Smallville Quasi live blog

I was planning on doing another live blog about smallville this week, but since it’s been so long since i’ve watched an episode right when it aired, I forgot it started at 8 est and not 9 est.  So when I turned to the CW at 8:30 I saw a bunch of cheerleaders dancing on a stage and assumed it was that show hellcats.  (No I have never watched that show despite it being about cheerleaders, maybe if I knew for a fact that they were college cheerleaders and not high school cheerleaders, that might make a difference.)  So i’m watching what i’m assuming is hellcats when all of a sudden Booster Gold shows up and starts talking with his robot buddy.  If you don’t know who booster gold is, then you probably have lived a better life than I.

To be fair the only reason I know who booster Gold is from watching an episode of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon… shit I started typing this assuming it would somehow make things appear less nerdy and sad, but no chance after that start.  Anyways, that episode of Justice League was centered around booster gold who is under appreciated since he is a show boating attention whore from the 31st (?) century.  The only redeeming part of the episode is that it features a guest voice acting appearance by Danika McKellar a.k.a Winnie Cooper. (who plays a super hot super smart scientist which is basically what she really is in real life if you think about it.  )

Once I realized that this was Smallville…. or some weird ass crosspromotion with Hellcats, I decided to turn it off and download the episode at work later that night so that I could watch the episode from the beginning.  I’m not trying to say that will make it a better viewing experience, since in truth it probably won’t.  Usually the longer an episode of Smallville goes on, the less the plot will make sense and the your enjoyment level will follow suit.  But on the other hand, I usually spend three or four hours each night at this part time job just surfing the net trying to find something to keep me occupied so watching smallville might help me pass the time.

So currently it is 1:30 am, and I am finished with all of my work until about 5:30 am.  Soooooo time for some smallville.  While I watch it, I’m going to pause it frequently to make snide comments in here.  WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smallville has been on for 10 seasons now, and only now, 18 episodes into the last season, do we finally see Clark Kent wearing glasses in his normal every day life.  In fact Lois and Clark (*sigh* such a better show) came up with the idea of using glasses as a form of everyday disguise something like three episodes ago, and for some reason he just didn’t wear them until the start of this episode.  Also, why not just wear a mask or something when he is going around saving lives.  I know that goes against the whole superman thing, but then again, so does every other aspect of this show.
  • Oh, i guess they did just try to explain it as Superman (a.k.a “The Blur”) needs to show his face to help instill trust in superheroes after the whole anti vigilante storyline earlier this season.  Still…. stupid.
  • Booster Gold just saved a kids life… you know something superman could have done if he wasn’t worried about protecting his stupid secret identity.  Also Booster Gold is over the top, self promoting, arrogant, and showboating and even with all of that he’s a thousand times more likeable than clark has been on this show.  Oh and Booster can fly.  Clark still can’t.  I hope lois gives Booster Gold head.
  • So a new super hero shows up and instead of being excited that another good guy has show up to help out, or at worse suspect that he may be a bad guy in disguise, Clark instead worries about how having this new hero around is going to affect the way people think about him a.k.a the blur. The Emo-ness of the smallville superman is something that is not over looked by most people who watch the show.
  • I think Lois Lane is trying to convince a shy teenager to bully girls. Seriously, you have to watch the scene.
  • Oh I think that shy kid is going to become the Blue Beetle, which is a super hero I know nothing about.  Swear to god, I honestly know nothing about him.
  • Ok this is amazing. Kat Grant is Daily Planet reporter who is kind of the antithesis of Lois Lane and in this episode she is a huge fan of booster gold so much so that she bought one of his shirts that says “Booster Gold Fan Club.”  One problem.  The picture they used as the face on the T-Shirt is taken directly from the comic books and has goggles and a head covering that is not being worn at any point by the character on smallville.  I can’t tell if this is just someone being lazy when making the tshirt or if it was done on purpose as a shout out to the DC fans…. although just the fact that they have booster gold in an episode should be enough of a shout out don’t you think.
  • oh sweet, we just got to the hellcats i saw before.
  • Tom Welling is actually doing a good job on selling the dopey Clark Kent that is familiar to most from the movie and comics.  Here’s the problem he’s getting some random guy who’s never met him before to remember Clark Kent as someone who is nothing at all like Superman/Blur.  That would be great if Clark hadn’t spent 10 years acting like a non dopey non glasses wearing Superman/Blur lookalike.  So when Superman shows up on TV this random guy won’t think for a moment that he is also that dopey reporter from the daily planet, but i’m sure his mail man back in smallville will recognize him in a heartbeat.
  • Lois you know they give out multiple keys to the city. it’s not just one.
  • HAHAHHAHA  Booster Gold just said “I’m kind of a big deal”.  it honestly was a funny line.
  • Clark kind of saves the day but only temporarily and then just hangs back as booster gold actually saves the day.  In most of the other Smallville episodes when this happens it would be a critisism but the way they did it in this episode it kind of worked really well.  Also i have no idea how much the Blue Beetle from this episode coincides with the one in the comics.  Honestly, The Blue Beetle in this episode looks like those Beetleborgs, you know the weird Mighty morphin Power Rangers ripoff.
  • I have no idea why the beatleborgs were fighting a clown makeup wearing jay leno in liberachi clothes.
  • Back to smallville, clark continues to hate having to act like a dopey insecure tool so Lois gives him some pity sex.  I think.  To tell you the truth, I totally don’t understand what that whole last scene was supposed to accomplish.
I like writing these live blogs way more when I hate the episode or have some huge problem with them.  For this episode however, I actually enjoyed it.  Still, I would have liked to have seen more fighting.  Actually I would really like to see them spend the money they were going to use making the last three or four episodes of smallville and instead make a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle spin off.  You know what.  It is only 2:45 and I still have plenty of time to kill so I think i’m going to hit up google and find out some more info on the Blue Beetle.
P.S  I just tried to do a search for that HBO show “talking Funny” that premiered tonight starring Ricky Gervais, Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louie C.K, and the only torrent results I got were for a movie called “TALKING SLUTS UNDER CUMSHOTS SHOWER (a funny bukkake compilation)”
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What should I write about

