What i’m working on

Every so often I like to post an entry on here and list all the stuff i’m currently working on.

OZ – Ok this isn’t something productive, but the way i have been blowing through episodes of this show can only be described as a workman like effort.  It took me about 6 months to get through the first season since after the first two episodes I got distracted (probably with having sex with insanely hot women, or watching the Wire for the 6th time) and didn’t watch the last six episodes of the first season until just a month or so ago.  Since then I have been on a tear and watched the 8 episodes of season 2, the 8 episodes of season 3, and 10 of the 16 episodes of season 4.  I don’t know why season 4 is the only season with more than 8 episodes, but i’m guessing it was some kind of marketing thing where it was a double season.  There are seven season, so at my current rate I should be done with the series by tomorrow afternoon, which means i can get back to my 7th viewing of the complete series of the wire.

DTC LLC – I finally registered an LLC for all of my random website projects which randomly trickle small sums of money into me on a near monthly basis.  I need a short domain name to give to people, but in the meantime I bought the way too long http://www.dynamicTechnologyCreations.com domain name and need to toss up a site in the near future.  I’m not sure if I’m going to expand my business to non web based commission work, but if I do, then I want to focus on simple quick webdesign with hosting services as my product.  I’m thinking something like $299.00 for a website that is template based, or maybe even uses an open source CMS and then $20.00 a month for hosting the site. This monthly fee would also cover domain name renewals as well as any SSL services needed.  I won’t make much money on the websites themselves, but the hosting money could be substantial once I get a large enough customer base.  Of course I’d also have to add on other features to make the 20 bucks a month worth it.  I’m thinking I would offer to update one page per month, and after 6 months or a year drop the hosting fee to 15 bucks.  Still, most of the money i have coming in now is small change from sites like niteflirt.com and hotmovies.com (both NSFW).

Popspodcast.com – I need to finish chopping up the second episode into smaller segments and then create the itunes version.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to just update the current itunes rss feed, or make a new one for every episode, i’m almost positive i just update the current one.  I also need to add more depth to the website and maybe some google adwords banners or amazon banners to make it look more interesting.  I doubt i’d get any money from the ads but right now the site is too plain and vanilla.  I also need to make a logo for the podcasts. right now i just have a clip art of a microphone on the itunes feed, but I would like something more personal.  Not sure when Rock and I are going to do our next podcast (ray is unavailable this week) but i’m thinking some of the following could be talking points:

  • Why does god hate johnson / Uconn wins NCAA tournament / Johns wins $0.00
  • Johnson gets injured while holding rocco’s babby.
  • T-Mace’s terrible joke – since it is the top request on popspodcast.com
  • Possible weekly features for popspodcast
  • My Sociology class – mlk – south africa – sex video – chubby married chick
  • bowling, bowling, bowling
  • rocco’s baseball predictions

Job Hunt – yep, nothing new here. I’m getting more interviews right now, but still not getting hired.  In my last interview the very first thing the interview said was “Look… (sigh) the salary is what it is, there’s nothing I can do about it.”  He then told me point blank that I was over qualified and was afraid to hire me since I would leave as soon as I get a better job offer.  BTW, I bet a movie named Job Hunt comes out in the next couple of years.

There’s other stuff but most of that is private stuff like “try and not touch myself so much”, “Stop being so god damn fat”, and “learn how not to cry myself to sleep”.  I’m not hopeful on completing any of those anytime soon, especially the last one… stupid fucking butler, make a god damn shot.


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