Latest Family Guy star wars installment

I use to love family guy then it went off the air and everyone else started liking it and then it came back on the air and i hated it since it was now too formulaic and I hate when things I like start to get liked by people who are straight up morons, but now I’ve come to accepted it with its flaws and like it again.  I will always hate the cleaveland show however.

Anyways, the latest installment of FG’s Starwars parody is comming to DVD soon.  I really liked the other two (especially the fact that they pretty much admitted that Robot Chicken did it first and there was a nice playful back and forth between Peter and Chris who is played by Seth Green creator of Robot Chicken).  This one looks like it will be good, but I was kind of surprised at how hard I laughed at the Special Editions joke.


NFL Live Blog week 11

I wanted to go with a thanksgiving theme for my myriad of aesthetically pleasing lady pictures this week, but to be honest it is hard to find pictures of women dressed up like Native Americans.  The problem isn’t there aren’t that many pictures like that on the internet. I’m sure there are. The problem is that most google searches will either give you pictures of hot women who are in real life of native american descent, or it will give you pictures of hot Indian women from India.  Oh and don’t get me started on the staggering amount of Disney porn you find when you google image search for “hot Pocahontas” .

I did my best however  and since I’m up early today I’m going to preload the blog with all of the photos I was able to find and then I’ll just fill in my live blog around the photos.  You might also be wondering why I feel the need to insert pictures of hot women in a blog post about NFL.  Well. Boobies are awesome. That’s my answer.

This morning I have the choice between the bills v steelers games or washington v minnesota so I’ve decided to go with the battle of  way past their prime QBs on not their original teams.  aaaannnndddd I fell asleep for most of the first half. I did wake up in time to see Adrian Peterson get hurt and limp off the field.  I’m sure there are at least three or four vikings fans across the country who didn’t immediately start crying  about their savior purple jesus getting hurt.

London Fletcher is all over the place.  I wonder if he hated his weird ass name growing up. I’m trying to think of some creative insults involving his name but I don’t know that much about London other than it’s foggy and was the setting for Sherlock Holmes homoerotic adventures with Watson.

Vikinigs D is making Donovan McNabb look like the McNabb of old.  So what should I order for Lunch today?  I’m leaning towards some yummylicious green pepper and red onion pizza.

Sweet. The announcers were just talking about Ed Hockulie’s massive guns.  If I was him I’d constantly ask people if they have their tickets yet. The tickets to the gun show.  then I would kiss each of my biceps lovingly.   I would also ask people if they heard about the snakes that escaped from the zoo.  Then I would flex and say that it was a pair of pythons on the loose.

This game is puntastic. Wait.  maybe that should be spelled punttastic otherwise you might think I was talking about puns and not punts.  What I’m trying to say is that there’s been a whole lot of punts in this game and almost no puns as far as I can recall.  Hey the voice of Archer on Archer is now voicing some other guy on a new fox animation show…. that looks god damn terrible.  I’m not sure if fox knows this but you should try and make your previews look humorous when attempting to advertise a new comedy series.

That is a spectacular backside pictured above.  Speaking of spectacular, Tom Brady was awesome for me in fantasy on thanksgiving. Now I just need some decent games from my other players and I should hold off my fantasy opponent this week.  OHHHHHH SHIT Buy one original burger king chicken sandwich and get one free. Sweet. Those are the best chicken sandwiches in the history of insanely unhealthy fast food. Oh the first half is over.  Not very exciting if you ask me.

Ok it’s halftime so I placed my order at Giovanni’s and am playing a little Gran turismo till the 2nd half starts.  I guess I’d better put on some pants.  You know cause of the food delivery, not because the game. Pantless is how I prefer to play the game honestly.  The cool thing (which honestly is kind of lame so I don’t know why I call it cool) is that this year you can hire drivers for this one set of races and you just buy them the car and then give them tips as they drive to help them out.  It’s boring but the nice thing is that the computer can basically run a race for me while I’m watching football and that way I get money to but more awesome cars.  The downside is that the drivers suck for a long time and have a habit of just randomly slamming on the breaks like he is tripping balls and sees an imaginary deer in the middle of the road every other lap.

