Latest Family Guy star wars installment

I use to love family guy then it went off the air and everyone else started liking it and then it came back on the air and i hated it since it was now too formulaic and I hate when things I like start to get liked by people who are straight up morons, but now I’ve come to accepted it with its flaws and like it again.  I will always hate the cleaveland show however.

Anyways, the latest installment of FG’s Starwars parody is comming to DVD soon.  I really liked the other two (especially the fact that they pretty much admitted that Robot Chicken did it first and there was a nice playful back and forth between Peter and Chris who is played by Seth Green creator of Robot Chicken).  This one looks like it will be good, but I was kind of surprised at how hard I laughed at the Special Editions joke.


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