A site that I like called the smoking section is looking for new writers so I’m thinking of submitting something to them.  The difficult thing is coming up with a topic that it worthy of the lofty standards of the internet.  Here’s the link detailing what they are looking for:

I have a couple ideas that could fall under the TV/Film heading so in my typical fashion I will list them here in a vein attempt to get organized.

  • Real men don’t buy girls, or make effective PSAs
  • The League is the new Seinfeld
  • Cinematic examples that show Michael bay doesn’t understand how humans work
  • Literally the worst uses of the word “literally”
  • The possible results of a Donald Trump presidency
  • What Oz taught me about the prison system
  • Hottest conquests of Californication’s Hank Moody
  • The way Wire fans would change Treme
I just started listening to smodcast so I’m not going to think of any more topics for a while probably.

More Podcast topics

Comments from viewers
Erin hates the podcast

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Stuff for the next pops podcast

I’m just going to link dump in here so that I don’t loose the stuff i want to talk about.  Add to this list the soon to be finished season of the roy munson fan club, as well as the barry bonds verdict.

also spoilers in movie sites (thor).

Funky Wilkerbein Plane disaster

Garfield minus Garfield 

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Audio editing is a bitch

Editing the Audio for pops podcast really is a tedious process.  Part of the problem is that if you have two hours of audio, you pretty much have to listen to all two hours to make sure there isn’t something in there that needs to get cut out.  Even if you know that you want to keep a 30 minute rambling diatribe by me, I might forget that there is a random phone ring or weird pause that needs to be removed, so if I don’t listen to the entire half hour, i might miss that rough spot.

I have gotten pretty quick at the editing process though.  Here’s the process I usually take.

