My favorite websites

This is the kind of post I write when I can’t think of anything interesting to write. – This is probably my favorite website because it is one of the best places to find a combination of humor and intelligence.  The ultra nerdy conversations they have on the After Hours videos is my favorite part.  Best one would probably be the indepth discussion on why Back to the Future has one of the most horrifying movie endings ever. – I have no idea what the name means… although I’m sure it is some kind of sex act if you google it, but the website has very little to do with sex outside of some links to a daily hot piece of tail or two.   Every day the site lists 10 to 20 links to whatever is the hottest thing on the web (once again, not hotness in a boobs are awesome kind of way, just as in popularity viral internet stuff) – I hate celebrity gossip sites, but this one is a little different, mainly because they are usually one of the first sites to have pics of a celeb when they get naked for the internet.  Without this site, how would I have known that jessica Alba’s camera phone self nude shots leaked onto the internet?  WWTDD stands for What Would Tyler Durdin Do and is part of the uproxx network that also has some additional favorite sites of mine: warmingglow , Filmdrunk , gammaSquad , and Withleather.

Snopes – this is the site that was originally started to debunk urban legends but has moved on to debunk anything that is commonly believed to be true and isn’t.  Also sometimes they aslo validate things that are true, so that’s good too. Here’s the list of the most popular articles at this moment: – This site along with Snopes and jumptheshark were the trinity of time waisting internet awesomeness for me back in the day.  I could just sit for hours learning tons of absolutely useless information. Sadly jumptheshark died and is no longer online (it redirects to TV guide last time I checked) , but eeggs is still going strong.  eeggs is a site dedicated to easter eggs in movies, TV, video Games, and books (not literal easter eggs, but instead those hidden special features or references). – Internet version of the satyrical onion newspaper.  If you aren’t that into reading, you can still get a shit ton of laughs out of just reading the hilarious headlines without reading the full, but also hilarious, text of the articles.  Also the video segments are amazing, and the radio news spots are also great. One of my recent favorites was this one which I thought had something to do with Obama being super confident after killing Osama but I was wrong:,20300/ – I use to be really into this site, but my busy life doesn’t afford me enough time to check it on a daily basis.  Collegehumor also introduced me to two of the best online comics: Amazing Superpowers and Cyanide and Happiness. I you have never seen the prank war videos on that site, please check it out now: , , – These are the sites I would hypothetically use if I was ever going to download illegally shared movies, Tv shows, Music, books, and software. (NSFW) – if you want to see hot women get naked on their webcams FOR FREE!!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!? then go here.

Yep, was there any doubt I would get a porn site in there?


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