The wire will cheer me up

Ok So I had a really shitty day this morning so I thought I’d play around on the IMDB message board for the Wire to help cheer me up.  Instead of replying to posts on the message board however, I thought I’d put my answers on here since…. I don’t know, I haven’t made a blog entry in a while and this seemed like a good waste of time.  I’m going to post the topic and then my answer and pretty much go in order of the most recent posts with skipping over the topics I think are stupid.

season 5 was a spectacular flop

Season 5 was probably the worst of the 5 seasons, and I think a lot of that has to do with McNulty going off the deep end and making up a serial killer.  For a lot it seemed unrealistic, and that’s kind of how I felt until I was reading up on some of the real life stories the wire pulled it’s plot lines from and found out that the fake serial killings, the blatant fictional journalism, and Hamsterdam all basically happened in real life at one point or another.  The Hamsterdam real life equivalent actually took place in Harrisburg in the late 70’s.

Still, the first time through, season 5 does seem slightly out of place and somewhat rushed towards the end.

Who did you hate to see killed?

There aren’t many deaths in the wire where you were happy to see the person die.  In fact almost all the deaths were sad in some regard, but here’s my list.

1. Bodie – Mostly because it seemed like life gave him no options and he really was like a pawn

2. Stringer Bell

3. Wallace – just sad… although he was snitching and they are supposed to get stiches

4. Frank Sobatka – one of the most selfless characters on the show

5. Prop Joe – Having your flesh and blood sell you out it just straight cold, especially considering how much he had done for Cheese and Marlo

Was Cutty a closet pedophile?

No, he just didn’t understand Michael’s problem unlike Chris Partlow who obviously had been molested back in the day.  Cutty was just a hands on teacher and just didn’t make the connection.

Could Levy have intentionally left Marlo’s number for Herc?

Maybe, but I don’t think so for the simple reason that too many things had to go right after Herc got the number in order for Levy to see any payoff.

Top 10 best characters of The Wire

This is hard since as you watch the entire series multiple times you start to like all the characters more and more and you start to pick up on little pieces of uniqueness for each person the more you watch it.

1. Omar

2. Stringer Bell

3. Bunk

4. Freeman

5. Bubbles

6. bodie

7. McNulty

8. Bunny Colvin

9. Carver

10. Rawls

You Really Like The Wire. What other Shows Do You REALLY Like?

Honestly, the Wire ruined for me virtually any other procedural crime drama like NCIS, Law and Order, and CSI.  Still there are several other shows that have an ongoing plot line with believable characters (to varying degrees) that are certainly not in the same mold as the Wire, but that I still enjoy all the same.

The Shield, Nip Tuck, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Californication, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Community.

ok Community doesn’t really fit with the others, but it is hella good.

I hate Herc! *minor spoilers*

Yeah, as the seasons go on you really hate Herc more and more, and it’s not because he’s a bad guy in the classical evil sense, it’s just that he doesn’t have many of the important qualities a person in his position needs to have.  He is short sighted, doesn’t follow through on things, wants to take short cuts, kind of stupid…

It’s nice to see a central character who is just straight up inept.   Usually the main characters on shows are all virtuous people who are extremely talented and passionate, while in real life there are probably way more Herc’s out there.  Good at heart and maybe well meaning, but just in over his head.

Some characters kind of took over the crown from other characters

This seemed a little forced at the end of the series, but it kind of fit in with the show’s overall message.  It’s nice to imagine that Dukie and Michael would have fled Baltimore and some how made it to college and been successful, but odds are that one would end up on drugs and the other would end up doing business with a gun in some form or another.  I like to think that all of the characters who shifted into new roles aren’t supposed to be clones or replacements, but instead just a type of evolution.  Signor is hinted to be the new McNulty, but honestly he’s probably a combination of McNulty, Freeman, and Kima.  McNulty’s sense of justice, with Freeman’s patiences, and Kima’s street smarts.  Still here’s a run down of the character shifts.

Dukie ->  Bubbels (Just not as smart, and with no support structure or  hope)

Michael -> Omar (minus the love of cock, but possibly with more training)

Carver -> Lt. Daniels / Colvin Hybrid (Not as smart as either, but probably more caring than both)

Signor -> McNulty (probably never going to be a great homicide detective but will be excellent as a narco)

Slim Charles -> Avon/String/Pro Joe (He’s probably closer to Avon than anyone else since he really was just a soldier who went up the ranks because of attrition)

When was it implied that Cheese was Randy’s father?

At one point you hear that Cheese’s last name is Wagstaff which is Randy’s last name.  In the show they never confirm that they are father and son, but David Simon the writer/creator did confirm that he is the father and that they had toyed with some storyline ideas that revolved around that.

Best Stringer Bell Quotes?

This is tough since he has so many good lines but a few of my favs are his 40 degree day speech, his final moment with Avon talk, and his final moment “get on with it motherfucker”.

Why did Kima have to snitch on McNulty and Freamon?