  1. First I make the rough cut/raw feed by taking all of the recordings that i’ve hopefully labled in thier correct order, and cut the beginning and endings of each file thereby removing back ground set up noise and non podcast talk, and then post the three or four files in order into one larger wmv file and then add in the intro music and outro music and save as a mp3.  This file is usually close to two hours long.
  2. Next I make the quick hits, which are all the short segments broken up by topic.  The only way I can really do this is to listen to the raw feed and each time I come to an appropriate stopping point, cut from the current point back to the begining and take that edit and put it into a new mp3 file which i save with the proper numerical notation.  This then means whats left of the raw feed (in virtual memory) no longer has that segment and I just repeat the process until I get to the end.  I try and keep a word document open where i note what each segment is about and which ones i think would be particualrly good for the itunes version.  When you add up all the quick hit mp3s, the total running time is probably 20 or 30 minutes shorter than the raw feed since I use this time to cut out rough spots and trim the segments so the awkward transitions between topics can’t be heard.
  3. Now I take all of the quick hits that I noted as being the “cream of the crop” and place them into my audio editor and create a new mp3 file.  This file will be the itunes version, and the first two I created used quick music clips of about 10 or 15 seconds as a way of breaking up the sections since my trimming removed the awkward vocal transitions where Rock Ray and I just mumble “so what do you want to talk about now…. I don’t know…uhhhhhh…etc”  If I don’t put in the music then I am affraid the listener will be able to hear drastic mood swings in the pace and sound of the show that will tip them off to the editing.   With this third edition, while making the quick hits, i tried to save them in a way that there was a pause or silence at the begining and end so that I didn’t have to have the music snipets. I’m not sure if it worked well or not, but we’ll see.
  4. All of these new files are FTPd to the popspodcast server and is updated with the new links.
  5. Then I update the rss itunes feed with the info on the new podcast.

When I started writing this explanation I thought I was going to be able to give you an idea of how much time this takes, but yeah I have no idea.  Lets say the total time for all of this if I’m really humming along is close to 6 hours, maybe more.

Speaking of which. The itunes FTP finally finished so now it’s time to FTP the xml file with the update rss info.

No rest for the wicked……. although most people say weary… wicked sounds cooler.

More possible talking points for the third popscast and possible weekly features

I’ve spent a ton of time the last day and a half cleaning up and reorganizing the files on my godaddy server, which meant i had a lot of downtime where I would sit and watch Filezilla FTP the shit out of some open source software and my mind would just wander.  What did it wander to? of course.  So I decided to list some of the thoughts I had kicking around as to possible weekly segments that we could have.

This will be tough of course since we have three people on the show who all will want to talk about their own thing, and normally we will only have a couple hours of actual talk time that will get boiled down into one hour of podcastable material.  Even with that being said, I would still like to have some kind of reoccurring segments that adds some sort of uniformity to the show, while also giving the listener something specific to look forward to each week.  Anything that tracks the progress of something would be ideal for these purposes but i’m not sure what any of us has going on that could be specific and dynamic enough on a week to week basis.

Ok enough disposition, lets get to my list of ideas:

  • Every week Ray and Rock assign something for Johnson to complete before the next podcast and then he has to report on it – Lets be honest, I have started a thousand projects over the past couple of years and have yet to finish any of them.  Stuff like, completing the next chapter in my book, or finish 10 more pages of a spec script, or finish a specific website.
  • Ray, Rock, and Johnson come up with an idea for a new website  – Kind of dovetailing off the last idea, here we would come up with a simple idea for a website and I’d have one week to get it done.  These would be stupid one shot websites like a blog dedicated to screen captures from movies of digital clocks getting stopped at .01 seconds.  Let me just say right now, that I don’t want to do that site since it would be a pain in the ass, but if I could make it easy for visitors to submit their own pics or entries, than it wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Johnson weekly weight loss update – I really need to lose weight so if we had a weekly weigh in during the podcast, this would keep rock and i motivated. Yeah i know i just threw rocks name in there too.
  • Ray or user submitted science/geek questions for Johnson – The important part of this is that the less I know about what I’m talking about, the better.  So if Ray asks me what string theory is, my goal is to try and talk for at least 4 minutes while sounding very smart and using big words even if it is all bull shit, then we can review how close I came to getting anything right the following week.