Halftime is over but I’m not really paying attention to the game cause i’m researching cyber monday deals.  It looks like bullshit honestly.  I understand Black Friday since they have some honest to god great deals, but the sales i’m seeing advertised as part of cyber monday look a little less than spectacular. Vikings are driving right now but they need to get some points, otherwise I’ll be even more bored than I am already. BOOM TD white RB guy.

so after the score both teams had a three and out.  Really? they are still making Narnia movies?  I didn’t even make it through the first one.  I tried twice to watch it and fell asleep during it both times.  I love the PS3 commercials by the way. You know the ones with the funny vice president who in case you are wondering, is actually just an actor and not an actual vice president at the company. I hope the eagels game this afternoon is more interesting. I’m way more into the commercials than the game right now.  Come on pizza when are you going to get here. This is bullshit making me wait almost 20 minutes so far.

God could this game be any more boring.  At this point chris cooley could catch a pass and then run so fast the friction caused by his clothes colliding with air particles would make him burst into flames, and I would still have trouble staying awake while watching the game. YEAH i think I hear the pizza guy. I feel bad for McNabb.  That INT wasn’t his fault at all after the ball went through Moss’ hands and bounced off his helmet and flew straight up in the air.  BTW I love when Pizza places use red onions instead of white onions.  White Onions < Red Onions < Boobies < Jack Bauer     annnnnnnndddddddd vikings will be settling for a Field Goal.

Nice return by the skins. Speaking of Skins, yes I know that is a Pedo Bear approved Miley Cirus above and a clamedia approved Paris Hilton below.  I’m not proud of including them in this post but the came up under the hot indian google search and … ughhhhh Miley is going to have a sex tape within 4 years I bet.  I don’t know why people say that she is hot.  The problem is that until very recently she was under 18 which makes it creepy to comment on her hotness, and second she did, and still does look like a little kid and probably will continue to look that way till she’s like 23 or something.  Kind of like Hayden Paneterier (i’m not looking up the correct spelling of her name) who even now still looks too young despite being 20 something now.

After a great return like that the skins really should have gotten more than a field goal.  Still they needed that FG to pull it to within a 7 point game.

This game is threatening to get interesting here.  You know what else is interesting, my list of ideas for next weeks collection of hot women photos randomly placed into my nfl blog post.  Here are some of my ideas:

  • Cowgirls, or just women with cowboy hats
  • Handbras
  • Hot Former Cheerleaders
  • Hot singers
  • Hot Mensa chicks, or just smart chicks in general
  • Just random hotness

I’m leaning towards the smart chicks thing since it would give me an excuse to talk about Danica Melekar. You know Winnie Cooper, who turned out to be a math geek and has a couple of formulas named after her. How hot is that?  Natalie portman went to Harvard, Rashida Jones has near pefect memory from what I remember reading, Asia Carrera is a hot asian pornstar who is also a member of Mensa.  Those are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.  Oh well in the mean time lets look at some more Native American themed hotness.

Vikings are kind of shooting themselves in the foot or a the very least are leaving them selves open for a big play like OMG the punt return TD that just happened.  Oh fuck it. illegal block in the back takes away the TD and moves it half the difference to the endzone. Dang. Once again; Almost exciting. annnnnnndddd three and out for redskins.  Hey I didn’t make the connection before between my picture theme this week and Washington’s not so subtly racists team mascot.

That chick kind of looks like Lucy Lawless. Remember Xena the warrior princess? no? well you must not be a lesbian I guess. Whooooooaaaaaaaa was that offensive by me.  Anyways i’m getting sleepy again. Might nap through the end of this game since it’s getting lame again.  Gearhart is looking kind fo good, but not as good as the announcer are making him sound.  He’s not going to take over for Adrian Peterson. He has a couple things working against him. Number one, he doesn’t have that extra gear so if he does get a big opening he won’t be able to turn it into a TD regardless of where they are on the field like most fast RBs can do.  Number two, he is painfully white.  That second thing really is the kiss of death for a half back.

tick tick tick. two and a half minutes left with the vikings trying to run out the clock and me fighting to stay awake.

And vikings are kneeling the ball for the win.  sooooooooo exciting.  Hopefully there is some exciting bonus coverage. NOPE, just post game BS. ughhh nap time.

Ok these are totally not safe for work but it is basically the most aweome combination of bare boobs and Native American stereotypes:

Peta Todd is a Topless Squaw

File Sharing proponents are fucking stupid.

On Nov 26th ICE took control of several Torrent websites and set up the following splash page:

It actually kind of looks fake but it is honest to got real.

There is a full break down of the sites that are affected at the following link:

None of this is that interesting to me since the goverment here in the states as well as agencies in several other countries have been working on shutting down some of the larger sites like for a while now.

If you don’t know how a torrent works, this is how it works… nope let’s just toss up a wiki quote instead of me breaking it down.

