Odds and Ends

Each weekend I work as a Night Auditor at a hotel in Hershey.  Most nights I finish up my work by 2 or 3 am and have about 2 or three hours to myself before I have to do anything productive again.  Tonight I arrived at 11:00 and was told the systems would be offline between 1am and 5am and I would either need to be finished with my work by 1 or wait to start it till 5.   Waiting till 5 is a bad idea since there is other stuff I have to attend to in the AM, so I shot for the 1 AM completion time.  I ended up getting done with all my work by a quarter of 12, which means lots of down time, and in turn that means random blogging.

I think I’m going to try and bang out three or four entries tonight, not including this one and then set the posting delay so that there is a new one each day this week.  So now I just need to figure out what I want to blog about.

Idea #1 – Follow-up to my Thor predictions from the other day.

Idea #2 – Quick movie reviews of Thor, Author, Pirates IV, 2001 Space Odeyssey, etc..

Idea #3 – List of my Favorite Comics

Idea #4 – Book review of “The Long Goodbye” and what’s up next on my reading list

Idea #5 – Bat shit crazy single themed blog ideas (you know, websites like http://jimmymcnultysmirking.tumblr.com/)

Idea #6 – Movie Sequel ideas for movies that shouldn’t have sequels.

Idea #7 – Random barely famous chicks I’ve been obsessed with.

Ok lets be honest, that last idea is totally going to end up being one of the things I write tonight.  I also am thinking of a few more possible topics.

Idea #8 – Predictions for next season of my favorite shows. (justified, SOA, Californication, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Lights out… oh wait)

Idea #9 – what next season of some recently cancelled shows would have included (Flash forward, Lights Out, Terriers, Chicago Code, The Event… wait, was that cancelled yet? I stopped watching a while ago.)

Idea #10 – Comic books I’d like to see made into a movie next (No, not captain confederacy)

Ok, I think that is enough for now, especially considering the fact that I’ll probably get distracted by article number two and not finish more than one additional blog entry tonight.

buuuuuuttt… here are some more:

Idea #11 – List of all the random jobs I’ve had in my life

Idea #12 – My ideas for season 6 of the wire…which sadly will never happen 😦

Idea # 13 – List of my favorite time wasting websites

Yeah I think I can probably bang out those last three pretty quickly…. especially since there are currently drafts of them that I already started.


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