And yes I realize these all revolve around me, but I don’t know what is in Ray and Rocco’s hearts and minds so I can’t speak for them.

  • Crazy predictions – Each person has to make a prediction for the near future… wow this is kind of a shitty idea if all the predictions turn out to be boring shit like, the govt shut down will last less than two weeks.
  • Bowling League updates – Ok this could only go on a few more weeks but still it would be nice to discuss
  • Johnson’s Job Hunt – ummmm this is kind of obvious, but might not really be that time consuming or interesting.

Ok that’s all I could think of off the top of my head.  Let’s get to my ideas of one shot topics to talk about on the next popspodcast that will just feature Rock and I.

Also, someone made this:

It is the transformers performing all the dancing to the thriller music video with Rodimus Prime… or maybe he was just Hot Rod at that point since he hadn’t used the matrix of leadership yet… anyways, Hot Rod is filling in the role of MJ, the sad thing is that I recognized all the other autobots and knew most of their names…. ULTRA MAGNUS SUPERIOR, SHOCK WAVE INFERIOR!!!

Live Blogging my school work

I have a journal review due for my abnormal psychology class due today, and I thought that instead of just working on it in boring old static  MS Word, I would instead jot down my notes on my blog as a kind of homework live blog.   I have no idea why anyone would want to read this, but i’m sure decades from now when i’m crazy famous for either doing something incredibly awesome or something incredibly stupid, people will want to pour through all of my blog posts to get a glimps into how my mind works.

Still this would be a pretty boring blog post if all it contained was a review of a journal article detailing “Family and Individual Factors Associated with Substance Involvement and PTS Symptoms Among Adolescents in Greater New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina”.  So to break up the monotony of higher learning, I am going to toss in some random videos and hyper-links to things I think are funny or interesting.  To kick off the randomness, lets start with a short clip from GoBots cartoon from the 80’s that can only be described as disturbing when watched through the eyes of an adult.

Wow… just… wow.

I’m going to try and write a one sentence review of each paragraph in this article… which may take a life time since this is a sizable journal entry.

Families and youths in areas of New Orleans affected by Hurricane Katrina had their lives disrupted not only during the disaster itself, but also for an extended time afterwards as those who were evacuated returned to a life where they had limited availability to schooling, social services, and community programs.

Based on previous studies following natural disasters, experts predicted that these youths would have an increased risk of long-term mental health issues and substance abuse problems.

Previous post disaster studies failed to focus on the link between substance abuse in youth’s attempting to deal with exposure to a disaster. – Funny video as are most of the videos on  I especially like this one since I also knew the name of Mon Mothma but would never admit it in public. …. also if you ignore the expanded universe, Bobba Fett is sooooooooo overrated.

While there has been some limited research done on the link between substance abuse in teens and exposure to trauma and the percentage of those who would qualify as suffering from PTSD, there also needs to be research into whether substance abuse in youths exaggerates or exasperates PTS symptoms.

Using established research on youths reactions to disasters and youths reactions to childhood trauma, this study aimed to identify risk factors that were common to both youths suffering from PTS symptoms as well those suffering from substance abuse problems.

As shown in previous studies the severity of the childhood trauma or severity of exposure to disaster has an affect on the development PTS symptoms.

Exposure to a disaster is not the sole variable in subsequent development of stress reactions, and pre-disaster factors must also be examined.

Holy shit this stuff is dry.  This isn’t:

I love that Direct TV is now using tiny giraffes as part of it’s ongoing marketing campaign; it’s going to be the new Geico Gecko I bet.

Family income, early adolescent substance use, and parental substance abuse were included as pieces of data comprising the pre-disaster risk factors for substance abuse and PTS symptoms.

Post-disaster risk factors such as less social support and increased stressful life events were also factored into the study since previous disaster studies showed they played a role in likelihood of developing PTS symptoms.