The BitTorrent protocol can distribute a large file without the heavy load on the source computer and network entailed by standard Internet hosting that sends a separate copy to everyone requesting one. This can easily overload a standard host. The protocol works as an alternative data distribution method that makes even small computers, e.g., mobile phones, with low bandwidth able to distribute files to many recipients.

A user who wishes to distribute a file first creates a small torrent descriptor file that he distributes by conventional means (web, email, etc.). He then makes the file itself available through a BitTorrent node acting as a seed. Those with the torrent descriptor file can give it to their own BitTorrent nodes which, acting as peers or leechersdownload it by connecting to the seed and/or other peers.

The file being distributed is divided into segments called pieces. As each peer receives a new piece of the file it becomes a source of that piece to other peers, relieving the seed from having to send a copy to every peer. With BitTorrent, the task of distributing the file is shared by those who want it; it is entirely possible for the seed to send only a single copy of the file itself to an unlimited number of peers.

That explanation is pretty straightforward, but basically someone puts a file on their computer and uploads something to the internet that says “hey here is a link to a file i’m hosting on my computer, come download this awesome file.” Kind of like napster.  When someone downloads this file it is then stored on their computer and is also able to be downloaded.  Pretty soon more and more people have the same file on their computer making it easier for new people to download it since even though they may only be able to take 2 or 3 kb of data from anyone person, if they are downloading from 30 different people the total amount of data they are downloading greatly increases.  Since the file is the same on all computers you can download the first 3 mb of data from one persons pc while also downloading the final 2 mb of data from another persons pc.

What makes this a tricky problem for law enforcement is that no one person or site is actually hosting the data.  in fact I may only have downloaded 60 percent of a file and still be able to upload it to other people who are missing those peices that I have already downloaded. So the problem becomes similar to the problem they had with napster.

Napster was basically a site that was enabling illegal activity knowingly.  There were a few instances where law enforcment went after individuals who had thousands of titles on their PCs and were uploading them to many more thousands of people, but mostly they targeted the Napster site itself since napster was not only the vehicle for which people were able to share these files illegally but they also provided the search engine and the connections.  With Napster they weren’t hosting the files, but they were involved in virtually every other aspect of the file sharing.

With torrent files, these websites are only hosting very small files that contain all the tracking information on where these files are being located.  You then have to use a seperate program not affiliated with the site that you found the torrent, and use this software to manage the connections with all the different peers.  The software isn’t centralized so the software makers can’t be faulted for not over seeing the connections and files being transfered since they can’t see it.

You know what, I don’t know why I got into all of that.  The only thing I wanted to talk about is how bat shit crazy illogical the peer to peer proponents on the site I listed above have been in the comment section of that article.  Here’s the thing. No mater how you look at it. If you are using a torrent service to download for free material that is copywrite protected, than you are breaking the law and doing a bad thing. It is not the worse thing in the world.  It might not be a completly victimless crime but it probably doesn’t hurt a lot of people in a profound way for sure.  Still. It is on some level immoral, and any argument you make in support of file sharing is just your attempt at rationalizing the fact that you are doing something that is on some level wrong.

So if a TV writer puts a lot of effort into creating a TV show, a network buys the script, hires actors, producers, directors, pays for advertising for the new show and then you come along and download it for free resulting in lower ratings and decreased ad revenue, then yeah the makers of the product do have a legitimate gripe.

I need to stop talking and just do what I intended to do at the start of this. Here are a bunch of the more absurd comments I found posted about this articles comments section:

I think its time that ICE feels the real force of what they are messing with.
As long as they remain in THEIR country, I say let them keep playing. The moment they set foot outside the US territories and attempt to do the same is when the true “Violence” shall arise as they will be show that no one country may hold control of the vast internet and the liberties it shares amongst the people who use it.


Who do these bastards think they are, Seriously. They’re americans not gods, Let’s get that into their thick ignorant skulls. They can do whatever they want within their borders. The internet is not within those borders.


I wondered where all the nazi’s went when germany didn’t want them anymore – now we now!


U$A = worse than nazi totalitarian imperialist dictatorship, never ever been a democracy at any point in its short history of mass-murders.


It’s funny how the US always parades freedom like it’s a bloody cult, and then they pass legislation that’s the opposite of freedom.

This is starting to look like a regime in it’s prime.


The entertainment/media companies refuse to understand the very simple concept of evolve or die and apparently so do the USA authorities.
I see sinking to such desperate depths as good news, it clearly demonstrates they are on the back foot and grasping at straws (in the same way as the trolls on TF with their pish poor attempts to change popular opinion) whilst file sharing becomes ever more popular, the war is not over yet but we really are wining and hopefully forcing a change for the better. Some good stuff came out of the ddos attacks (ACS Law) but seeding and boycotting is hurting them far more than ddos attacks ever will.

