Smallville Live Blog

This week’s episode of Smallville is supposed to be a rip off of the Hangover…. ok well i’m sure the writers and producers of the show don’t want it to be a rip off of the Hangover, but based on virtually every other episode of Smallville I’ve ever seen, they aren’t talented enough to pull off a storyline where chloe accidentally marries clark while drunk during a bachelor party and not make it seem like a cheap rip off..   Soooooooo here we go.
dual bachelor parties are lame.
They just did the self facing close up shot that ed helms did in the hangover.  instead of a tiger they have a Limur. nice touch.  How exactly do you get superman drunk.  They sure as hell better explain that one.
Also, do any of them have friends who aren’t directly involved with crime fighting?
Zatana, nice touch. I’ll give Smallville credit for at least comming up with a plausible reason for why Clark could actually get drunk. Zatana is this really hot magician/witch.  She put a spell on a bottle of champeign.
So something happened last night and already it’s on T shirts?  Wait, Tess and Emile… whoever he is, are either still drunk or still affected by magic ?
Nice boob shot of lois.
So some chick unseen is shown putting on her shoes and leaving…. just like the hangover.

god I hate the dialog on this show. “my phone is gonzo” why couldn’t Lois just say her phone is gone.  Seriously, I would be ok if one character used random puns, but not when all of them do it. Well except Clark, he’sjust a constant wet blanket.


Wow they really do only have like 4 sets for this show.  Also, why can Tess access the alarm on the armored car, yet the actual company that owns it can’t do that or track it in any way?

Oh my god. So the bad guys think that one of our protagonist have their money and have kidnapped one of the protagonist to get it back.  AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD the exotic animal was also stolen from a dangerous guy.  Of course in this show the owner of the exotic animal and the stolen money is the same person and not two seperate people, therefore it is totally different than the hangover.  So the only difference is that Smallville combined Mike Tyson and Senior Chang into one person.

Wait, she was playing black jack, and she thinks there would be a sure thing.  There’s not even sure things for card counters in black jack.

Seriously the best part of Smallville is Lois constantly playing dress up.  And Green arrow in drag is pretty funny too.

Once again, chloe knows Kung Fu despite the fact that she’s not in the smallville matrix anymore. And there is an epic fight scene in which green arrow is kicking tons of ass and clark is, somewhere nearby, but not actually doing anything to help.  Holy shit, did Lois just shot a gun at some bad guys… with amazing no lethal accuracy.  Seriously where is Clark?

Once again, the Kent family farm is directly lit by a sun made of pure gold.

More speeches.  COOL Chloe just mentioned batman and wonder woman indirectly.  It was kind of awesome in a nerdtastic kind of way.  Smallville was directed by DC to never reference Batman or Wonder woman during the run of their show, so having Chloe say that she met other heroes just as amazing as clark, one a billionaire with tons of gadgets, and a wonderful woman who will throw clark for a loop.  Get it, cause she has a lasso.

Oh, and the episode is going to end with them starting to watch a video of what happened the previous night…. just like the hangover, but since smallville is so original, they are going to look at a cam coreder instead of a digital camera.

Oh god, The green Arrow jus called it the “Ivory Watch tower”  it’s the middle of a scene where Chloe is supposed to run away again, and he informers her that they are the ones that got married last night, and he throws in a smallville pun.  He’s better than that.

And next episode has the lex luthor clone turning into super boy, which I guess is something that actually happened in the comics.


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