The Nerdiest things I continue to do online.

There are a lot of nerdy/geeky things I do online.  There’s the occasional comic book download or the infrequent visit to a Star Wars Diorama site called, but by enlarge I use the internet on a daily basis for normal stuff like downloading TV shows, catching up on celebrity gossip, and watching youporn while continually beating off to the point of near exhaustion.  There are a few things on the internet that I follow regularly that does however bring shame to my soul.  Maybe none of these things is that nerdy if looked at in a vacuum, but added together it becomes the calling cards of a man who desperately wants to bang wonder woman and princess Leia in a Tron Light Bike bed.

I will try to start with the least nerdy and work my way up.


Actually I’m not sure if this is really the least nerdy thing if you really think about some of the stuff that is talked about on this podcast.  Kevin smith is the writer / director of clerks, chasing amy, Dogma, jay and silent bob strike back, …etc.  He and his long time best friend and producer Scott Mosier have a weekly podcast where they talk about anything they feel like talking about.  Occasionally they talk about pressing world events, or provide insight into the movie industry, but most of the time they talk about a combination of taking shits, jerking off, getting high, comic books, and embarrassing situations.  the largest block of time each week is spent going over hypothetical situations where the two role play how they would react if  _________.  Here are some examples of what they have role played before:

  • Scott Mosier is playing a bank robber who will kill everyone unless Kevin Smith sucks his dick
  • Kevin Smith runs into a very hostile lead singer from foreigner in the cereal isle
  • Scott Mosier has to meet with a dying kid through the make a wish foundation and the dying kid played by Smith wants a HJ
  • Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier try to get Aqua Man high
  • Armegedon has come and the US govt has asked Scott Mosier to fight Jesus using old timey boxing to save all those left behind

All of these are way funnier than they look when just typed out on a blog.

Trolling IMDB message boards

Ok, Trolling is a little harsh since most of the time I spend making posts is not in an effort to start a flame war.  I will readily admit however that some of my posts, particularly on the Treme board, have started almost heated arguments.   The amazing part about the Treme board is that you have both people who absolutely love it and other people who just despise it. Most other boards might have just one or the other depending on how good the show is, but you usually don’t get the same kind of mix.

Still, one of my favorite threads that I started was on the Sons of Anarchy imdb board where I posted a thread called “Things you love and hate about season 3”. Boom it’s already up to 4 pages of replies after a couple weeks.  The best part of the 4 pages of replies is that at one point two people started arguing about whether or not there is a god and if so why he lets bad things happen to good people.

Forum post on

I post on this site way more often then I should for a site that only has an update about once a month.  Granted the idea of HISHE (creating better movie endings for famous movies) is fantastic and most of their shorts are hilarious, but the thing I love most about the forum is posting my ideas for funny movie endings.  I don’t remember most of the ones I posted but I do remember two:

  • Any James Bond Movie – James Bond is talking with a bad guy and when asked his name says “Bond, James Bond” BAM bad guy shoots him and looks at one of the other bad  guys and is like “Holy hell, I can’t believe that he just told us he was James Bond.” etc…
  • Stranger than Fiction – The writer lady types out the ending from the movie and then after a couple of dots writes “and then the author won the mega millions lottery” and next scene she’s rolling around in a pile of money.

DC Comicbooks Online

Ok, this is really where the nerdy stuff kicks it up a notch.  DC comic books online is a new online role playing game where you create a superhero and play in an online DC comic books world with other people who have also created their own super heroes.  Basically it is a comic book version of world of warcraft.  Ok yes, all of this sounds nerdy, but…. it is really really really nerdy, and the nerdiest part is that I continue to check on the site every couple of weeks for updates dispute the fact that I know that it won’t be released till early next year.

Look this is basically the culmination of every kid who read comic books dream.  You create your own super hero and decide how he looks, what his powers are, who he fights, is he good or evil, blah blah blah.   I tried WoW once and hated it, and never really got into any other online games whether they were computer based or something on the PS3 like call of duty, but I could see getting into this.  Here is the game trailer, although, the thing that looks awesome is the cinematic trailer that gives that back story to the game.

Smallville recaps on Comicalliance

This started because I learned that this is the last season of Smallville which is the teenage years of superman on the WB.  I wasn’t surprised that this is the last year, but I was surprised that it lasted ten fucking years.  I saw a few episodes in the first couple years and wasn’t really into it since, he wasn’t superman.  He was a whinny teenager going through super puberty and I just didn’t care.  Now 10 years later it looks like he’s actually fighting other super powered bad guys from the DC universe and there’s somewhat less teen angst and relationship drama.  I started watching the final season just to see if it’s gotten any better, and it did kind of.  Then I found these two guys on, which surprise surprise is a comic book website, reviewing each episode from their point of view which is just like mine since they never watched the show during the first 9 seasons.

My favorite ongoing discussion in their reviews has to be the fact that the woman who plays lois lane is constantly playing dress up in every episode.  like she has to dress up in some type of cosplay in every episode, and out of the first 6 episodes this season I think she’s played dressed up in 4 of those episodes.

hey, speaking of wanting to sleep with wonder woman!!!!!


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