It amazes me how much these people act like it is an actual war and that their freedoms are being trampled upon.  Look it would be one thing if the majority or even a small but valid percentage of the files being shared were not copy written then I would under stand their anger. But almost all are illegal files.



Just bought Gran Turismo 5

I am literally just sitting in my living room waiting for Gran Turismo 5 to install onto my playstation and I have to admit, I’m a little excited.  Not so excited that I’m going to live blog as I play the game for the first time, but still fairly excited.  I will say that I am excited enough that I am somewhat ashamed of it. Especially since I got to the video game store an hour before it actually opened. In my defense I only got there that early because I had gone to HACC when it first opened so that I could have a transcript mailed to Millersville.  Since I had nothing else to do and was already driving around I just went right to the mall and hung out with a bunch of old people who I guess go there everyday to just walk around.

I had heard of this before, but had never really seen it.  I guess it makes sense since they get to walk around and are also indoors and not exposed to the elements. Plus no one is around so they don’t have to deal with a bunch of asshole kids and teenagers running around.

So the store finally opened and when I walked up there were two people in line in front of me.  The first one was a mid to late 20 something guy who evidentally is there like every other day and was joking around with the clerk about the fact he should probably pay rent since he basically lives there.


They really must be going after the redneck market this time around.

Anyways, so the first guy in line gets Gran Turismo that he had reserved.  The second guy in line was 50 something and I had no idea why he would be in a video game store at 10 am on a Wednesday. I’m guessing maybe he was buying something for a kid or nephew or grandson for christmas. Nope.  He also preordered Gran Turismo 5.  not only that, but he also ordered the custom racing controler wheel.  It’s like a special racing wheel controller with pedals designed exclusively for this game.  I have no idea how much is costs, but the dude is hardcore.  He was even talking about tuning specs and drifting and all kinds of shit.  I just nodded along and preteneded I knew what he was talking about since I didn’t want to look like a newb.


NFL Live Blog week 11

Once again I didn’t make any picks this week cause who cares really. Wow, that sounded Emo.  Actually it’s not emo, it’s just a fact that I suck at making picks and the underdog strategy seems to work as long as you can find a vig that isn’t too high.

I do not care about either of the local games on TV which are The Ravens V Carolina and Washington V Titans.  Yeah I know I mix and match teams and mascots and should just go one way or the other but just be glad I’m spelling it correctly.

It’s a shame Portis hasn’t been able to stay healthy throughout his carer or he might have been prolific and HOF worthy.

Wow big play from TJ Houzemn.. whatever.  God I hate spelling. I also hate these games.  From a fantasy stand point I need the panthers to score a bunch of points and not give up a bunch of sacks or INTs so sucks to be me.

Wow, an almost exciting Punt return TD by some white Titan player. I don’t want to sound racist but that was one of the slower looking punt returns I’ve seen in a while.

So what should I order for lunch? Well I made a shit ton of meatballs last night because I bought way more beef than I should have and I had some egg whites and breading that I wanted to use up.  So I could snack on those but I would rather watch these awesome games.  I’m leaning towards vocelli’s pizza.  They have the best pepperoni Pizzas cause they are those small pepperonis and are nice and crispy.  Papa Johns is another thought since they have the garlic sauce I like as well as cheese sticks that are money.  Pizza hut has crazy awesome bread sticks, and despite it’s efforts to make improvements Domino’s still serves the shitties pizzas known to mankind.

Looks like the ravens are just going to kick the shit out of Carolina which is to be expected. The ravens really do have a ton of talent on Offense. And TJ looks like he’s coming alive.

DAMNIT I just looked online and the Vocelli’s closed it’s doors in HBG.

Oh christ I’m going against Ray Rice and Derek Mason today in fantasy sooooooo this awesome momentum for the ravens is soooooo not awesome for me.

Ughhhh no catches by cooley on that TD drive. More non-awesomeness for me.  At least the Raven’s settled for a Field Goal.

True Grit looks like it might be money, if only they didn’t have Jeff Bridges as the lead old western guy and got someone way more awesome for that role.

I hate ordering a 2 liter from Pizza places cause they over charge like crazy. 2.59 for a 2 litter? Fuck you very much papa johns.

Sweet Carolina kicks a FG which means no shutout which means less fantasy points for my opponent.

