More possible talking points for the third popscast and possible weekly features

I’ve spent a ton of time the last day and a half cleaning up and reorganizing the files on my godaddy server, which meant i had a lot of downtime where I would sit and watch Filezilla FTP the shit out of some open source software and my mind would just wander.  What did it wander to? of course.  So I decided to list some of the thoughts I had kicking around as to possible weekly segments that we could have.

This will be tough of course since we have three people on the show who all will want to talk about their own thing, and normally we will only have a couple hours of actual talk time that will get boiled down into one hour of podcastable material.  Even with that being said, I would still like to have some kind of reoccurring segments that adds some sort of uniformity to the show, while also giving the listener something specific to look forward to each week.  Anything that tracks the progress of something would be ideal for these purposes but i’m not sure what any of us has going on that could be specific and dynamic enough on a week to week basis.

Ok enough disposition, lets get to my list of ideas:

  • Every week Ray and Rock assign something for Johnson to complete before the next podcast and then he has to report on it – Lets be honest, I have started a thousand projects over the past couple of years and have yet to finish any of them.  Stuff like, completing the next chapter in my book, or finish 10 more pages of a spec script, or finish a specific website.
  • Ray, Rock, and Johnson come up with an idea for a new website  – Kind of dovetailing off the last idea, here we would come up with a simple idea for a website and I’d have one week to get it done.  These would be stupid one shot websites like a blog dedicated to screen captures from movies of digital clocks getting stopped at .01 seconds.  Let me just say right now, that I don’t want to do that site since it would be a pain in the ass, but if I could make it easy for visitors to submit their own pics or entries, than it wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Johnson weekly weight loss update – I really need to lose weight so if we had a weekly weigh in during the podcast, this would keep rock and i motivated. Yeah i know i just threw rocks name in there too.
  • Ray or user submitted science/geek questions for Johnson – The important part of this is that the less I know about what I’m talking about, the better.  So if Ray asks me what string theory is, my goal is to try and talk for at least 4 minutes while sounding very smart and using big words even if it is all bull shit, then we can review how close I came to getting anything right the following week.

And yes I realize these all revolve around me, but I don’t know what is in Ray and Rocco’s hearts and minds so I can’t speak for them.

  • Crazy predictions – Each person has to make a prediction for the near future… wow this is kind of a shitty idea if all the predictions turn out to be boring shit like, the govt shut down will last less than two weeks.
  • Bowling League updates – Ok this could only go on a few more weeks but still it would be nice to discuss
  • Johnson’s Job Hunt – ummmm this is kind of obvious, but might not really be that time consuming or interesting.

Ok that’s all I could think of off the top of my head.  Let’s get to my ideas of one shot topics to talk about on the next popspodcast that will just feature Rock and I.

Also, someone made this:

It is the transformers performing all the dancing to the thriller music video with Rodimus Prime… or maybe he was just Hot Rod at that point since he hadn’t used the matrix of leadership yet… anyways, Hot Rod is filling in the role of MJ, the sad thing is that I recognized all the other autobots and knew most of their names…. ULTRA MAGNUS SUPERIOR, SHOCK WAVE INFERIOR!!!


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