Stuff I’ve put off writing about

There is a bunch of stuff I’ve wanted to write but just never got around to typing up in even a half or quarter assed attempt.  What follows is a quick eighth assed attempt to write about them.

Mad Men Season  recap – Good season as to be expected sincve the show is great.  I was happy that I think they made a concerted effort to let John Hamm insert more of his humor into the charachter this season.  The quick marriage turn around in the season’s last two episodes was kind of surprising and maybe forced, but maybe the next season will help explain why Don Draper rushed into a new marriage.

Rubicon recap – the show started off really slow but had picked up some steam in the 2nd half of the season and by the end of the year was only fairly slow.  The last couple of episodes were fairly interesting but it hardly made up for the first 5 or 6 episodes where you weren’t sure what if anything was happening.  It’s not a shock it got cancelled and won’t have a second season.

Eastbound and Down season 2 recap – The move to Mexico for season 2 sounded like a gimick but they pulled it off perfectly and honestly, it fit in perfectly with the type of person Kenny Powers has been throughout the first season.  The only downside is that there was only 8 or so episodes in this season.  I understand that Danny Mcbride can’t devote a ton of time to the show since he’s making bank in hollywood but hopefully they don’t wait to long to start season 3. Special guest star Don Johnson was perfect as Kenny’s dad.

Social Network review – I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I did. Actually that is a huge understatement.  When I saw the previews I thought the movie was just a movie about how innovative Facebook is and how social networking is amazing and blah blah blah.  The movie really isn’t about that. It’s basically a Ben Mezrich story in movie form.  (probably because it actually was a Ben Mezrich book and produced by Kevin Spacey who was in 21, also a Ben Mezrich story).  Mezrich stories are great cause 1. they are real, 2. have young brilliant people doing innovative things, 2. usually features betrayal on a somewhat epic level.  I’ve actually watched the movie 5 times already.

Youth in Revolt review – I remember seeing the previews for this and thought it looked pretty good.  It’s the michael Cera movie where he creates a seperate identity with corresponding mustache and bad boy attitude and uses it to …. I don’t know, get laid or something.  Basically I thought the movie would just be a long series of funny scenes where there is a struggle between the good and badside, or maybe he starts out good, turns bad and then maybe at the end turns good again but with a little edge.  The movie had some ok moments and followed a little bit of the later format I had guessed above, but sadly it was mostly a Indie teen rom quasicom.  It’s a lot like Juno but with less pretentious music.

Robin Hood review – I was so excited to see this movie when it first came out, but I just never went and didn’t get around to downloading it till just recently.  It was really good and I like the fact that they didn’t focus on the normal Robin Hood story that everyone knows and instead focused on the years prior to him going to prison or running his crew out in the sherwood forrest. I also like that they made him an excellent archer but that it wasn’t a gimick and wasn’t like some unrealistic super hero archer like in popular fiction.

Date Night review – I love Tina Fey and Steve Carrel, and thought that this was going to be good but not amazing since it was more of a … shit I can’t get away from saying it but, yeah, it was like a date night movie.  It was looked like something couples would go to since they both would enjoy it and blah blah blah.  I am more into the balls out crazy comedies, but I really like this movie, and it was even better than I thought.

Get him to the Greek review – I wasn’t that excited about this movie since I thought the Aldous Snow character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall might get kind of annoying if he was the star of the whole movie.  Thankfully his character had enough depth that he didn’t get annoying and repetitive and the supporting cast was great.  Especially awesome was Sean Combs (puff daddy).  I was shocked at how hilarious his scenes were.  Seriously, people should watch the movie just to see his crazyness on the screen.

Repo Men review – This is that movie with Jude Law where in the future the repo fake organs if you can’t pay for them.  Kind of a standard scifi movie but it did have one nice twist in it, that I kind of figured out would happen near the beginning when someone said a throwaway line that you knew would come back later in the movie.  Good action. It’s no social network but I will probably watch it again at some point.

The wire Season 6 ideas – I may still finis this but I have to wait to publish till Roc and Ray finish watching the five season run or I will ruin parts of it.

Video Games I’m pumped about – DC online, and Gran Turismo 5.  They both have been repetedly delayed, but that is still beter than the alternative of releasing it too soon, with tons of bugs and just post updates when the users complain.  That’s what most video game copanies do.  Not just game companies, but software companies do that to.  They know there are bugs but release anyways and just incorporate the fixes into future releases and market them as upgrades.  I don’t know if I will even do the DC online game since I don’t like MMORPGs even if they are super hero based.  Gran Turismo is a definite since I loved the previous incarnations of that game, and this time there is going to be way more cars including a lot of american muscle cars. I want a 70 Cuda and a 69 GTO.

Ok so that is my 1/8 assed attempt to write all this stuff. i’d like to think that maybe it was almost up to a 7th or 6th of an ass worth of effort. If I had inserted some pics in this post i probably could have gotten all the way up to a one quarter assed attempt.


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