Speaking of Jeff Bridges…. WHOOOO!!!!!!! TRON previews.  Olivia Wilde looks hot, well actually she always looks hot, and the Tron haircut doesn’t really make her look that great, but seriously.. wow. I would touch her naughty places.

Carson Palmer just threw his second TD pass today. Guess who I’m playing today.  Ok I ordered my papa johns pizza and cheese sticks so I guess I’d better put some clothes on before the pizza guy gets here.  Wait, what if it’s a hot pizza girl? Wait, no, that’s not a real thing. I’ve never had a hot pizza delivery girl in all my years of wasting money ordering pizza.

Yep, lets find some pics of hot girls delivering pizzas.

I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t actually work for dominoes.

Well redskins had another redzone possession with none more looks to Cooley.

Carolina is challenging a play and won’t win.  Gregge Jennings jsut caught a TD pass, he’s not Donald Driver and not on my team.  annnnnddd carolina lost the challenge.  This sucks cause the Ravens are at the 25 and man am I going to get hammered in Fantasy this week.

Ok, more pizza girls.

Hey looks, it’s tony romos ex so it is technically football related.

and that is jeff garcia’s wife… and I think its photo shopped.

Cool, Pizza is here.  FUCK Ray Rice TD.

Panthers getting ready to punt. Hopefully Raven’s just kneel with less than 2 to play in first half. FUMBLE by boldin. Nice. Come on panthers. Score a TD. DO IT!!!!

speaking of doing it.

Interesting possible INT catch in the panthers game.  i’d write about it but these cheese sticks are good.

I know they say a key to loosing weight is eating slow, and based on how quickly I tore through those cheese sticks, I’m on my way to being the fattest guy in the history of the world forever.  BTW if you google image search “pizza girl” you would be surprised how many gang bang pictures show up. Granted if you look long enough almost all image searches result in some kind of porn, but usually you don’t get something crazy in the first page of results.

Hey, she brought beer in a glass and a pizza in a delivery box? What kind of either restaurant delivery or sit down restaurant would use that combination?

Huge return by David Reed for Bmore. Shit.

Ok I think we are about out of SFW pizza girl pics, but I did save one of the best for last.

That is a naked Katy Perry sitting in a tub eating a pizza.  It does look like one of those shitty hotel room service pizzas though so I doubt it’s that good.  Shit, Katy Perry is naked and wet and here I am thinking about the quality of the pizza.

Greg Jennings got another TD that should have gone to Donald Driver.  Panthers kicked another FG but I still need one more score before it drops the Raven’s Ds point total. These morning games need to end so we can start with the afternoon games. The Pats V Colts game should be awesome. Especially if brady throws four or more TDs since I have him in fantasy.

Mike Goodson just had the most underwhelming run, and the announcer started saying “I REALLY Like this Goodson kid blah blah blah”. Dude pick a better play to sound amazed about. He got a 3 and a half yard gain.

These games are depressing. Cooley drops a pass and mason catches one. The fantasy gods hate me. I’m going to take a nap till the afternoon games.

Wow that nap lasted all the way till halftime of the afternoon games. I’m still loosing all of my fantasy games by the way. In all five leagues, I am loosing. not cool.

Hey this James RB on the colts is a cousin of Edge. That’s kind of cool. You know what would be cooler though. If he was a cousin of both Edgerin James and Marshal Faulk.

Wow, the Green Hornent movie looks like it might be terrible.

I have to think that Seth Rogen was a terrible choice for the lead.  He’s just too goofy for an action movie.  His selection was probably one of those things where the casting people are sitting around and brain storming and say, hey what about Seth Roegen, and they are all like “Yeahhh that could be great”. Then when they gave it some time they should have thought. yeahhhhh but we are making something that is more drama and action than comedy, who’s going to take him serious as a hero.  And then someone else was like, “uhhhhh we already paid him sooooo yeah”.

Come on Garcon catch a TD for me. Wow, hell of a TD catch… Wayne. Fuck.

Ok back to green lantern. Shit, I mean Green Hornet. Green Latern might also suck, but I love Ryan Reynolds. Anyways, in the hornet trailer above it starts out with a couple of things I hate. 1. They make it look like Seth Roegen’s charachter, the green hornent, who’s name I don’t know, finds out about his dad’s death via a TV broadcast that he was kind of watching while cruising in a limo with a bunch of hot strippers. So instead of the police or a loved one calling and being like, hey are you siting down, i got some bad news for you, instead he finds this out while partying in a limo.  During that quick new segment they mention that he, the main character inherits some insane fortune media something, which they don’t do.  When was the last time you saw a news broadcast where some insanely rich business person dies and they mention that the kid will take over everything?  Seriously don’t they usually just focus on the life of the person who died, not the shitty irresponsible kid who will probably ruin the company?

