than Charles Shultts.  Can everyone relate to Charlie Brown or is it just me and does everybody kind of relate to whichever character most closely reflects themselves?

#5 Garfield – Growing up fat… and then staying that way I guess, meant that a lot of the humor in Garfield was relateable.  I loved Garfield as a kid but at a certain point I kind of got fed up with his shit and wanted him to try and loose some weight and change his negative out look on life and mondays.

#6 Fox Trot – This is probably the first entry on this list that I don’t have any kind of emotional connection to it… well maybe Dilbert too.  This strip doesn’t remind me of a particular time period in my life, but more is just an entertaining comic that I enjoy.  The Jason character (The youngest son) is my favorite since his overt geekyness is something I can relate to.

#7 Baby Blues – Out of all the strips that are currently running, this is the one I think I genuinely enjoy the most and find the funniest.  Granted I’m sure it would be better if I had kids and could relate more, but I’m around kids and parents often enough to understand the jokes.

There are also several web comics that I really enjoy like “Amazing Superpowers” and “Cyanide and Happiness” .  Both of those are of a nature that you will probably never see them in your local newspaper.


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