Just bought Gran Turismo 5

I am literally just sitting in my living room waiting for Gran Turismo 5 to install onto my playstation and I have to admit, I’m a little excited.  Not so excited that I’m going to live blog as I play the game for the first time, but still fairly excited.  I will say that I am excited enough that I am somewhat ashamed of it. Especially since I got to the video game store an hour before it actually opened. In my defense I only got there that early because I had gone to HACC when it first opened so that I could have a transcript mailed to Millersville.  Since I had nothing else to do and was already driving around I just went right to the mall and hung out with a bunch of old people who I guess go there everyday to just walk around.

I had heard of this before, but had never really seen it.  I guess it makes sense since they get to walk around and are also indoors and not exposed to the elements. Plus no one is around so they don’t have to deal with a bunch of asshole kids and teenagers running around.

So the store finally opened and when I walked up there were two people in line in front of me.  The first one was a mid to late 20 something guy who evidentally is there like every other day and was joking around with the clerk about the fact he should probably pay rent since he basically lives there.


They really must be going after the redneck market this time around.

Anyways, so the first guy in line gets Gran Turismo that he had reserved.  The second guy in line was 50 something and I had no idea why he would be in a video game store at 10 am on a Wednesday. I’m guessing maybe he was buying something for a kid or nephew or grandson for christmas. Nope.  He also preordered Gran Turismo 5.  not only that, but he also ordered the custom racing controler wheel.  It’s like a special racing wheel controller with pedals designed exclusively for this game.  I have no idea how much is costs, but the dude is hardcore.  He was even talking about tuning specs and drifting and all kinds of shit.  I just nodded along and preteneded I knew what he was talking about since I didn’t want to look like a newb.



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