So in the next scene (not really a scene since it’s a trailer but you know what i’m saying) we see Roegan on a couch speculating on all the cool shit he could do now.  The trailer made it seem like he wasn’t broken up about his dad being dead via murder, but instead is kind of juiced about all the cool shit he can do now that he is still irresponsible and has even more money.  It feels way more like a 90’s adam sandler or random 80’s movie where some distant uncle dies and the protagonist is the only living realative and gets a shit ton of money and hijinks ensue.

Seriously, tell me that doesn’t sound like a good seth roegan movie.  Ok the rest of the trailer is spent brearking time between fairly cool looking fight scenes and explody action goodness, and showing instances where Seth Roegen acts like he’s in Pineapple express mode and Kato wants to be in the Dark Night.  Then at some point There’s something about Mary shows up and then GIANT CAR GUNS WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!.

Ok the Half is over so maybe I’ll talk about football some more.

God damn the niners are getting killed in the time of possesion department.  Thankfully they are only down 7 which is about to become 10.  Sweet C. Barth missed the kick… who is C Barth, who cares.  Come on niners. ARI lost today and so did Seattle, now I need the niners to win and STL to lose to ATL and the niners will only be one game back in the NFC West.

Colts are moving down the field but I’m still not seeing Garcon being targeted. Makes sense I guess since he has stone hands this year.  i should just be happy for the three points he has so far this game. WOW just as I type that Garcon has a pass go right through his hands.  Yeah the pass was high and if he had caught it, he would have been tackled immediately, but still.  annnndddd on third down, Garcon had the opportunity to make a good play and dropped a tough pass.  It was tough and he was twisted around but he has to be good enough to catch it if he wants to play with Manning.

New Orleans is kicking shit out of Seattle which is good. ATL is down 1 to STL right now which i’m not crazy about, but I’m confident hotlanta will pick up the pace.  Niners still down 7.  They are down 7 nothing. I’m almost glad it’s not on tv.  Nevermind, TB just scored, so now the niners are down 14 with a little over a quarter left to play.

Anne Hathaway is hot.  that has nothing to do with football, but she was on SNL last night and i thought I’d menation it… and google her name with the word naked attached to it.  Havoc is a great movie.  I don’t know what it is about but i’ve watched part of it several times.

DAMN another Pats running TD. Shit. I’m having a good game from Brady but once again I sat a QB that had an amazing game.  Big Ben would have gotten me 60 points if i had started him.

Yeah I didn’t watch SNL last night since I spent the night beating Dark Night: Arkham Assylum.  Yeah the game came out like a year ago, but I heard it was money.  Plus Gran Turismo comes out tuesday and I haven’t used my PS3 in over a year so I wanted to play a game to see if it works, and it was only 20 bucks now that the game is like a year old.  I can’t see spending sixty bucks on a game that is only going to be played for about a week or less.  Maddenn, NCAA, Gran Turismo, those are all games that you can play for months on end. I guess with the online stuff the same could be said of Call of Duty but I never got into the online stuff.

Actually I didn’t buy Madden 11, and I don’t think I bought Madden 09 either.  There use to be a time I’d buy it every year. Now, not so much. I haven’t bought a NCAA since 09 I don’t think.

Come on Colts, lets put our faith in Garcon, despite him being terrible.  Wow, terrible INT.  God DAMNIT, Garcon must have ran the wrong route. My blogging must be the kiss of death for Garcon for some reason.

Ok Pats you are up 14 but you can’t be content with that, let’s get a quick TD pass and wrap things up.

I might be an asshole, but the commercials where they say Chris Henry died tragically blah blah blah, am I confusing him with someone else, or didn’t he die after chasing his wife and hoping in the back of her moving truck and then falling out of it?  I don’t know if that is the exact definition of the word Tragic.  I guess all deaths outside of Hitler and Saddam Huessane are tragic but the commercial makes it sound like he died saving someone’s life or fighting overseas in the military.  Actually, the first half of the one commercial I saw featured the stuff about Chris Henry and then talked about the passengers on flight I forget the number who on Sept 11 fought the hijakers and crashed the plane in western PA.  I have a hard time letting that take second stage to Chris Henry.

They just showed the TD pass from Freeman to Williams and I didnt’ realize he had been arrested for DUI and is still playing and beating my niners. Fuck you TB. Why wasn’t the guy suspended. Thanks Roger Godell. Where the hell were you on that one.