Ok done with the first page of the journal entry. Only ten more to go, and then I can go back and try and put it all together. Holy shit I’m hungry.  Giant has this awesome turkey sandwich with stuffing in it that I love so i’m going to head there and hope they are serving it today. God help them if they aren’t.  In the mean time, here is an april fools article on that I totally fell for cause i hate myself and actually have been watching this final season:

Family factors such  as low levels of parental monitoring have historically been linked to increased level of adolescent substance abuse and these family factors are often strained to a greater degree in a post disaster environment.

This is also true with delinquency, but there has been no sizable study into a link between delinquency and PTS symptoms.

There were four questions explored in this study

    1. Would the disruptions and possible threats to life caused by Hurricane Katrina lead to PTS and substance abuse among post disaster teens?
    2. Would pre-disaster factors commonly associated with higher rates of PTS and substance abuse relate to post Katrina teens.
    3. Would post disaster factors commonly associate with higher rates of substance abuse relate to PTS and substance abuse in post Katrina teens.
    4. Would adolescent delinquency relate to PTS and substance abuse in post Katrina teens.

Method – Participants

The participants in this study was an ethnically diverse group of 70 boys and 10 girls recruited between January 2007 and June 2009.  77 parents were included in the study with family income, involvement in social programs, and education level as areas of collected data.

Using standardized diagnosis tests many of the adolescents met criteria for substance use disorder, probably psychiatric disorder, major depressive disorder, and PTSD symptoms.

Boom, done with page two. I have a headache, not sure if that’s cause i’m hungry, or cause my brain is trying to tell me to stop reading this stuff. I’m going to take a quick break and read a review of the final episode of Lights Out.  I think that with a little more time, lights out and Terriers could have been consistent ratings wise for FX, but maybe they could have moved it to another time and put less money into it so that it would be profitable to them.  Who knows.  I’m sure they will make money on DVD sales.

Method – Procedures

After a telephone screening, eligable youths and parents met with staff who obtained written consent from parent and written assent from the youths.

To be eligible, youths had to meet the following requirements:

    • between 13 and 17 years of age
    • referred for outpatient treatment for substance abuse
    • living with a parent or legal guardian who could participate in the study
    • lived in the greater New Orleans area at the time of Hurricane Katrina
    • does not require inpatient care
    • not actively suicidal, psychotic, or mentally handicapped

Assessments on eligibility for the youths and parents were made separately by trained individuals who were blind to the study.

Method – Measures

This study used the Parent and Adolescent Interviews from the Center for Treatment Research on Adolescent Drug Abuse to asses background information on age, gender, ethnicity, family composition, income, family mental health, and substance abuse problems.

The study also used the Adolescent Diagnostic Interview-Light from Winters & Henly,, as well as the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children Predictive Scales, to asses background information.

The teens substance involvement was measured with the Personal Involvement with Chemicals Scale from the Personal Experiences Inventory from Winters & Henly.

The teens PTS symptoms were asses by the parents completing the PTSD Checklist from Weathers and the youths used the adolescent version of the PTSD Reaction Index for DMS-I.

The Hurricane-Related Traumatic Experiences was used by adolescents to report on the exposure they experienced during Hurricane Katrina.

Boom another page done. This Journal article starts on page 806 of American Psychological Association and goes to page 817 in case anyone at home wants to follow along.  Next up is page 810, which means I’m done with 4 pages but still need to finish 6 more since the last several pages are all reference listings.  Luckily a lot of the 6 pages that are left are graphs and statistical tables, so not a lot to summarize there that isn’t covered in the text already.  For a quick break i’m going to scope out which is awesome.  basically, Jon Arbuckel looks like a man who is fighting a loosing battle to keep a grip on sanity.


The post disaster parental psychopathology was acquired from the Global Severity Index of the BSI.