This is subtle but it’s also what I liked about the show.  If this had been Law and Order, or CSI or some other cop show, Kima would have made up her mind to either snitch or not to snitch almost instantly and then followed through on said action.  On this show she went and talked to Carver first about how he felt after doing something similar. She didn’t make the decision lightly, and you could tell she hated doing it, but she was from the same mold as Daniels where the ends can’t justify the means.

Best Character Arc on the Show?

The obvious choice would be Bubbles, but I actually go with a tie between Prezbo and Boodie for my top spot.  Both characters are hated right from the get go.  Prezbo, kind of like Herc, shouldn’t be a cop, or at least, not the type of cop that is out on a beat.  Boodie is almost an archtype at the begining and is almost incapable of seeing things from a different point of view or taking a new perspective…. kind of like Herc.  As the show progresses though you attitude towards both characters change.  Both are in a situation that almost forces their hand in a way that they are unlikeable.  With Prezbo you see him able to move out of that sitation and into something that he is able to actually excel at and enjoy.  This is rewarding from a viewers perspective since you pretty early on feel sympathetic for Prezbo and are rewarded by seeing him in a new profession he truly enjoys.

Boodie in a similar fashion also becomes a sympathetic character since by the end you realize that he was born into the life, did everything he was told to do, and still came to a tragic end.  With Boodie however you could take solice in the fact that he went out on his terms, which in the context of the show and of his life, was kind of noble.

lines that made you laugh

Most of the Drunk McNulty stuff had me rolling.  Also Bunk had many choice quotes.  Best is the two of them together though.

Bunk: Popadopolis, man those greeks and their twisted ass names.

McNultty: Hey lay off the greeks, they invented civilization.

Bunk: Yeah? Ass fucking too.

Which season had the best last scene?

Season 3.  The song was perfect since the season kind of ended on a down note for many of the charachters and it represented a shift away from Barksdale and over to Marlo.  The song is Fast Train by… some guy, but the best cut, is when you see D’Angelo’s baby momma crying and the camera pans to pic of D and then one of String.

Most Satisfying Moments

In the final episodes montage when you see Bubbles walk up the steps to have dinner with his family.  A lot of people focus on the negative aspects of the show and how nothing changes and every thing is a vicious circle and there’s no hope for almost anyone on the show, but Bubble’s storyline showed that even with all the bad stuff, there is still room for some hope.

2nd time around

There was also a thread, that I can’t find anymore, that was devoted to people talking about things they only noticed during their second (or 3rd, or 4th, or …etc) viewing.  Some of my favorites that I can remember off the top of my head:

Bunny Colvin says “get on with it motherf-” right before getting fired, just the same as stringer bell did before muzone and Omar killed him.

Horse face from season 2 (the dock worker in the control booth) is seen living under the bridge in season 5 when McNulty is investigating the homeless.

D’Angelo in season 1 talks about the game being rigged, as does Boodie in Season 4.  Also boodie talks about being a pawn in season 4, and in season 1 D taught him and wallace about chess.

The cops never fired weapons on the show except for Prezbo where there was always a negative outcome for him.

In Season 1 Herc and Carver are bored on the roof top and Herc wonders out loud if the whole thing is over and no one told them about it.  In season 2 They are on stake out for 24hrs straight before finding out that the case was basically over.

Carver in his angry speech standing on top of a junk car in season 3 yells to the hidding ghetto corner kid “We do not loose, you loose”  which is kind of echoed when McNulty is justifying his fake serial killer angel in sason 5 to Bunk when he says “Marlo doesn’t get to win, we win”.

Dukie says “I’ll taking anyone’s money if they are just giving it away” when MArlo is giving out money to all the project hoppers, and later that season Clay Davis says “I’ll take any mother fuckers money if he’s just giving it away”

McNulty and Bunk keep correcting each other and other on the correct pronunciation of Roland Legget.

McNultty has trouble putting together an Ikea bedroom set in season one and so does Kima in season 4 or 5.

One of the kids that was reenacting the omar’s crew VS Barksdale crew shoot out, is the same kid that actually killed omar two season latter.

When omar gives bunk the gun bunk was looking for it is wrapped in the tie that omar wore when he testified against bird.

When Stringer sells out Avon to Bunny Colvin he says that it’s just business, and then when Mazone confronts Avon about String, Muzone says that it wasn’t about Business but Avon’s reputation that keeps his dealings with NY in check.  Also an episode or two earlier Avon is talking to String about Marlo and the corners and Avon says he’s not a business man like string and he’s just a gangster he supposes.  The whole string = business VS Avon = Street Rep is highlighted constantly in season 3.

In Season 3 when Bunny takes Carcetti to see a local meeting where the public is voicing concerns the one woman or man says that she’s/he is affraid especially since his/her brother Gant was a states witness and got killed, which of course is from the first episode, the guy who testified against D.

When in Season 5 Freeman meets with Clay Davis, and Davis briefly talks about ripping of String, and you can see in Freeman’s eyes that he just figured out who Stringer Bell was hiring the Jackal (assasin) for.  Freeman could have told Clay, you came so close to getting killed, but just let it slide.



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