Ok pats, you are in the rezone, time for some reverse psychology. Hey pats, just run it and dont worry about settling for a FG. Passing here is dangerous and totally wouldn’t lead to a TD. DAMNIT they are settling for a FG after brady kind of threw a dangerous pass as it just went off the receivers fingers.

OK lets get back to some more movie trailers since I’ve already had two in here and might as well run with it.  They keep showing the Tron Legacy previews and I started to wonder what the original trailer looked like.

TB 21 SF 0  eight minutes left in the fourth. ATL is starting to pull away from STL so this really was a golden opportunity for the niners.  they have so much talent on offense its amazing that no QB for them can’t at least just manage a game and pick up some Ws.  Last week the niners won with Troy smith throwing some passes down the field.  Smith averaged something like 18 yards per complestion.  This game he has 11 out of 19 passes completed for 97 yards. Singelstary is just too conservative in play calling.  I’d rather the QB throw a bunch of INTs down the field than not convert enough 3rd downs cause each play whether run or pass is only worth 3 or 4 yards.

So yeah that original Tron trailer looks pretty shitty. Let’s check out the new one for the new movie.

I’m hopping they are underplaying the CGI awesomness and there will be way more CGI action in the movie.  i’m not even joking, i’m totally serious about that. Also I hope Olivia wilde shows her boobs… I feel like I wrote about this already.

Seriously, if you look at the preview it does kind of look like a silly movie if you judge it solely on their outfits.

i love commercials where they show football players in non real uniforms. i don’t know why but I find it hilarious because they almost always choose the worse looking colors and designs.  I’ve never seen a fake football uniform that doesn’t look terrible.  Remember the movie the Replacments or whatever it was called. God damn those were hideious.

OMG Garcon caught a pass.

Ok OK OK OK  just keep talking about bad uniforms.  Ok remember the Any given Sunday? The sharks uniform wasn’t bad but the logo was terrible. Like it was straight out of Miami vice. And the team they played in the big game had horrible oh fuck it, blair white caught the TD. Fuck I have him on my bench too.  On my bench is blair white who has two TDs, Big Ben who has 4 I think, and Matt Bryant who had a bunch of kicks, but I started a bunch of guys who got two or three points, plus Dan carpenter got zero points so…. shit.

OK back to movie trailers.  Have you seen the preview for Faster the Dwane the rock Johnson movie.  It doesn’t look like a real movie that is actually being made.  instead it looks like one of those fake over the top movies you see in comedies where they are making fun of the action movie genre.

I dare you to count the number of Cliches in the clip.  In another trailer for this movie Dexter Morgan’s sister yells “I Hope you kill them all” from a front porch.

And Manning just threw a pick ending the game and ending my opportunity for points.  Great INT by the way. Nice Catch.  It wasn’t completly Mannings fault since he was getting hit when he threw. Still the pass was a little dangerous. Man what the hell was Brady so pissed about at the end of the game.

Star was running at the screen in that Geico commercial where the wood chucks are chucking wood.  Here’s the thing.  The commercial makes no sense.  Previously that guy had asked rhetorical questions.  The set up is the same. The 80s slick back hair bad guy turned spokes person asks “Can Geico save you up to 30 percent on your car insurance? Can something something rhetorical?”  The first couple I remember was stuff like can Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle or is Ed to tall jones too tall, and then they show a quick shot of Ed being to tall in a Doc’s office and Charlie Daniels playing the fiddle like a mad man.  So now they have a commercial where the guy says “Can geico save y0u money on car insurance?  Do wood chucks chuck wood?”

NO. no they don’t.  The other ones made sense.  This one doesn’t, because the whole thing is that people say “How much wood would a wood chuck chuck IF a wood chuck could chuck would?” That implies that they can’t chuck wood or at the very least never do.

So in essence the Geico commercial is saying, Nope, We can’t save you money. Ohhhhh Wellllllll, thankfully you are stupid and get distracted by puppets, Geckos, Cave Men, and googley eyes.  They now have four different ad campaigns.  It’s an excellent strategy since you don’t have to pin all your hopes on one campaign or mascot and 2, yeah people are stupid for the most part.

Stuff I’ve put off writing about

There is a bunch of stuff I’ve wanted to write but just never got around to typing up in even a half or quarter assed attempt.  What follows is a quick eighth assed attempt to write about them.

Mad Men Season  recap – Good season as to be expected sincve the show is great.  I was happy that I think they made a concerted effort to let John Hamm insert more of his humor into the charachter this season.  The quick marriage turn around in the season’s last two episodes was kind of surprising and maybe forced, but maybe the next season will help explain why Don Draper rushed into a new marriage.

