The Wire Season 6 preview

Obviously there isn’t going to be a 6th season of the Wire, but if there was, and for some unknown reason I got to write it, what would be the story?  Obviously you shouldn’t read this if you haven’t seen all 5 seasons of the wire since there will be obvious spoilers.  But if you are interested I’ll make sure to mark stuff with spoilers as SPOILERS before I type.

Every year the Wire focuses on some aspect of the city that has problems.  The first year it was the police force, then the docks, then city hall/politics, then the schools and then the newspaper.  I was thinking this next year could focus on court system.  You know lawyers, judges, jury, other law stuff.  I also thought maybe it would be cool to focus on the medical / hospital side of things, or maybe the unemployment/city services stuff, FBI, or possibly even parks and recreations office.

The kingpin of the Parks and Recreations underground prostitution ring.

The law seems the most logical next step since it was always present throughout the series and at the end of the last season you could count three or four of the major characters are now in the legal field in one respect or another.

Another reason to go with the law is that those characters who are in the legal system (which isn’t including the police obviously) are the ones who would be the easiest to bring back for a season; the characters, not the actors necessarily.  There are many other characters that would be easy to bring back and that you could move around and put in nearly any position within nearly any department or group.  Signor, Dozerman, Carver, Omar’s Ex, Poot, Landsman, Bunk, Slim, etc…

Now some of those characters like, Bunk, Carver, Poot, and landsman are fairly easy to predict where they would be in after a couple of years since the last season and you can’t just put them in an unlikely situation just to make it fit with the story you want to tell.  The story has to fit what the characters would be doing.  You can’t have Bunk working undercover in the projects since that’s not in his nature even if it wouldn’t make story easier to tell.

Or Rawls leaving the force because of pressure from his life partner to start a family

But here is the hard part; how do you bring back the main characters that kind of went off in their own direction at the end of the series.  Specifically I’m talking about …..

Spoilers  …. Freeman and McNultty.  The easy thing to do would be to make them both private detectives who work together and get a case they need help with and turn to Carver and Bunk and anyone else in the force they can count on for help.  But let’s be honest; while the private dic thing would be easy, it would be too obvious and probably not really that realistic.  My guess is that freeman would just do his carvings and live off that and the pension and maybe … teach or something… illlllll yes, and if you watched season 4 you know who he would teach with.  Ok so what about Jimmy, I say things with his new squeeze work for a while but he can’t be away from detective work for too long and after not cutting it at law school, ends up in some other city as a detective.  So my thinking is that just like season 4 jimmy isn’t a huge part of the story, or at least central, but pops in for key stuff.

Spoilers continued …. So why would you need cops in multiple cities.  Vondas and the Greeks.  They are still in the wind, and run their game in multiple cities on the east coast.  This would be a nice chance for the wire guys to look into international crime, or at the very least not something just contained to one city.  Plus you know that most of the wire guys have a little bit of a score to settle with these guys.  Also this would be another excuse to get Fitz back in the game as well.

More Spoilers . . . So how do you get the Greeks back into the mix and more importantly how do we get the wire to look at them again.  Well something has to force the greeks under the eye of the Bmore police.  It could be something doing with Sergey / boris in jail, him getting killed in jail… orrrr I have no idea.  Obviously you could still have Signor working on Slim Charles and the other members of the co-op and follow them to get to the Connect.   So that would open the investigation, but that is assuming that signor or anyone else is still going after Slim. This is tricky. Season 1 the investigation got started cause Jimmy was able to push the judge into going after someone who set up purgery in his court.  Season two valcheck hated the sobatka and jimmy finding the dead girl.  Season 3 started with wire already looking into … somebody who then got pushed off for barksdale again. Season 4 you have them looking into omar and not finding anything till the end which then flows into season 5.  So if you look at the run of the series you have to start the year setting up the reason for the investigation or you just dig right in if the previous year ended with the unit intact or the investigation open.  So based on the end of season 5 and the time that has passed, there would probably be some combination of Signor and Carver working some kind of drug angel possibility but not enough to launch an investigation big enough to drag all the other wire regulars into it. So i have to think on that for a bit.

Annnndddd more spoilers .. ..   Another thing to think about is if you want to continue with any of the storylines for some of the ancelary characters. Granted it’s hard to count anyone on the show as minor but i’m sure you can see where i’m comming from.  Oh I also think Nikki and the other living sobtka could come back in this year since this would be about the greeks.  Nothing major just a scene or two.  Michael a.k.a the new omar could play a role but I don’t want him to be just a new version of omar, and same with kenard not being bubbels.  I wouldn’t mind seeing bubbels getting kenard clean and then michael being a mix of omar and bubbels.   Maybe have kenard get killed and then Michael go to prez for help… or the other way around. who knows.

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers so how do I get it all to link back to the law, I’m thinking it has something to do with D.C and the greeks connection since he’s an informant.  Plus marlo is still out there and is probably fighting the urge to get back in the game.  I’m thinking at some point he gets back in and maybe he gets mad at Levi cause the investments or whatever don’t go well.

END Spoilers

BOOM how about the economy.  So Levy helps you know who do some investments and they go bad cause the economy sucks and then you know who wants to take revenge cause that’s how he is and he’s from the streets.  So with Levy gone, an investigation opens up and all kinds of his shit comes to light to the investigators.

The only thing I would say about these ideas is that they would work for an audience who has already seen the show but would suck pretty hard for someone new to the show… which is basically the same problem the wire had during its run anyway.  So if a new season was starting it would probably be a good idea to have a bunch of new characters so that the viewers wouldn’t have to already know the back story for such a large percentage of the cast.  And if you want my ideas for new character tough shit, cause I don’t feel like writting any more.


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