Audio editing is a bitch

Editing the Audio for pops podcast really is a tedious process.  Part of the problem is that if you have two hours of audio, you pretty much have to listen to all two hours to make sure there isn’t something in there that needs to get cut out.  Even if you know that you want to keep a 30 minute rambling diatribe by me, I might forget that there is a random phone ring or weird pause that needs to be removed, so if I don’t listen to the entire half hour, i might miss that rough spot.

I have gotten pretty quick at the editing process though.  Here’s the process I usually take.

  1. First I make the rough cut/raw feed by taking all of the recordings that i’ve hopefully labled in thier correct order, and cut the beginning and endings of each file thereby removing back ground set up noise and non podcast talk, and then post the three or four files in order into one larger wmv file and then add in the intro music and outro music and save as a mp3.  This file is usually close to two hours long.
  2. Next I make the quick hits, which are all the short segments broken up by topic.  The only way I can really do this is to listen to the raw feed and each time I come to an appropriate stopping point, cut from the current point back to the begining and take that edit and put it into a new mp3 file which i save with the proper numerical notation.  This then means whats left of the raw feed (in virtual memory) no longer has that segment and I just repeat the process until I get to the end.  I try and keep a word document open where i note what each segment is about and which ones i think would be particualrly good for the itunes version.  When you add up all the quick hit mp3s, the total running time is probably 20 or 30 minutes shorter than the raw feed since I use this time to cut out rough spots and trim the segments so the awkward transitions between topics can’t be heard.
  3. Now I take all of the quick hits that I noted as being the “cream of the crop” and place them into my audio editor and create a new mp3 file.  This file will be the itunes version, and the first two I created used quick music clips of about 10 or 15 seconds as a way of breaking up the sections since my trimming removed the awkward vocal transitions where Rock Ray and I just mumble “so what do you want to talk about now…. I don’t know…uhhhhhh…etc”  If I don’t put in the music then I am affraid the listener will be able to hear drastic mood swings in the pace and sound of the show that will tip them off to the editing.   With this third edition, while making the quick hits, i tried to save them in a way that there was a pause or silence at the begining and end so that I didn’t have to have the music snipets. I’m not sure if it worked well or not, but we’ll see.
  4. All of these new files are FTPd to the popspodcast server and is updated with the new links.
  5. Then I update the rss itunes feed with the info on the new podcast.

When I started writing this explanation I thought I was going to be able to give you an idea of how much time this takes, but yeah I have no idea.  Lets say the total time for all of this if I’m really humming along is close to 6 hours, maybe more.

Speaking of which. The itunes FTP finally finished so now it’s time to FTP the xml file with the update rss info.

No rest for the wicked……. although most people say weary… wicked sounds cooler.


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