Wow only made it one paragraph before I wanted to give up again. Ok I’m goign to the bowling alley to get some practice in.  The Roy Munson Fan Club is in 4th place and is only 4 games in back of the first place team.  This will be a big week for us. We really need a sweep and Ray and Laura had some pretty good pre bowling scores.  You can ride our league at go to the league page and enter in 11582 as the league ID…. or don’t, you have to live your on life.

The Family Environment Scale was used in evaluating post disaster family cohesion.

The youths in the study rated their parental monitoring using the Stictness/Supervision Scale fromt eh Authoritative atenting Scale.

Delinquency was measured by having the teens complete the Youth Self-Report.

Method – Statistical Analyses

The Journal article has a paragraph that is too complicated for me to care about at first glance.

Holy shit, the statistical analyses paragraph is a series of words that have been put together in such a way that I can discern almost no meaning from it.  That’s why I said fuck it, and went and got a small Stromboli while I reflect on how bad my bowling earlier today was. Also…. this:

Results – Descriptive Statistics

82 percent of the teens were evacuated during the hurricane, but only  4 percent ever perceived their life to be threatened during the disaster.

Results – Pairwise Correlations Among Study Variables

Increased parental substance abuse correlated to an increase adolescent substance involvement.  This Correlation also existed between adolescent substance involvement and decreased parental monitoring and other independent variables.

Another two pages down thanks to sizable graphs and tables.  So lets check out this reddit discussion where people list the saddest things they ever masturbated to.

Ok, there’s no way I can do anything else productive for the rest of the day after reading the first several entries.  I’ll highlight the list here:

What was the saddest thing you fapped to?

I don’t know if this counts but when I was 7ish I peed on my Uma Thurman Poison Ivy action figure because I was aroused but didn’t know what to do with my penis.

[–]mirrordog 540 points 18 hours ago

Thank you for posting this.

[–]admplaceholder 362 points 17 hours ago

Now the healing can begin.

[–]Scarker 121 points 15 hours ago

And it was at that moment, thousands of adults thought of a 7-year-old peeing for sexual arousal before closing the window, shutting the computer off, and seriously contemplating what they’re doing with their time.

So pretty funny start, but lets keep going

Before knowing how to properly masturbate I would sort of…hit my head. Like, flick it and shit. It wasn’t until I was around 13 that I learned the proper way.

[–]Meggypoo 485 points 17 hours ago

I had a friend who did the same thing because he had only ever heard “beat the meat”

so he spent a couple of weeks beating the everloving shit out of his dick before he figured it out.

[–]ClaraRinker 75 points 16 hours ago

That’s the best thing I’ve read all day. Thank you for that.

[–]482123 107 points 16 hours ago

Did you not read the part about peeing on an Uma Thurman Poison Ivy action figure?

If you think of this as disturbing, yeah i’m not going to argue but I will warn you to maybe skip the next couple of entries.

Child pornography on my step father’s PC.

Seriously, I was like 10 years old and I wanted girls my age, not grannies, so I used edonkey and whatever have you to get child porn… porn for children, right?

Not only did I feel bad years later because I silently supported the sexual abuse of girls who could have just as well been me (holy shit, I had nightmares about that for a long time and I saw people being decaptitated and eating their own feces just as well, fuck yeah, the wonders of the internet) but also because I could have easily brought my step father into jail for downloading and storing child pornography on his PC.

Edit: ALSO I started fapping to DINOSAURS. Because dinosaurs are god damn awesome! I was 8 at that point and my favourite thing was dinosaurs. Then I discovered that rubbing down there feels awesome, too. I combined my two favourite activities. I personally think that’s efficient, though and not sad. Girls came way later, dinosaurs were inherently better.


Yeah that part did kind of horrify me, until a couple of threads later he explains that his step father didn’t have child porn, but instead it was he, the 8 year old kid that was downloading it unbeknownst to the step father.  Also the line about Dinosaurs had me almost crying with laughter.

Also, someone posted an entry about fapping it when playing street fighter two and continually hitting the one punch button on chun li so he could hear her grunt.   NO IT WASN’T ME.  I need to think about what to enter on there though, cause i’m sure i have something worthwhile to add.