Predictions for Thor and The Avengers

I heart the 80s

Even though it has been out for two weeks already, I have yet to see Thor.  I’ve already downloaded it, but am waiting till after I see it in the theater before watching my shitty cam copy on my computer. So tomorrow I’m going to peep it out with Ray and we’ve been making predictions as to what is going to be shown during the after credits scene that seems a stable of virtually every Marvel Comic Book movie.  Here is his guess:

“After the credit I’m picturing the camera panning up confederate avenue in Richmond and it fades to black as u see the faint outline of the confederate flag on a chestplate and you hear a distinct rebel yell!”

That’s right, Ray wants the avengers to fight Captain Confederacy in the upcoming Avengers movie. I have other hopes and theories.

yeah its a real thing

First off, I know that it is probably common knowledge by now as to what is show during the end after credits scene, but I have purposefully avoided any internet descriptions of it so that I could enjoy it in the theater.  So these guesses might be terrible in light of already realized information, but it’s still fun to do.

Guess #1:  Thanos is shown in Odin’s throne room grabbing the infinity gauntlet.  This is pretty god damn unlikely, but I would ride the shit out of this because it would mean that the avenger’s movie is going to focus on the infinity gauntlet crisis which I was a huge fan of…. and I still have those comics.

i hate myself

There are so many reasons this won’t happen especially since I think the first Avenger’s movie is probably going to be less of an all ecompassing epic and more focus on just one enemy. Maybe Ultron who was created by hank pym who is a long time avengers member.

Guess #2: They find a frozen Captain America. … or something with Captain America.  Since the Capt America movie is coming out in only a few short months it would probably be dumb to waste the awesome foreshadowing possibilities of the after credits scene on something that is already going to be hyped pretty heavily in the near time.   Plus something with Cap might spoil something that is going to be in his movie, which I don’t know if it takes place in modern time or back in the WWII era.

Guess #3: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis lesbian scene from black swan.  Look this might be the most unlikely of my guesses it but also might be the most awesome, especially if it is the extended uncensored cut I hope actually exists somewhere.  Look Portman is in Thor so it is kind of related in a way… kind of.

Black Swan = artsy Fan Fiction

Guess #4:  Some bullshit with Hawkeye and or Antman a.k.a Hank Pym.  Maybe Nick “Bad Ass Muther Fucking” Furry is doing something where he introduces Thor to the other members of Shield/Avengers.  Maybe have the hulk about ready to beat the shit out of Hawkeye before iron man breaks it up or I don’t know.

Wrong one

Guess #5:  Iron man and Thor try and decide which one of them is going to approach the Hulk and see if he’ll join the team.  Hulk is supper pissed and destroying things and everyone except thor is unwilling to go talk to him.

My guess is its going to be something brief where Thor is introduced to other avengers or there is some kind of teaser for Capt america.  I would prefer a teaser for the villian/storyline in the upcoming avengers movie, but i’m not sure if they even finished writting that yet.

While I’m the subject, who is going to be the bad guy in the Avenger’s movie.  It has to be something epic and can’t just be some random badguy who faced off against the avengers in the comic books a bunch of times.  Ultron is kind of bad, and so is… uhhhh I really don’t know who the other main bad guys were that use to take on the avengers all the time, but my whole thing is this.  What one person/badguy is so tough that you need Thor AND the Hulk AND anyone else.  Honestly if you have either of those guys fighting one dude, you probably have an easy victory, why do you need Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye at that point…. Really, why do you ever need Hawkeye now that I think of it.  All he is, is a non rich, sometimes angry version of Green Arrow.  And green arrow is just a hippy version of Batman.  wait… a Batman knock off in the Avengers isn’t a bad idea, but I think i’m giving hawkeye too much credit.

His arch nemesis is a butler I guess.

Thanos is sill my vote for the villian in the Avengers movie, although I know it won’t happen.  Maybe he could go after the cosmic cube and the end scene in thor is thanos killing a cancer riddled Captain Marvel  (not the Shazam DC Captain Marvel) and taking the cosmic cube.  Also the comic cube for anyone who doesn’t know is one of the marvel Universes many god like devices where whoever has it has completly control over the universe… but is still some how able to be beaten, mostly by the super hero called hubiris.  Hubiris isn’t a real super hero I was just making a joke… a shitty joke, but fuck you, write your own damn blog.

If I had to put money on it though, my guess is that in the avengers they have one bad guy and he’s kind of a big deal, but still probably easily beaten by the avengers if it was a straight up fight, so the bad guy somehow takes control of the Hulk and makes him turn on the Avengers so in the climatic battle thor has to fight the hulk to keep him from hulk smashing the shit out of the other avengers and while that is going on Iron Man and Capt are fighting the main bad guy and doing ok, but probably going to loose, but then the writers throw Hawkeye and or Ant Man a bone and have them do whatever needs to be done to turn off the hulks mind control. I’m guessing it will involve hawkeye shooting an arrow through something since thats all he can do.  Now the Avengers are all on the same page and they kick the bad guys ass and USA USA USA USA!!!!


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