Possible topics for next podcast

I’m doing some work on Popspodcast.com at the moment, and I need to write down some of these conversation topics before I forget.



Sociology class

– Color Blind

– Self Actualized

– 42????

– sex video

Difficulties in developing the RSS feed for iTunes.



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Getting ready for the first Pod Cast

Ray, Rocco, and I are tentatively scheduled to have our first podcast tomorrow afternoon.  I thought I’d jump on here and list out some of the things I would like to discuss with Ray and Rock, as well as lay out the overall theme of the show.  I’ll start with the second part first.

The overall theme of the pod cast is “togetherness”.  No i’m joking, there really isn’t a specific theme.  More accurately, there is just a bunch of random reasons why I feel like doing a podcast, as well as some reasons why I think Ray, Rock, and some others might also want to drop by from week to week.  So how about the reasons I want to do a podcast:

  • Something to do – I have no life
  • It’s a somewhat geeky thing I’ve never done before
  • I downloaded some awesome audio software and want to play with it
  • I want to chronicle all my embarrassing stories
  • Maybe make some money, have fun, get noticed, who knows.

And now here are the reasons I think Rock and Ray might want to do this:

  • Way to stay connected with me and each other if we don’t bowl together next year and if they get supper preoccupied with babies.
  • Ray had mentioned once before that he would like to try his hand at radio
  • Rocco would like to get more experience playing around with his companies audio equipment
  • Both Dad’s might like to archive these podcasts as a way of down the road showing their kids what their dads were like before they came along and ruined their hopes and dreams

I should mention that Rock and Ray aren’t having kids together in some kind of messed up “My two dads” kind of 80’s sitcom disaster.  I also want to mention that I think it would be interesting to hear the two dads discuss all the joys and struggles that come with having a kid in a frank honest way.  No, oh having a kid is alway wonderful and never challenging or frustrating bull shit.

Ok so now we know the impedance for the podcast.  Lets move on to the topics I want to talk about during the first broadcast.

  • How is Rocks baby girl Olivia doing
  • Has Ray and Laura decided on a name yet for their soon to be little bundle of baby boy joy
  • Any Advice Rock has for Ray once the newborn arrives
  • Bowling League talk – Why aren’t we dominating this year, and more importantly, lets chronicle all the nicknames we’ve made up for the other bowlers
  • My new job, and both the terrible nights and then the awesomely Whitey moment from last night. (got ten duckets)
  • How awesome is Archer, and Ray’s favorite quotes from this season
  • Ranking the newly single hot hollywood bitches
  • Predictions for the future, what will the world be like when Olivia and Ray the IV are in their thirty’s, and beyond.

Those are the things i really want to talk about, but i’m sure we will get side tracked and go off on tangents.  I especially expect to occasionally talk in depth about politics and sports since both are quasi passions for the three of us. Well not really the political stuff, but we all have a passing knowledge of what’s going on.

Ideally I would like each podcast to last an hour, which for editing purposes means that the recording itself should be over and hour, maybe an hour and 15 min or and hour and a half long.  That way i can cut out odd pauses, or boring stuff.  To prevent there from being too much down time, I’ve been thinking of what I could keep on hand as far as go to weekly segments in case there isn’t anything new or interesting in anyones lives that is worth talking about.  Here’s some of my ideas of things we could talk about each week or whenever we run out of things to talk about:

  • Weekly embarrassing Johnson story – so far I have a list of about 40 stories in which i embarrass myself, that would be good filler.
  • Weekly Movie reviews – I watch at least one new movie each week, the key will be for me to have on hand a list of recent movies I’ve seen so that i’m not just sitting there going…. uhhhhhh … ohhh, yeah i saw something that i really wanted to see for a while…. uhhhhh… i can’t remember what it was though…
  • Weekly geek segment  – where I basically geek out on something nerdy to the chagrin/delight of ray.
  • Random Top 5 list… or top 10, just like the movies, I need to have a list on hand of all the top whatevers I would like to do on the fly.  For instance, top TV shows of all time, Top cheesy action movies of all time, Top Comic Book Characters, Top Comic Strips, Most Overrated movies, Worst Movies of all time, Biggest Flops in pro sports, etc…
  • Updates on my job search, updates on my new business(s), updates on my weightloss(?), updates on my spec scripts, updates on my novel(s).
  • Oz Watch – where we talk about the latest episode(s) of Oz that we”ve watched, or whatever show we are watching at that point.
  • Job history – I’ve had a shit ton of random jobs over my life so far, so I thought i’d share them, also neat to have rock and ray mention theirs
  • Interesting stuff from my classes, or whatever nerdy thing i’m learning on my own.

Now that I’m just kind of free forming ideas here, it would be good for me to have rock and or ray ask me for a status update on all my random projects.  That way each week i could announce the one thing or things I got done that week, such as a new website launched or whatever it might be.  Even if it’s something like, this way i finally completed all the uploads to evaangelinasucksgiantcock.net, then at least it is something keeping me accountable to accomplish something on a given week.

Ranking the Newly Single Hot Chicks

I haven’t posted in a while, since I’ve been fairly busy, but after stopping by my blog today, I was ashamed to realize that three out of my last four posts were centered around Smallville.  This is unacceptable.  The corner stone of my blog has been, and will always be, random lists and hot women.  So let’s combine them by going through my list of the hottest women who recently became single.

Before you ask, no, I will not spell check any of the names on this list.  I just don’t care.

5, Reene Zellwiger

Ok, she’s only on this list cause I wanted at least five people, and shes the only other one i could think of.

4, Jessica Beil

A few years ago Jessica Beil would have probably have been number one.  For some reason the more I see of her, the more I notice that her face is slightly weird looking.  I have a feeling that 50 years from now when i’m talking to my grandchildren about which celebs I thought were the hottest, my grandkids will probably look at pictures of Jessica Beil and act unimpressed.  This may be because it’s only her body that is insanely hot and her face is just above average in looks, or maybe it will be because my grandkids will be so preoccupied fighting alien nano tech swarms, that they just can’t get emotionally invested in a hot or not conversation.


3. Amanda Seyfried

Like Jessica Beil, Amanda Seyfried has a hot body and kind of an odd face.  None of this maters if you ever watched the movie Chloe in which Amanda Seyfried has hot naked sexy lesbian sweaty sex with Julian Moore.  It was awesome.  sooooo very awesome.  Also, i’m not positive she’s single, but I think she was with Ryan Philipie who just knocked up some random broad.

2, Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde would have been number one, but the fact that she married a prince when she was 18 makes me think that she may have unrealistic expectations when it comes to what she wants from a new boyfriend.

1, Mila Kunis

Let’s just get this out of the way. Her previous long term boyfriend was Mcalley Kalken, the home alone kid.  Presumably they started dating cause they met in a support group for young Hollywood people who have weird names.  Maybe the guy is crazy awesome and shits diamonds, but i’m sure she’s gotten shit from people for dating him. Anyways, I always thought she was hot, but she then just knocked it out of the park in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Also, she has two different colored eyes.  I don’t know why, but I find that hot.  I imagine that when you stare into her eyes as you lie in bed after an incredible night of love making, you would be able to stare for much longer than you could with the average woman since if you got bored at looking at one eye color you could then just look at the other eye for some variety.


Runner up metals should go to Scarlet Johanson and Ashley Greene who broke up with Ryan Renolds and One of the Jonas brothers (Scarlet with Renolds and Ashley with a Jonas, they weren’t in some kind of weird open love Utah thing).  They would be on the list, but I think that they both have already moved on.  If I was going to list them on the list, I’d probably put them between Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried with Greene taking a slight edge of Scarlet since she seems slightly younger and more slutty… no reverse that, she was in Twilight so I’m going to give the nod to Johanson since her awesome rack was in Iron Man II.

Oh, Eva Longoria also should be on the list but… I just forgot to add her. She should be number three behind Olivia Wilde.