Quick Movie reviews (Thor, Pirates, 2001, Arthur)

Saw a bunch of movies recently, so here is a quick review of all of them.

Thor: I’ve saw this movie twice in the span of a week, although I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as that sentence might imply.  Don’t get me wrong, it was really good, but I rarely see a movie in the theater more than once unless it just blows me away, or I am unemployed and have nothing better to do. I think the way they represented the Norse mythology aspect of the story was done very well.  This could have been a very difficult thing to incorporate since it is a comic book movie and Thor and Hercules are kind of out of place even in the comic book world since they have not just a supernatural element, but also a mythological element, and somewhat of a religious element as well.  The special effects were very good, and the incorporation of the ongoing Avengers storyline didn’t seem to hamper the movie or detract from the movies main narrative.  The after credits almost gave me a nerdgasm, but I won’t talk about it here since you can google it if you really want to see a spoilerific video of it on youtube.  I give this movie 8 out of 10 surprisingly awesome Hawkeye Cameos.

this is the only picture of his cameo currently on the internet

Pirates of the Caribean on Stranger Tides – Lets get this out of the way, I really want to fuck Penelope Cruz.  I don’t think I have much of a chance so I won’t dwell on it, but I do want to mention that I think it is fucking insane when I hear people say that she is ugly in the face or too skinny.  On to the movie, it was good at times but felt forced at other times.  The fight scenes didn’t seem as good as they did in previous movies, and the over the top acrobatics that seemed organic from the first three films felt contrived in this iteration of the franchise.  To me it didn’t feel like some of the scenes were in the movie because they needed to be in the movie to drive the plot, but were in there instead because similar scenes had worked so well in the previous movies.  The inclusion of the mermaid and preacher love connection either needed to be removed or given more of a top billing.  It kind of filled the orlando bloom / keira knightly (soooo hot) void, but felt like an unneeded ancillary love interest aspect of the story.  I really want to talk more about how they could/should have just removed those two characters but this is supposed to be a quick review.  I give this movie 7 out of 10 penelope Cruz surprisingly awesome and somewhat large exposed breasts in Vanilla Sky scenes.

I didn't photoshop my initials onto her nipples, some other site did that evidentially

Arthur – I never saw the original starring Dudley Moore but I know of it, particularly his drunken slur that I’m guessing was a feature of most of the movie.  This remake feature Russel Brand and I think it could have been way better if he wasn’t trying to mimic the drunken slur speech in a large percentage of the movie.  Helen Mirim was awesome obviously, and the chemestry between her and brand was excellent.  This movie had some really good parts but nothing that made it remarkable. I hate only giving it a 6 out of 10 awesome Helen Miram boobs but it isn’t quite good enough for seven.


2001 a Space Odyssey -this is one of those movies where it would shock people if I told them I had never seen it before.  (the same could be said of battle star galactica and a host of other nerd things) This kind of reminds me of when I recently watched TRON (which people also couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen way earlier in my life) and I could understand why at the time, this movie would have been considered so epic, but viewed today doesn’t seem all that impressive.  Also, there are basically two movies here. The better movie is the middle part in which we have something akin to a Sci Fi outer space horrow movie with HAL filling the bad guy role.  That movie can stand on its own in my opinion.  the other movie is all the stuff related to the obelisk  which only really makes sense if you have read the book which I did not.  I did read an explanation of what the book is about and how it plays into the movie, but it really isn’t that interesting.  I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to give this a similar rating as what I gave Author in the entry above this one.  2001 is a better movie, but I enjoyed Author more.  So I give 2001 ASO 6 out of 10 genetically enhancing slabs of Han Sololess black frozen carbonite.

Great cinematography aside from the glaring lack of boobies in the film.


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