Rubicon recap – the show started off really slow but had picked up some steam in the 2nd half of the season and by the end of the year was only fairly slow.  The last couple of episodes were fairly interesting but it hardly made up for the first 5 or 6 episodes where you weren’t sure what if anything was happening.  It’s not a shock it got cancelled and won’t have a second season.

Eastbound and Down season 2 recap – The move to Mexico for season 2 sounded like a gimick but they pulled it off perfectly and honestly, it fit in perfectly with the type of person Kenny Powers has been throughout the first season.  The only downside is that there was only 8 or so episodes in this season.  I understand that Danny Mcbride can’t devote a ton of time to the show since he’s making bank in hollywood but hopefully they don’t wait to long to start season 3. Special guest star Don Johnson was perfect as Kenny’s dad.

Social Network review – I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I did. Actually that is a huge understatement.  When I saw the previews I thought the movie was just a movie about how innovative Facebook is and how social networking is amazing and blah blah blah.  The movie really isn’t about that. It’s basically a Ben Mezrich story in movie form.  (probably because it actually was a Ben Mezrich book and produced by Kevin Spacey who was in 21, also a Ben Mezrich story).  Mezrich stories are great cause 1. they are real, 2. have young brilliant people doing innovative things, 2. usually features betrayal on a somewhat epic level.  I’ve actually watched the movie 5 times already.

Youth in Revolt review – I remember seeing the previews for this and thought it looked pretty good.  It’s the michael Cera movie where he creates a seperate identity with corresponding mustache and bad boy attitude and uses it to …. I don’t know, get laid or something.  Basically I thought the movie would just be a long series of funny scenes where there is a struggle between the good and badside, or maybe he starts out good, turns bad and then maybe at the end turns good again but with a little edge.  The movie had some ok moments and followed a little bit of the later format I had guessed above, but sadly it was mostly a Indie teen rom quasicom.  It’s a lot like Juno but with less pretentious music.

Robin Hood review – I was so excited to see this movie when it first came out, but I just never went and didn’t get around to downloading it till just recently.  It was really good and I like the fact that they didn’t focus on the normal Robin Hood story that everyone knows and instead focused on the years prior to him going to prison or running his crew out in the sherwood forrest. I also like that they made him an excellent archer but that it wasn’t a gimick and wasn’t like some unrealistic super hero archer like in popular fiction.

Date Night review – I love Tina Fey and Steve Carrel, and thought that this was going to be good but not amazing since it was more of a … shit I can’t get away from saying it but, yeah, it was like a date night movie.  It was looked like something couples would go to since they both would enjoy it and blah blah blah.  I am more into the balls out crazy comedies, but I really like this movie, and it was even better than I thought.

Get him to the Greek review – I wasn’t that excited about this movie since I thought the Aldous Snow character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall might get kind of annoying if he was the star of the whole movie.  Thankfully his character had enough depth that he didn’t get annoying and repetitive and the supporting cast was great.  Especially awesome was Sean Combs (puff daddy).  I was shocked at how hilarious his scenes were.  Seriously, people should watch the movie just to see his crazyness on the screen.

Repo Men review – This is that movie with Jude Law where in the future the repo fake organs if you can’t pay for them.  Kind of a standard scifi movie but it did have one nice twist in it, that I kind of figured out would happen near the beginning when someone said a throwaway line that you knew would come back later in the movie.  Good action. It’s no social network but I will probably watch it again at some point.

The wire Season 6 ideas – I may still finis this but I have to wait to publish till Roc and Ray finish watching the five season run or I will ruin parts of it.

Video Games I’m pumped about – DC online, and Gran Turismo 5.  They both have been repetedly delayed, but that is still beter than the alternative of releasing it too soon, with tons of bugs and just post updates when the users complain.  That’s what most video game copanies do.  Not just game companies, but software companies do that to.  They know there are bugs but release anyways and just incorporate the fixes into future releases and market them as upgrades.  I don’t know if I will even do the DC online game since I don’t like MMORPGs even if they are super hero based.  Gran Turismo is a definite since I loved the previous incarnations of that game, and this time there is going to be way more cars including a lot of american muscle cars. I want a 70 Cuda and a 69 GTO.

Ok so that is my 1/8 assed attempt to write all this stuff. i’d like to think that maybe it was almost up to a 7th or 6th of an ass worth of effort. If I had inserted some pics in this post i probably could have gotten all the way up to a one quarter assed attempt.