Favorite things I’ve learned from Cracked.com

Before I start listing things, I should probably note that any time you learn anything new you should probably take it with a grain of salt and seek some type of confirmation.  Most of what cracked says in their articles is accurate to a high degree, but some of it is only partially accurate but either crazy hilarious or crazy awesome when devoid of context.  Any ways, let’s start the list:

btw these are in no particular order.


Amelia Earhart’s mystery was solved back in the day since they actually found her body on an island with some plane wreckage.


I already knew that undercover cops do not have to identify themselves as being undercover and that it is just something writers put into movies to add a moment of suspense and conflict. (although a nice side effect is that many criminals don’t know this and totally tell undercover cops all kinds of illegal things after being told that they totally aren’t police)  What I didn’t know was that most people when arrested aren’t read their Miranda rights since it only applies to when someone is being interrogated.  In fact after I did some more research, if you are arrested and just start yelling out incrimidating stuff, that can totally be used against you even if those rights weren’t read to you since you weren’t being interrogated. Also… the whole one phone call thing is also bullshit.


I already knew that the Wild Wild West in reality had very little in the way of gun fights, but I was surprised to learn that the reaction to the original War of the Worlds broadcast was actually benign by almost all accounts and that the stories of terrified listeners thinking there really was an alien invasion were just made up to hype the broadcast.


For all the times I watched Empire Strikes Back, I never noticed that there is a huge descrepency in how much time would have needed to take place in the asteroid field where Han and Leia were hiding from the Empire, while Luke got his Jedi training on Degobah.


History is way too complicated since most signifigant events both large and small are created by an oustoundingly large number of variables, all of which were viewed and acted apon by a vastly diverse group of people with staggeringly different viewpoints.  That’s why I like to keep things simple like Nazis are bad and Winston Churchill was awesome.  Then I read the section labeled: Winston Churchill Was the Universally Beloved Leader of the Good Guys.  In summation he was like George W Bush.


This article has a ton of stuff I loved to learn, but my favorite is the easter egg that we are all viewing the statue of david from the wrong angel, and that if you view it from above it is…. you know what just read the quote from cracked:

When viewed from a high angle–the view Michelangelo would have had as he chiseled away in his workshop–David has a stressed look on his face that’s invisible from the ground level.

“Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap.”

He isn’t just simply striking a pose; David is facing his opponent Goliath, the Jew-baiting GIANT. Researchers made a computerized scan of the sculpture as part of their study, and found that every minute, anatomical detail shows a guy scared out of his mind, but ready to pounce like a naked-assed Tyler Durden.


The first entry on this list should be filed under that grain of salt warning I put at the top… wait did I say grain of salt or use some other wording… whatever.  The first entry mentions that adding a silencer to a gun does not in fact make it silent.  It’s actually not called a silencer but a compressor.  It will dramatically change the sound a gun makes so that it is harder to tell where it is being fired from, but it is still loud as hell.  The only issue i have is that this is all true, if you are using normal bullets. If you are using sub sonic rounds (designed to travel at sub sonic speeds) the compressor does make it virtually silent.  It should be noted that many calibers like a 45 (I think, I don’t care to look it up again) are incapable of traveling at sub sonic speeds and therefore there are no subsonic rounds available and therefore adding a compressor to a 45 will result in slightly less loud gun fire.


I like the entry this article contains on Thomas Paine since it ridicules Glen Beck for only focusing on Paine’s most famous work, Common Sense, and ignoring some of his other works that actually promoted shared wealth….. Fuck Glen Beck.


Two things in this article were cool for me to read. 1. The Pyramids Were Smooth, White and Shiny 2. Greek Statues Were Brightly Painted and Kind of Stupid Looking


Led Zepplin basically stole their entire first album


Just about all of these are creepy as fuck in one way or another, but the Wow signal kind of takes it to another level since if you look into… and by that I mean google it and read some internet postings you’ll see that the general consensous by crackpots is that some alien life forms sent us a signal that originated outside out solar system, where as well respected, clear minded, logical, rational scientists believe that we received a signal that originated from outside our solar system…. and it wasn’t natural…. and yep, was probably aliens.

Even Stephen Hawkings has talked about this: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/stephen-hawkings-universe-the-wow-signal.html


Machiavellian’s the Prince was completely sarcastic and that he totally was against everything his name has now come to symbolize.


There are some other things I can remember off the top of my head but I think my favorite is the two most badasses in military history: Audie Murphy, and the White Death.  Ok, Audie Murphy probably had a more bad ass all around life since after the military stuff he played himself in the movie about himself that he purposefully wrote to be less bad ass that what happened in real life so that it would be more believable. But the White Death has a way cooler name and survived getting shot in the face and having bombs dropped on him.  Also the white death was the only personal I’ve ever read about where an apposing army became concerned with killing just one person.


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